Only a good knife, though, keeps its edge. 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This three-bladed pocket knife is the second design made by Schrade Walden for the Old Timer series. USA. However, I dont know what to value this knife since I dont see it. #explore: What distinguishes a vintage vehicle? This model was produced until the Schrade company closed in 2004. Schrade will replace any Covered Product that is defective without charge. One of the biggest changes to the Old Timer line is that the knives are now made in China, but that keeps the prices on the knives reasonable and modern advances in manufacturing mean the quality is nearly identical to the originals. 2,593,596, 3,325,123 Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 3 Vintage US Pocket Knives CASE XX + SCHRADE OLD TIMER + DIAMOND EDGE ~ 3 BLADES at the best online prices at eBay! Buckle up for some Schrade knife history and dating guide. SHARPNESS. The handle is 5.6 inches in length. The full-tang construction features skinning, carving, piercing, ripping, and other tactical uses with these knives. After 100 years in existence, the Imperial Schrade Corporations Old Timer Knives closed its doors J. However, the warranty is limited to the original owner. Antique Old Timer Knives One of Schrade's popular knife lines, the Old Timer, began in 1959 with the release of the 20T model. What if you own a Schrade knife that is neither an Uncle Henry nor an Old Timer? The price of this knife can range from $5 to $100 depending on its condition and rarity. The Ultimate Old Timer . . The knife will have a specific number on it, which corresponds to the year that it was made. Beginning in 1959, the Schrade business manufactured the famed Old Timer brand, then in 1964, the Uncle Henry brand. 36.88, 40.98 2023 Cuts & Carves - Designed by O. Christopher, How to Date a Schrade Knife (+ Schrade Knife Collection Tang Stamp Chart), How to Date a Camillus Knife Effectively (1902 2007), How to Tell How Old a Barlow Knife Is by Yourself (Charts, Stamps, and More), How to Date Klein Knives to A Specific Year or Era (5 Methods), How to Date A Case Kodiak Knife by Yourself (Expert Advice), How to Date a Kissing Crane Knife (Both Old and New), How to Tell the Age of a Marbles Knife by Yourself (5 Methods). The Schrade Old Timer is also shockproof. Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki 9. looking, Im not sure how old my knife is**( bought it 25yrs or so ago. An excellent article by a collector of Old Timers gives a thorough history of the knife if you're interested in learning more about this model. (See a knife you like from our list or anywhere in store, just enter the code below for 10% off. I have a OTP17-64 single locking blade pocket knife I also can not find anything about. People also ask, How old does a knife have to be to be vintage? After the purchase, the name of the conglomerate was changed to Schrade-Walden Cutlery Co, Inc., paying homage to the hometown of these knives. Any idea what era? $85.00. Sellers looking to grow their business and reach more interested buyers can use Etsys advertising platform to promote their items. link to A Pocket Knife Called a Jack Knife. Many of these are made in China. Skip to content. 123.30, 158.07 How Many Kills For Randys Throwing Knife? The XX trademark dates back to Cases early days. On acquisition by Albert M. Baer, the production of these knives stayed within the USA too. Learn more. You have a really fine knife there, Michael. Enjoy! I know my knives - maybe not as well as my mother - but enough to write helpful guides for you. 103.45 1 month 2 Opinel No. There are two types of handles: Delrin and Staglon. Finally we have the Old Timer Junior. pleasehelp me identify a Schrade knife. Shop Our Knife Store How to identify an old knife March 30, 2012 / Tim / 76 Comments So, you picked up an awesome knife for $3 at a yard sale or your grandfather gave you his favorite blade and now you're curious about what type of knife it is and what it's worth. First introduced in 1974, the Sharpfinger had the longest lasting impact of nearly all the fixed blades. Everything from the model number to the description of Old Timer knives and when they made the market can be found here. This number identifies the kind of knife you have. Those partners may have their own information theyve collected about you. That translates to 192 things created in the United States and 29 goods made elsewhere. The " vintage schrade old timer 80t " is a knife that was made in the late 1800s. However, that doesnt mean this company that has been here for more than a hundred years now is not worth their salt. Albert M. Baer would later buy and merge the Imperial Knife Company with the Ulster Knife Company bought out in 1941. Whether you are looking to sell your old timer, or simply want to keep it for the sake of nostalgia, you will find that this type of knife is an excellent value. You can still find some of these old knives and tins on eBay. Original Price 158.07 I actually own one. Production of the knives has since been moved to Asia with some production facilities in China and Taiwan. TSA CONFISCATED Old Timer Schrade Knives, LB7, 6OT, 6OT, 1113577 (Lot of 4) All open and close well. ULSTER KNIFE CO. U.S.A. RARE BEAUIFUL BONE NICE VINTAGE CIRCA 1876 KNIFE. I have a trade cut company Walden New Jersey switchblade I dont know how to date it I believe its from 1907 to 19 46 could you help me date this. Etsys 100% renewable electricity commitment includes the electricity used by the data centers that host, the Sell on Etsy app, and the Etsy app, as well as the electricity that powers Etsys global offices and employees working remotely from home in the US. For well over a century, Case & Sons Cutlery Company (often known as Case or Case XX) has been creating top quality hand-crafted knives in the United States. Many thought the Schrade brands would be lost forever. While some other companies have taken over the design and started to make modern versions, there is simply nothing like the older units that first came out under the original Klaas company. Eventually, it became the Imperial Schrade Corporation. There is an excellent warranty available with any Schrade product. The Old Timer is constructed of classic cutlery steel and stainless steel, with Delrin or Staglon handles, all of which are very robust. How To Wrap A Knife Handle With Paracord? Schrade knives are made of high-quality AISI 1095 carbon steel, Schrade knives retain their value over time. Turning off the personalized advertising setting wont stop you from seeing Etsy ads or impact Etsy's own personalization technologies, but it may make the ads you see less relevant or more repetitive. With the Schrade knives, the situation is unique. More Info. Would you be so kind to provide a photo, please? The consensus is that the Schrade knives with two-line stamps are newer than those with three-line stamps. Made in Titusville, PA, they Continued Buy It Now These vintage pocket knives that are available NOW for purchase. When you're carrying a pocket knife, it's important to be able to open it without trouble. You will find them on many auction sites. Although some of them are known to not have this plus sign, the majority of them do. Many are early Case (Case Brothers, WR Case, Tested XX & XX) but some are Remington, Winchester and Sheffield folding Bowie knives. A scaled blade makes them easier to cut or separate meat and cheese. How To Tell The Age Of An Old Timer Knife? Like every other knife Ive dated, the Camillus knives are challenging in their way. Are there other blade markings or stamps on the knife? It's a testament to the design that the Old Timer Senior remains in production to this day and is one of our best-selling knives here at Knife Depot. People also ask, Are old timers made in USA? Make to sure to read our article on how to sharpen a pocket knife. Buya: OLD TIMER POCKET KNIFE in Pocket Knives, Knives & Swords, Firearms & Knives, ELITE GUN & PAWN Looks like you already have an account! Old Timer was founded in 1958 with the goal of creating a knife that was both durable and pleasant to use day after day. Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. Lot: 209 - KNIFE W/STAG HANDLE HANDMADE W/LEATHER SHEATH. Nesmuk Diamond Studded Knife 2. Refer to the charts above to see when the first of these named models made the market for an approximate dating of your Schrade knife. During the months leading up to the closure, a mad rush to buy up the last original knives took place because people were unsure of the fate of Schrade and its brands. They have been around since 1884. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. And, despite much research over the years, the illness, initially reported by physician Alois Alzheimer in 1906, remains an incurable neurological disease. (22% off), Sale Price 1,004,926 Since the company was first launched in New York, they were the true American brand which might have contributed to the companys high-quality standards at the time. (8% off), Sale Price 123.30 One of the stories reported in the Old Timer Almanac says that Uncle Henry Baer, president of the Schrade Cutlery Corp, or his brother Albert Baer, chairman at the Imperial Knife Associated Companies, desired a good old-fashioned knife and the name Old Timer was a natural fit for a new line of knives that harkened back to the days of old. . Its also large enough to fit comfortably in your hands and wield without cutting yourself. Here's a great excerpt from a thorough Old Timer article by Larry Vickery that lays out some of the earliest models, including those from Ulster. Vintage SCHRADE Old Timer 104OT Pocket Knife 2 - Blade, USA FirstSightOfTheMoon (401) $35.00 FREE shipping 1970's Schrade Old Timer Improved Muskrat 2 blade folding pocket knife hunting RdksTreasures (239) $79.00 Schrade IXL Knife 1980 PeTagsAndMore (897) $293.45 Lot of 2 Vintage Folding Pocket Knives with Schrade Old Timer OtherPeoplesStuf (2,218) This is especially true when you're in a pinch or have limited space to work with. The ALKEMYST is a member of the Schrade ALPHA CLASS and is proudly made in the United States. For many, the mere mention of Old Timer knives elicits positive feelings of warm summer evenings wandering through the woods or whittling small trinkets on the back porch. Could you please make that clearer? Case is still dedicated to making knives in the United States. By O. Christopher January 11, 2022 If you have a Schrade knife that you maybe find in the attic or was passed down to you by an older person, you might be sitting on a nice collector's item there. In most of the places that Ive come across a Klein knife, it was either a military electricians knife or for another handyman. Given the tang stamp you mentioned, youre already on the right track with the date approximation. SCHRADE CUT BRIDGEPORT CONN. 1929-56 DOUBLE BLADE VINTAGE AMERICAN AUTOMATIC KNIFE ONYX CELLULOID HANDLES. Founded in 1958, Old Timer has created industry leading pocket knives, EDC knives, folding knives, and hunting knives for the working class. (Schrade even released a Bill of Rights on what makes a great Schrade knife that included notes on the finish and craftsmanship.) For an unbeatable value, choose from the variety of Old Timer Knives. vintage pocket knife knives lot casexx barlow old timer $68.00 19 bids $12.55 shipping Ending Today at 10:36PM PST1h 4m vintage Pocket Knife Lot WINCHESTER & VOOS 2 Blade Knives STAG GRIP SCALES Old $40.01 8 bids $5.95 shipping Ending Mar 6 at 6:00PM PST4d 20h Lot of 25 Knives, Old, Vintage Folding Pocket Knife Lot, Parts, Repair, Junk $39.00 The Schrade Old Timer is the product of a long tradition of craftsmanship. Etsys 100% renewable electricity commitment includes the electricity used by the data centers that host, the Sell on Etsy app, and the Etsy app, as well as the electricity that powers Etsys global offices and employees working remotely from home in the US. Nov 27, 2014. The handles were consistently made of durable materials like Delrin and Staglon and featured liners made from solid brass. This covers any issues a consumer may have, such as screw loss, clip breakage, or blade breakage. Despite its size, it weighs only 1.1 pounds. They're excellent knives at incredible prices. When Taylor Brands LLC bought the assets and rights to Schrade knives, they began to make some of these blades in the old style again. iGuide empowers you with Pricing Knowledgeenabling you to buy smarter and sell smarter. Having considered all these, lets get to dating your Schrade knives properly. Thanks. The price of this knife can range from $5 to $100 depending on its condition and rarity. In each case, the first stamp is these examples came from a knife that was shipped in a Brown Two Piece Box with a felt covered blue (Old Timer) or red (Uncle Henry) insert. There are 75 different models. the blade, 4 3/4 in long,with the stamp ,logo in the middle of blade - as follows Razor Blade Stainless,picture of a double edge razor blade and on bottom of blade Schrade.New york USA SS105.description on handle logo on one side -American TEL & TEL, before digging near cables call collect. Today Opinel produces over 15 million knives each year! Original Price 1,182,266 Schrade 77OT Old Timer Folding Pocket Knife 2 SS Blades Sawcut Delrin Handle. Bought it around 1990. Depending on the model, year, condition, and seller, vintage Schrade knives could fetch a good sum in the collectors market. Some years down the line (in 1914), the Imperial Knife Company was founded in Rhode Island. This knife is made of 7Cr17 high carbon stainless steel and measures 6.4 inches in length. However, Barlows have been around for much longer than that and should be considered a bigger collectors item. When the Schrade Knife Company was founded in 1904, it was a small business run by George Schrade. It was manufactured before 1973 when the stamping was changed to reflect a company name change. $27.80 The first number denotes the material used to create the handle. Your email address will not be published. Also, it is asked, When did old timer stop making knives? eBay. Nenohi Honyaki Dentokougeishi 7. Keep in mind these are supplies mostly for cleaning, sharpening, and loosening hinges. A scan of a KA-BAR catalog from 1934 showing the Old Timer. Also, it is asked, How much is a limited edition old timer?