Members Login Cattle Database Policies The Highland Cattle Society . Multiple colors to choose from, brindle, black, and red. Very socialized, eats out of your hand. KeyTraxAudio Generator ] Sire is not registered, brindle highland. He had a very sweet disposition and loved and put up with all of the critters I stuck him with over his 18 years. Our Scottish Highland Beef cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass finished. Amy K. QUESTION: If you were looking to obtain, raise and preserve top of the line, Best of the Best examples of the Classic Heritage Scottish Highland Species, would you use your friendly but mediocre looking Bull and a $3500 / $4500 short haired, sway backed Dam OR. 201, Brighton, CO 80601-2042 info@highlandcattleusa . The shaggy, stout Scottish Highlanders are efficient browsers and grazers. It's a great place to live! Weighing in at 30 pounds and measuring 19" this little girl is just pint sized. Up to date on all vaccines and naturally polled. Highly recommend is not strong enough." KCC Falstaff is a handsome white, AHCA registration pending bull for sale in central Texas. Logan - Scottish Highland/Belted Galloway Cross steer, Delightful and fun half Scottish Highland and half Belted Galloway Steer, Scottish Highland 10-year old steer AHCA Registered, Sale Pending: Elsie, a beautiful white Scottish Highland heifer (female), A Beautiful White Scottish Highland HHCA Registered calf, Sold: Gilligan, a yearling Scottish Highland steer, Delightful and fun Scottish Highland steer. He has one baby on the ground already. We are now able to offer individual cuts and bulk packages of beef raised on pastures, forage, and small amounts of distillers grain and soy hulls at finishing. There are a few reasons this might happen: To regain access, please make sure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled before reloading the page. PURCHASE. 1/2 of our farm income is from selling breeding stock, and half from selling grass fed and finished beef. Good herd bull. WE ARE STILL TAKING FEMALE CONSIGNMENTS, STEERS AND CROSSBRED. THANK YOU FOR VISITING OUR SITE. 50905). Sire is Red Willow Falcon AHCA #58002 and dam is Dolly, HHCA reg. Loudon NH 03307. Contact:Ashley, Funny Farm, Columbia, MOPhone:573.825.4155Email:Click to Email. Phone: 920.298.0996 Business card ads are $35.00 for members or $50.00 for non-members for a twelve month period on the classified ad section. Nekossa, WI 54457 MINIATURE HIGHLAND AND MINI CATTLE; NIGERIAN DWARF GOATS . In the past few years, they have become more than just mentors for my family, and more than just a place to buy the highest quality cattle. Loudon NH 03307. So, we have miniature Highland cattle. no. Asking $1000, Contact:Steve, Spokane, MOPhone:417.239.7052Email:Click to Email, Highland/Angus crossbred heifer. Straight back. BREEDING. U Rock Ranch and an assortment of other bull crosses. Click Here to send a message, Registry Member: 1712 Read on for Further Details! See you at the Meet and Greet. He has amazing genetics from LEA White and Bennachie Farm Highlands!! Registered. And Chris has beenincredibly helpful through the whole process. . Email: Tiny Acres Farms Website: As promised by other breeders we talked to, the She is not for sale. As a baby we used to go for walks down the road and as he got older he would always come up to me in the pasture to visit and get brushed. Mailing Address: 1281 E. Magnolia St., Unit D #320 Fort Collins CO 80524. Our miniature Highland cows are not perfect, but they are perfect for us. young we used the lack of grass in their dry lot to allow us to handle them Recipes & Updates. Check him out, smaller framed crosses from known breeds. As a baby we used to go for walks down the road and as he got older he would always come up to me in the pasture to visit and get brushed. Sign up for our email list for updates, promotions, and more. The quality of the semen they use in their breeding is the best in North American perhaps worldwide. We had decided long ago that we wanted to choose The cattle are rotationally grazed on O That Way Farms pastures and fields, which have been certified organic since 1987. There is are two options: Premium advertisements with up to six images or Standard text only advertisements. Red a Red Bull born 8/27/19 for sale at $1500 obo. It was Registration Number: 57,502. . . Feel free to call or text. Can touch and scratch his head and his chin. We use cookies to enable essential functionality on our website, and analyze website . Sweet little Highland Dexter heifer. The North Central Highland Cattle Association (NCHCA) was formed in 1982 to promote Scottish Highland Cattle, form a marketing unit for breeders, and to provide a local organization closer to home. Be Kind and Courteous. He is what got us started in raising cattle and has been a joy to have around in his 9 years with us. His sire is dun (Scot Lo Boudreaux AHCA reg. Thanks for visiting! DOB 11//22 In addition to our alpacas, we also have Valais Blacknose Sheep, very cute llamas, Kune Kune pigs, mini Highland cattle, and an eclectic group of chickens. View pictures. Asking $3250, Tag # J4-22 Birch Lake Farm's fold of Highlands, WHC Wiley Coyote registered Yellow bullSire: Cheek's Sunset Yankee, T-BONE 8835 Banner Hill Rd. Has been a good bull. Contact:Justin or Morgan, Wild Card Ranch, Placerville, CAPhone:925.813.2510 or 925.768.0180Email:Click to Email, For Sale Black Bull Calf Sturdy, strong feet. If you would like to incorporate some TOP OF THE LINE genetics into your herd, give a call to 719-510-1102. Mountain High Mini Cows ranch is located in the southwest corner of Wyoming. We never use any growth hormones or antibiotic feed additives for the cattle. The cattle are rotationally grazed on O That Way Farms pastures and fields, which have been certified organic since 1987. . Will make a great breeding heifer. BIRCH LAKE FARM He is $3500 and will make a great addition to your fold!! in Farmington, MN. Will make a nice crossbred cow as she matures. They have made themselves friends. Registry Member: 1898 . You're a power user moving through this website with super-human speed. R.I.P.2008-2017T-Bone, our beloved Mini Hereford bull has moved on to greener pastures.T-Bone is going to be greatly missed. 201, Brighton, CO 80601-2042 303.659.2399 fax 303.659.2241 E Color: Deep brown For Sale; Previous Page Next Page. Highland cattle have an almost legendary hardiness and are excellent wintering cattle, doing well in harsh weather even without shelter. Her sire is a silver bull and the dam is a black cow. Will let you brush him and takes treats from your . Patron: Her Majesty The Queen. That was in 1989. 58921. Calves generally weigh 60/65 pounds. Victor's dam is Shat Acres Vickie, a blond cow and 2005 Roll of Excellence Female for the United States. R.I.P. and without, large and small. Phone: 608.604.2006 We look forward to finding you the perfect animal! Pre-order by October 25th1/4 beef, $ 4.95 lb. His Mum's lineage includes Lance of Gordon's Fold, Dunvegan Gille Nan Gleann, Gille Buidhe of Benmore and more. If you are looking for a breeding bull or a beef animal for your freezer, here are some to choose from Ready for a new home with some ladies. Both are gentle, know their names and eat treats from your hand. Thibodeau Scottish Highland Cattle Paul Thibodeau Sherbrooke QC 819-348-1342 Canada: Saskatchewan (SK) She really loves beer grain. Store Hours: Open Wed-Sat. Fernandno, a red AHCA #63551 registered bull, dob 3/23/2020. Proportionate body. Dam - HHCA "B" reg cow, Reg # B-000305 Top of the line lineage fromGusgurlach of Windrush to Lain Mor of Glengoich to Gille Buidhe of Benmore. Selling Price: $15.00. More pictures and videos on our Facebook page: Rep Valley Highlands, Contact:Kelsi Bose, Rep Valley Highlands, Orleans, NEPhone:308.920.2354Email:Click to Email. across what was once thousands of acres of prairie. Ask questions and network with Highland breeders. 57291 and Beast no. We could not of asked for a more well mannered gentleman who amazed many that came for farm visits. Sire of the bull calves: LEA Leif AHCA #55907, Contact:Bart, Shaggy Hills Ranch, Crawford, NEPhone:303.949.4605Email:Click to Email. We hope you find the one that you love and would want . A very desirable and important trait in a bull. large rib cage, naturally polled, gentle bull. Before bringing home a Cow, make sure you have considered the full . 6798 Erdman Rd. W.K. Home; Members; Meetings; . There 3 years old quite can be patted $2,500 each. Sign up for updates. Dob 08/11/22. Mini Highland cattle are good browsers making them good for clearing brush and bramble. We purchased a second baby girl. The Highland shows are mostly in the fall Cattle For Sale. We also enjoy talking with other He would make a great herd sire and is from a line of impressive looking bulls. All our animals are healthy and well cared for. We'll even deliver, maybe not today, but soon. Highland bull, 1 year old, not registered. # x4263870 Click Here to send a message, Joshua West HOME. Because the association is Epic Lad comes from a long line of champion Highlands. The highland breed is gentle and lovable! Cattle receive mineral supplements throughout the year to maintain their good health, growth and vitality. $2,000. American Highland Cattle Association Historic City Hall, 22 S. 4th Ave., Ste. Their family bond remains intact for life. DOB August 14, 2022 Asking $3000, Name - Red Design 117 Crossbred Highland bull. Family ran Registered Scottish Highland Cattle Farm established in 2018 in the beautiful. Our Bulls 2023 Eagle Eye Farm. As you were browsing something about your browser made us think you were a bot. to not be taken lightly! I highly recommend Chris and weve been incredibly happy with our decision and new Highlands" Brittyne D. "We purchased a beautiful bull, Beyond the Sun and we are so excited about our purchase. Follow this page as we build our herd, offer calves for sale, or have meat for purchase. Home Delivery and Shipping are available. Dam: CSF Chicory 58762, Contact:Nikki, Rollingwood Ranch, Janesville, WIPhone:608.751.1699Email:Click to Email. Ready to breed. We drove from Kentucky, 18 hours to find Christine to be knowledgeable and more than receptive to meet our needs. For Sale > > . In the For Sale: 15 Angus, Wagyu Cow/Calf Pairs Listing # 32142786 Class/ Category Cow/Calf Pairs . calves. We often have Asking $1000, Tag # A1-15/22 Asking $1500, Tag # S1-22 DOB November 12 2021 # 4263870 Sire: AHCA Gleann Brooks Ferguson The NCHCA Highland Production sale was held on June 11, 2022. United States. a heritage breed when we got cattle., Registry Member: 1702 Asking $2000. Temperament: shy "Bo" will not be available for long! Red WIllow Falcon #58002 and dam is Loretta HHCA reg. What we do. Superb Champion Pedigree Canadian Bull - Comes from a long line of Champions direct into Scotland. . 1773 CR G Highland cattle are considered a hardy breed due to their origin in the Scottish highlands, with cows weighing up to 1,100 pounds and bulls up to 1,800 pounds. Meet the Highland consignors/sellers and learn about the His sire is a mid sized bull. Site Design and Hosting by We began this journey on a mission to raise Micro and Miniature Scottish Highlands with quality genetics, docile dispositions, and to generationally reduce the size of our calves. James & Jaime Albright My family and I started our new venture in early 2016, and have grown to love these little cows. Don't miss this opportunity to add into your herd some of the best genetics in North America. You can trust her and her beautiful cattle. Both sire and dam have some of the Best of the Best lineage with that lineage passed on to" Bo". Additional information is available in this. Hemlock no. Mailing Address: 1281 E. Magnolia St., Unit D #320 Fort Collins CO 80524 (719) 510-1102 (719) 510-1102. and faster growing calves. Epic Lad comes from a long line of champion Highlands. Take your choice, Highland crosses, purebred Highland heifers, Shorthorn crosses, Highland/White Park heifer Cook slowly; Sear steaks; add juice; Flavoring your meat 97% Lean - 38% less than most other breeds, Whole, Half, and Quarter sides easy going bull calf. Pleasecontact for more information. Purebred Mini Hereford He will take treats and isn't afraid of people. No. Dodgeville WI, 53533 608-341-7577. Mark Your Calendar for the HHCA Annual Gathering and Meeting at the Branson Towers Hotel, Branson, MO Friday and Saturday, March 3 & 4, 2023Auction website, Registry Member: 1849 Rockin Highlands Farms. 10/23/2022 - Elite Impact Dam . List Cattle for Free Breeders Calendar Resources Cattle Breeds; Breed Associations; Industry Associations . They not only care immensely for theircattle; they extend that care to anyone that comes to them, regardless of their level of experience. In 2019, our family business acquired grazing land in western New Mexico, which is now known as J & C Ranch. Yearling Highland heifer. Feeder Cattle. A third-party browser plugin, such as Ghostery or NoScript, is preventing JavaScript from running. MEP Rocky's Lochran Diago. Lancaster, WI 53813 Home. Fergus will be ready for a new pasture in November after a 3-week weaning/halter breaking session. Here is an AHCA registered heifer for sale: Pinehillfarms Florence (Flo) perfect Dunn heifer is spring ready to leave the farm Located in SW Wisconsin may be willing to deliver for a fee. Click Here to send a message, Tonya Williams # A-000308 Phone: 262.492.5696 As you were browsing something about your browser made us think you were a bot. We produce our own feed, so we know exactly what and when our cows have been fed. For Sale: 4 Scottish Highlander Cow/Calf Pairs. Yearling Highland bull, stocky and nice conformation. Shirley is a great momma, easy birther, and gentle but does not like to . Located in Central Wisconsin, we specialize in breeding high quality registered highland cattle. [ Please fill out our form or call us for additional info. Asking $2000, Contact:Emanual, Eldorado Spring, MOPhone:417.861.5142Email:Click to Email, Three quarter Highland polled red heifer, Born April 19, 2022. 1. Upon purchase of Duke, we will transfer registration, have a Colorado Board Brand Inspection completed for interstate travel and a health check will be done with Health Certificate provided by one of our Veterinarians just days before pick up. - Call (719) 510-1102 for additional details about our reservation program for Highland Calves. Wendell the Brindle is just over three years old, born 4/11/19. I have just updated this page (04/02/2023) Feel free to enquire as to whether any of these babes may be a good fit for you. every day. Bred Heifers. Sire - Reg Shorthorn; AF Yesterday, Reg # x4263870 Sire is a registered Highland bull, the dam is a black Angus. We continued to stop by the Highland booth at the fair for the next 12 years and were always amazed at their docile nature and majestic beauty. As mentioned, Duke's parents, Sire and Dam have superb lineage. Jamie has always wanted to show cattle, and so our show careers began! Asking $1800, Sire on the left in pic is AHCA registered CGH Tiberius 19 You've disabled cookies in your web browser. I hope to be as wonderful one day when it comes to being a highland breeder. Contact:Ashley, Glidden, IAPhone:712.830.1244Email:Click to Email. He also has the exceptionally kind, quiet and gentle personality of his dad and mum. told them we would purchase the pair of heifer calves. If you would like to incorporate some TOP OF THE LINE genetics into your herd, give a call to 719-510-1102. Call or fill out our form for details. No Hate Speech or Bullying. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. Would you choose from Top of the Line examples of Classic Heritage Highland Bulls & Dams obtained from Champion & Grand-Championship lines from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Scotland & the globe? Omro, WI 54963 Kyle & Kaila Fitzl 5245 N County Road F Members of the American Highland Cattle Association Cow adoption is a wonderful way to provide a Cow a second chance and caring environment. snow. Debbie Nehls Scottish Highland Cattle. Cow and Calf Pairs. Contact:Dan & Earlene, Double D Farm, Quinlan, TXPhone:214.708.4199Email:Click to Email, Copyright 2004-2023 PRIVACY POLICY | Design by Jessica Grajeda Designs., LLC. Superb Champion Pedigree. Our cattle are rotated on pasture during the summer and fed hay over the winter . I am grateful to have found you" Whitney S. "Purchased our breeding stock from American Highlands Ranch and are so happy with the temperament and quality genetics. He will be sadly missed!!! Purchased 2 gorgeous heifers and justgot them delivered Chris is knowledgeable, helpful, and a true mentor. Contact Person :Benjamin Mitchell Telephone No. All Rights Reserved. Logan was one in a million. N9194 Feldorf Ave. developed relationships with other Highland owners. Buy cattle from them, visit their ranch, ask them for advice; but be prepared. His Dam is a unregistered yellow cow. Our Scottish Highland Beef cattle are 100% grass-fed and grass finished. Welcome to the Windemere Farm Highland Cattle website. T-BONE Duke inherited from his Dad that light, strong, athletic, yet flowing, confident movement of a Champion. She stands 40" tall at the shoulders, so definitely on the smaller side. Scottish Highland cattle on our annual visit to the Minnesota State Fair in Unfortunately, we do not have the acreage to accommodate the full size animals. Through events such as the National Western Stock show, the American Highland Stellar genetics ! Grass Fed/Grass Finished . Cattle Association National Convention, and the North Central Highland Cattle hanging weight. To meet our fold of cattle flick on "Our Fold" under the Scottish Highland Cattle tab above. 36" and below is considered a "micro" mini cow, while 36" to 42" is a true miniature cow. R.I.P.2008-2017T-Bone, our beloved Mini Hereford bull has moved on to greener pastures.T-Bone is going to be greatly missed. couldn't help it, they were young! Dodgeville, WI 53533 He is what got us started in raising cattle and has been a joy to have around in his 9 years with us. 30921 Tony Lane He is very docile and easy to handle, enjoys grooming and his treats. We began our fold of Scottish Highland cattle in 2010 and have grown steadily from our first two cows and their two calves to our current size. Registry Member: 1849 Austin & Jennifer Weber Weber Hollow Homestead 8163 Rosendale Rd. from Whiskey Belle Ranch and Thistledown Ranch in Colorado. Nancy S. Leibfried We had walked in 2 different pastures full of We also take ours to the Mower Cambria, WI 53923 The hair tends to thin during the warm months but will become . recommend American Highlands Ranch to anyone who is looking for the highest quality Scottish Highland Cattle around. "Bo" has been vaccinated, Tattooed for identification, RFID/USDA ear tagged for interstate travel, DNA typed at UC Davis in California, registered, socialized and halter trained. Here you will find a listing of registered cattle and cattle products/equipment for sale. Dandy Daniel, AHCA registered red bull #6899 dob 5/11/2021 A third-party browser plugin, such as Ghostery or NoScript, is preventing JavaScript from running. Advertising Rates:3 month free classified ad for members or$35.00 for non-membersfor three (3) months. To order Go To: Anyone looking for quality Highland beef. Sire - Reg. She is stocky and sound. Email with any questions. Wisconsin. some good Scottish names for them, Aila and Netta. We pride ourselves in breeding beautiful, healthy, and well-tempered cattle. $1500 obo, Raisin a black bull born 9/4/20. All our animals are brought up with lots of love and care. Stream Walk Highlands Their Scottish Highland cattle have lived for centuries in the rugged, remote Scottish highlands. Bear Creek Hills Michael & Karen Dostal Rice Lake, WI 54868. Looking for new home Registered with HHCA You've disabled JavaScript in your web browser. Shes passionate about hercattle and what she does, and makes an honest investment in helping newowners. . Born 2/26/22. These two cows will make some great foundation cows for breeding if you bred with