subscribe to Tikstar's service, I hope more people can like When we sold the business I gave each of the boys a $100 dollar bill. What you would do in a situation where the choice is between you and your soon-to-be Earth-side baby is completely personal. #65 Garth Turner's nemesis's nemesis A.K.A. In America, the pregnancy mortality rate is much higher than in other developed nations, with the 2018 CDC data showing that the pregnancy mortality rate among white non-Hispanic people at 13.7 deaths per 100,000 births. Zinn uses chalk and charcoal to make his cast of characters come to life in cracks and crevasses, sidewalks and tree trunks. "Nobody's Gonna Know Original?" is a song by American rock band Weezer. Take a stand for women and girls everywhere by posting their stories to social media using #EqualEverywhere and take the pledge at The audio sample was first uploaded by @Cglaeason22. I left that morning without saying goodbye or checking on the boys.". The Gonna Know audio clip was used in a video that TikToker cgleason22 posted on March 25, 2020. No. 3. Scroll the For You page: The For You page on TikTok is a great way to discover new sounds that are popular on the app. "Most people's TikTok videos are casual. (Understanding Online Coupons). She even began to tell friends "bye" if they put on their jackets by the door. Back in 1989, Lady Tee spoke to the Board of Education as a young student to keep open Highland Park Community College, Michigans only Historical Black College at the time, where women made up a majority of the student body. His creations aren't meant to last forever; in fact, as Zinn points out, the temporary nature of them adds value to them. original nobody gonna know, they gonna know tik tok sound effect Free Download: Follow Tags 1j7g6j6f, tiktok, youtube, they are gonna know, how are they going to know, trend Edit History About the Uploader Video Uploader bot Curator Today's Top Image Galleries About KYM Our Story Videos under the #GonnaKnow hashtag feature TikTokers performing obviously deceitful actions while lip-syncing to the clip, acting as if nobody will notice what they're doing. It wasnt until after he listened to the song that Dereniowski asked Kamara if hed like to buy the balloon for a dollar. That's in the movie. by The audio clip in question comes from an episode of the American television series Bad Girls Club. "Every day I spent time using Stella's buttons to talk with her and teach her words just as I would in speech therapy sessions with children," she wrote on her blog. The first thing you need to know about Charlie the golden retriever is that he loves Mr. Quackers. they will lose the case. Today, Stella has learned over 29 words and can combine up to five at a time to make a phrase or sentence. Phillip Hamilton. Another popular sound, You did this for what, is from Catfish: The TV Show, and the short-lived dating show Youre My Boooyfriend gave us the If 2 + 2 is 4 meme. he laid out his entire agenda and they didn't mention this and talk about it in the state of the union address. Storment goes on to explain the chaos that happened next. The video shows Chirsty being lifted up by her groom as they kiss while onlookers clap, and then Christy reveals that her new husband is actually her former stepfather. It is clear that nobodys gonna know original is a popular topic. He then goes on to blast himself for not spending enough time with his son, and encourages other parents to take more time off work. Cglaeason22 is the original uploader of the audio clip. Last March, Chris Gleason launched the Nobodys Gonna Know meme by having a conversation with himself soundtracked by the music. hey everybody and welcome back nobody's,gonna know,shh,they're gonna know a 644,bracelet,versus a pin bracelet,nobody's gonna know,that's 644.,nobody's gonna know they're gonna know,euros 644 euros,oh,that's pretty good,dude other than the engraving,it looks pretty darn good,pretty darn,good if you ask me,nobody's gonna know,nobody's gonna know they're gonna know,how would they know,missy,they're gonna know because you're gonna,leave your house and then they're gonna,know that you're not in your house and,they're going to arrest you but it looks,cute,oh,i see,that's smart,that's excellent excellent excellent,work,okay okay i see what you did here the,only issue is if they open it and smell,it i've had that happen before and then,they pour it out,in order to sneak alcohol into this,music festival once with my friends we,made alcoholic gummy bears okay so we,had an entire tupperware container full,of gummy bears we poured a two sticks of,vodka inside of,the tupperware container and brought it,into the festival and it worked it,totally freaking worked except,after a couple of days of it being in,the sun,it was uh,more like jello,very very alcoholic jello and i probably,had one of the worst hangovers i've ever,had i also don't want you to have a,hangover because i love you drink glass,of water guys stay hydrated don't drink,too much sugar,oh in a capri sun,oh,wow,now that is genius,oh wow oh just oh oh,spraying whoo,excellent excellent work my dears,alcoholics helping other alcoholics be,alcoholics great,oh,oh no they're not gonna know like,absolutely not,oh wow it's kind of like a feeder for a,horse,wow,so impressive,oh,oh wow,oh,oh my goodness,that is absolutely so creative so,freaking creative i absolutely love it,i almost want to get like one of those,like metal things,you know to keep the the sparks from,flying there won't be any sparks because,you're using the tv this time honey but,pretty good pretty good,idea oh,oh,oh oh oh oh,wait what,all right listen they're not gonna know,in the video but they'll know when you,try to move your mouth,just so you know they're gonna know,peel and stick the tile,how will they know,oh,oh well that's a really lovely,backsplash oh stunning stunning,oh i really love that i really they're,not gonna know they're really not,i like it,nobody's gonna know,i like how he's just walking in like,he's part of the group yeah oh yeah i'm,with them,i'm with them and the older gentleman,just kind of like lets him in uh yeah hi,can i get two tickets please,where's your second,oh oh he's with me,when you want to impress his friends but,you only drink cocktails,i see what you did there,and you know what,not a bad solution that really does look,like a guinness or he can just accept,you as you are,preparing for an interview for a job,that doesn't allow unnatural hair color,okay,whoa,impressive go with it yeah,oh yeah oh yeah i love that perfect,excellent really no one is going to know,at all,nobody's gonna know,nobody's gonna know they're gonna know,how would they know,oh,oh we love this,how are they we love you know what this,is where we're gonna trap the aliens,when they come and,try and kill us we'll trap them in there,although is that a good idea because,then they'll have food,chop the fingers off,you know,nobody is going to know,what no but no,wait,why,why though why are you doing that,oh,okay,yes i yes,agree nobody is going to know that there,is a,coin inside of a pepper inside of a,hammer inside of a table i think it's,highly unlikely that people will know so,if you are planning on hiding a hammer,in,and and a pepper and a coin,do it together and do it inside a table,and follow this tutorial,nobody's gonna know oh a manny a,mannequin,oh nobody's gonna know they're gonna,know,how would they know,that's exactly what i would do,this is exactly how i would react in,this scenario,nobody,is gonna know,whoa,whoa,i thought that was a nokia,wow,you are so cool with your for your nokia,app,downloads app immediately,i'm kind of curious i must know if it is,real,new game,oh my god and you can press the buttons,okay,oh and you must press that as an okay,you can't touch the screen nuke new game,yes new game,incredible,incredible so so cool right now,oh,oh that's kind of smart and then you can,change the color of your ornaments every,year without having to buy new ones,because they're so expensive,and maybe this would also protect them,from,getting broken as well unless of course,they still break in which case they will,break inside of the balloon,how effective,genius nobody's gonna know,nobody's gonna know they're gonna know,how would they know oh,oh,here's the thing they're gonna know as,long as you don't open your mouth all,that so you don't have to wear a mask oh,we got a hole we got a hole in the,leggings,oh and we're sharpening you sharpie oh,sharp i mean,ice i know like i still know,excuse me miss you have a sharpie mark,inside of a hole in your leggings,and also clothes move around i'm not,su, The above is a brief introduction to how would they know tiktok, Let's move on to the first section of how would they know tiktok, hey everybody Welcome Back Nobody's,Gonna Know,unless you put it on Tick Tock I swear,this is one of my favorite topics make,sure you check out some of the other,ones I've done I'll link them,there,oh you're not supposed to do that is,that Chichen Itza oh don't go up there,no that's that's bad oh oh,no,oh dude,oh yeah,crawling up,oh you're gonna be in trouble,good job,was it worth it,all right get your Instagram pic and,come down I remember when this went,viral and oh people were mad I hope it,was worth it,my guess is you've got a lot of online,hate I don't know if it was Nobody's,Gonna Know,nobody's gonna know they're gonna know,that,how would they know oh,oh,what do you mean my garbage just smells,like flowers,I just elude flowers wherever I go even,my trash smells like flowers that's,actually pretty smart you're smart would,not recommend if you have pets I think,that they might try to dig it out or eat,or eat the trash because it's gonna,smell like that you know it's gonna,smell scrumptious,okay we're taking the glass we're making,a circle out of the glass and the bread,oh,intelligent extremely intelligent God I,wish I had Tick Tock when I was underage,I honestly thought you were making a,charcuterie board but that works too,it's just like a fancy way of taking off,the crust you can make some pretty sick,French toast out of that little hack,little haxies when people assume I've,had Botox and fillers but I'm just,wearing my wrinkles schminkles Nobody's,Gonna Know wrinkle sminkel,oh,how would they know oh,oh yeah,how would they know,oh yeah love that I'm assuming you only,wear that at night though right we don't,like go out in public with the wrinkle,shminkles sure wrinkle sprinklers,okay,what are you gonna do with what are you,gonna do with that,oh,oh okay so we're stealing the pizza also,who just has one of these big knives,wherever they go you're gonna keep that,in your drawer with the receipts and the,papers and the,in the daily reports just have a big old,Pizza knife you know someone catches you,in the break room with that Giant Knife,hey Jenna Mike and sale,knife,nothing,I'm shredding paper,but like why does it smelly Pizza,I farted I don't know I don't know,nobody's gonna know,swans look how many swans,oh look at that one that's a big one oh,oh nobody's gonna know that you're not a,swan they might,they might know pretty convincing,costume though it's the waddle for me,yeah I actually think that you might,have fooled the swans because,I've met a swan or two their a-holes all,right they hiss at you they bite you,they charge at you but these swans seem,to think you're one of them but wouldn't,you like smell like a human though this,person is living my dream of living,among the swans,these swans are so unbothered by you,maybe they just don't care when your,twin has better grades so you send her,to your math exam,oh,Nobody's Gonna Know,nobody's gonna no they're gonna go,besties let's hope your school doesn't,see it oh did you actually do that oh,because like that's super super smart,but I wouldn't tell people,spotted in Tokyo okay we got the Haley,beaves we go oh is that your is this guy,on the right that's Justin hang on hang,on he's weird,that is Justin Bieber can confirm that,wig is so bad come on we can get a,better one oh you're not fooling anyone,oh look at him,hey but listen it seems to be working,because isn't Justin Bieber usually,swarmed by fans they don't think he's,Justin Bieber they just think that he's,you know maybe like a homeless person,with a really bad wig,coffee slippers,oh work from home life,so this is why none of y'all want to go,back into the office,Fair absolutely Fair that's all it takes,eh just a jiggle of the mouse and they,see you're online hot take though if,you're working at a job where you can't,just sit and have a cup of coffee and,gather yourself and your thoughts,without somebody breathing down your,neck,I wouldn't want to go back there either,Cheryl's like excuse me you're on,company time I do not miss that,foreign,okay so does someone want to come over,and do that to my kitchen because I need,that,wait can I DIY it um,probably not kind of seems like you need,to like,have that already in there when you,build it hang on maybe Mike will do it,for me Mike will you come over and you,put an unnecessary but also necessary,drawer in my kitchen,no okay love you,okay,we're gluing the bottle top on top of,the bottle,for what reason,for what reason,oh to get the money back hey 10 cents is,10 cents,foreign,do they actually not accept them if they,don't have that top of the bottle you're,signed to wear comfy sneakers under your,heavy Desy wedding outfits hahaha show,me show me bestie,oh yes,oh,why not why not I say if they can't see,it who cares Indian weddings do be,lasting like three or four days so I,understand,I wouldn't want to be wearing heels for,that long either POV you put your gum,inside this pill bottle so people think,that I'm taking medication and don't ask,for gum it, After seeing the first section, I believe you have a general understanding of how would they know tiktok, Continue the next second section about how would they know tiktok, algorithm change number one is that Tick,Tock has literally made it possible for,you to inspect the video and find out,why you're getting shown that video AKA,they're literally telling you why the,video went viral and the reason that,they're doing this is because they want,your post to go viral with this latest,Tick Tock algorithm update and since you,clicked on this video I'm gonna guess,that you're in one of two scenarios,either one you've been seeing a decrease,in the amount of views that you're,getting or maybe the amount of followers,that you're getting or you're brand new,to tick tock you haven't grown before,and you want to make sure that you grow,right now either way if you implement,everything that I share with you in this,video you are going to get results in,fact I guarantee it I hope this Creator,can 30 000 followers in just the last,few weeks this Creator 50 000 and this,Creator over a hundred thousand and they,are no different than you they simply,just knew the four things that I'm going,to share with you in this video but,again I need to warn you if you skipped,just one part of this video it's going,to be the reason that you're not,successful in Tick Tock right now but,before we could dive into these things I,need you to smash that subscribe button,if you want to grow quicker on Tick Tock,Instagram or YouTube I literally upload,a video about how to grow on these,platforms every single day in addition,to that I created a free Tick Tock,growth course that will share with you,things like the best time to post and,the best hashtags used right now in 20,23 so please go to the pink comment,below and get into it also here's my,phone number shoot me a text I literally,quit my job working for garyvee to help,you grow on social media so please hit,me up okay so essentially what you're,able to do now is you can go into a post,settings look like you're going to go,share the post and then essentially what,you're going to be able to see is why am,I seeing this the reason that it's going,to tell you why it's seeing it is going,to be for one of two reasons either one,it's something that's trending broadly,within the US AKA it's a broad Trend or,it's something that like a video that,you've interacted with in the past or,like a video that an account that you've,interacted with in the past post like so,what does this mean this means that you,now have audience insights into why,people are getting shown posts so,essentially what you want to do you want,to make sure that your for you page is,going to be content that is within the,niche that you're actually posting it,why do you make the mistake you might,have just hot girls on your for you page,you might have hot guys on your for you,page it might just be anime but you're,posting in fashion or whatever the case,is so you need to do one of two things,either one you need to only begin,interacting with things within your,Niche so that you can see what Tick Tock,is actually recommending within fashion,Tick Tock within Fitness Tick Tock,within crypto Tick Tock within book talk,whatever it is you need to actually see,what they're recommending I'm going to,share with you what to do with this,information later on in this video but,if right now you need to either do that,or you need to have a burner Tick Tock,account in which case you were only,going to interact with that content,because if you want to actually get your,content pushed out on Tick Tock this is,going to help you do it and it's going,to help you do it because it's going to,allow you to understand your audience,better you see The Tick Tock creator,that understands the audience the best,is going to be the one that is most,successful in 2023 because getting more,views on Tick Tock simply comes down to,controlling the topics of your videos,and the three other things I share with,you in this video but right now when it,comes to topics you need to understand,something let's do a prime example here,if you were a fitness Creator and you,were making Pub posts about biceps or,you were making a post about triceps,guess what there is a huge difference in,the amount of views that you get you,want to know why because a lot more,people want bigger biceps and want,bigger triceps now I know what you're,thinking Rob that's pretty stupid those,things should both be this same thing,it's both Fitness but it's not stupid,because at the end of the day all tick,tock cares about is keeping people on,the app so what do they do to keep,people on the app they show people,content now there are essentially two,types of content that does this one it's,going to be entertaining content the,second is going to be educational,content when it comes to educational,content listen I know that you're a,complete expert in whatever you're,talking about it might be crypto it,might be law I don't care what it is I,know you're an expert in it but if you,want to reach the most amount of people,you need to be talking to beginners,because not everybody need, After seeing the second section, I believe you have a general understanding of how would they know tiktok, Continue the next third section about how would they know tiktok, ,,,Ok,,,,, After seeing the third section, I believe you have a general understanding of how would they know tiktok, Continue the next fourth section about how would they know tiktok, stop,hello cold ones we're back baby girl,what's 2.0 we're bigger and better than,ever today we're revisiting a classic,Tick Tock products you know I like Tick,Tock you like Tick Tock you like Tick,Tock yes we're looking at the ads,they're gonna advertise to you on Tick,Tock and we were forced to buy them with,my credit card anyone else here have,Tick Tock you got Tick Tock Darcy no you,got Tick Tock Silas no you got Tick Tock,rowie nope they all said yes just for,the record,foreign,that song goes hard can you take,a guess how much it cost how much 380.,what what the okay so we got a,packet of Chinese cards and we got a,packet of gold Chinese cards use the,gold ones I would definitely using the,gold box you're kidding would you do the,honors and put the cards in please,thanks man I've set it to 444 so ideally,you should deal four cars,what hey all right puts four everywhere,ah wait huh consult the manual okay,there is codes wait wait there is codes,I'm gonna put on the Tyson I'm gonna put,on 999. whoa,what the it's about dude,that is how many players is it adding,they're not landing on top of each other,anymore they're just sliding,is this for all like old Chinese ladies,dealing out the cars about the,arthritis machine yeah is that like is,that the gimmick to this well I hope you,kept the receipt,crazy magical Spider-Man spinning hair,too that looks real nice,we're using your hair my hair's not long,enough Chad why are you bald in the,thumbnail,don't manifest that man now while you're,doing it I'll read out a review that I,got oh all right I bought this for my,daughter oh boy stop just stop stop I,didn't think the the day would end in,the emergency room okay Chad ready no,nothing's happening honestly I think we,need to stop buying spares of everything,I'll go to spare one oh ,oh my God alrighty I'll pull as high as,it goes you ready I'm ready to go,go slower maybe yeah I think so but,let's just do that what's going on well,I that feels funny what's going on guys,no ah wait wait wait wait wait,I think that's gonna get back what's,going on,ah stop stop stop,okay,no get it off okay I'm trying,ow how do these little Chinese girls get,out of this,oh,Chad I don't know about this no I can't,see it so I,wow he took the whole roll what is it in,my hair,yeah this looks cool is it working yeah,it looks good I can't see ow something's,happening what'd you do something's,happening okay you did something ow ow,ow,okay my hair stuck ow and now we are,going to add a little bedazzled ,spring I feel pretty,you look like a horse girl I feel like,one,I I think I give that one like average,because it did break once or twice okay,the dog's plugging his little in,fact,dog the laptop no I was laptop,in the iPad,no way I love that all right get your,phone out this is not going in my phone,what,okay I'm going first I'm going first, this I'm not waiting it's not, it's charging but it's not,Darcy basically it should look like this,I'm putting it directly in my eyes I,would not do that,why does it only work in the iPhone,because it detects the power it detects,the data it's it's the,data out of my phone taking the data,what do you do Australia leaves and,Max everybody knows that Spider-Man,isn't on Netflix in America those gritty,Mickey Mouse on Disney plus took,it I can't if I don't get my daily fix,of Spider-Man I'm going to begin killing,at random,not again there may be a solution of the,problem Netflix Canada still has,Spider-Man,what the are you talking about,surely we have to be in Canada,made in Spider-Man,normally that would be the case Max but,this time we have our own superpower,I'm not a VPN oh hey Nord uh why am I so,sweaty because I've been running around,town protecting your data uh I just need,to watch Spider-Man otherwise I'm gonna,become extremely violent it's not VPN,just select Canada here,foreign,now cool yeah I gotta I gotta go amazing,all right Chad you want to watch,Spider-Man with me,I'll get the snacks,do you know that an old VPN is a rich,free 30-day money-back guarantee,huh,nothing,also did you know if you use the link in,the description you get a huge discount,plus one month free on a two-year plan,Chad please,I'm trying to watch Spider-Man,I love you,take control of your Internet Security,today with nordvpn use our Link in the,description below go to, cold ones,Lord VPN,is this the bubble gun,watch this,whoa,I love you I love you Darcy oh,my God you got two I like the design it,looks like an OverWatch gun or something,give me both can I hold both just see,how fast are on or whatever oh I feel,like Zohan and I got two hair dryers if,no one's seen that movie uh Ryan put it,up on screen good movie good movie now,what a reference that looks like a lot,of water man let's find out,okay okay okay,watch the laptop watch the laptop now,who cares these are cooler,they're gonna be a little soapy after,this oh,God oh my God I'm a fan of this,foreign,I'm feeling a little nauseous from the,smell,and probably t, After seeing the fourth section, I believe you have a general understanding of how would they know tiktok, Continue the next fifth section about how would they know tiktok, closer yeah yeah a little bit closer,these are some secrets on Tick Tock that,YouTube doesn't want you to know I was,today,you're supposed to tear it apart I,actually think that's an awful idea they,know it's for bigger dipping volume Oh I,thought it was going to be messy I love,ketchup so much why don't you just pick,it up and and since we love Tick Tock,secrets so much at the end of this video,we're going to be revealing some secrets,of Our Own,oh wait what,Lizzy is not a slot bracelet,s back in the day they had these awesome,wrist things and you'd do like and then,wrapped around like a snake whoa you all,still have them is this just a specific,one yes you can measure the girth of,something for example a Coke can all,right I'm really bad at cutting fruit,and stuff no she has opened it like a,pineapple I want to try this if it works,that's the coolest thing ever if this,works you have to like the video,You're terrifying I thought it was like,really sharp all right ready and then,she just kind of,oh it's a squirter that's what he said,how does she do it I love one shoes oh I,don't know if we did this right guys,wait a second you can make portable ACs,oh I have a headband like that that's a,lot of effort but I guess not if you,don't have an AC right how did she find,the perfect fans for this no that is,just to make your hair look fabulous no,glowing in the wind here's something I,wish I knew before I was in my third,piece okay,I knew this secret oh I did it I didn't,know that I didn't even break the,vertebrates no I can't tell if it's,working wait but which flavor is the,best favorite flavor here's the rainbow,choose one purple you ever go to a shop,but it hasn't got the drink you want no,one knows about,I found this out at Sephora because they,were out of my favorite list,never seen this you gotta be absolutely,kidding me I used to shop for my family,that never existed I want this guy I,watch him I don't know this guy but he,knows ketchup,how much Ranch bottles I've wasted,technically that is so true whoa Cheetos,Cheetos oh my gosh she's smart wait a,second but then how do you suck your,fingers to get all the sauce off that's,the point I think this is a nice house,it's a haircut,Bree I've actually been wanting to try,this on my favorite blonde YouTuber just,give me a second,you look so pretty you're Shrek in your,hair,with today here's old way well there's,nuts is she pumping nuts,that was a race no no I don't believe it,because it turned green and that's,purple everybody knows this is real,it's common knowledge everybody knows,that pump up a racing with an air pump,and it's gonna turn into a break,inside out wait what you put the bag on,it and then it goes in,I don't know if I can even go back to,doing bags the same way again,small trash can filled it with water to,clean off their feet but then they use,all their bags on the corners of a bed,sheet to then create a safe environment,wait how is a fitted bed sheet just,doing that you don't see these four,heavy bags I don't think it's possible,why so that kit is going to be the new,Albert Einstein I just always avoided,that when I was on The Jungle Book,because I was like I don't know what,this is oh my gosh ah wait don't do that,oh no but I do that wait okay so was,that a real crack did he just go like,this like,oh I don't,pops a day is the sound of good health,let's go Preston I always knew that my,ripping capabilities were a positive,thing for the world I'd let it rip like,a Beyblade you know what I'm saying,one two three,no all Knuckles are not created the same,oh no he's got a ruler does everybody in,the entire world those are so expensive,how does he have one of those I don't,know how many of my Knuckles are put me,a side by side on your knuckle oh wait,no you have a different knuckle size,than me I don't know if I would trust,this measurement of units,the light pack you randomly saw one day,no wait does this work with firepods,Pros or only airpods,everybody knows this dude right yes,you're supposed to keep all of the velor,yeah she looks like she's got rabies,whoa I could watch that on Loop for,hours that is a good snack that's a,thick snake don't call it sick we'll,just body shaming the snake every single,odd number has the letter e wait let's,do it one three five seven they didn't,teach us any of these,practice at least twist these off like,this,okay Bree try this cut it off that's,really cool well well careful not to get,it on the brand new merch on the fire,merch app that you can get downloaded,for free on Iowa,oh Preston it tastes pretty good though,oh I do know those okay so yeah there's,wait what keep them collapsed is that,really necessary yes some people need it,flapped for them are these crinkled,typos and potatoes that's a little nice,half moon going on so I can't tell if,it's a scissor hacker this is golden,don't act like you ever have done this,before I haven't but I knew you could,nice toast realize it was spelled wrong,stand for minutes n, After seeing the fifth section, I believe you have a general understanding of how would they know tiktok, Continue the next sixth section about how would they know tiktok, hey everybody in today's video i want to,show you exactly how much tiktok paid me,for a million views on tick tock,and if you're not familiar with this,tick tock basically has this thing,called the tick tock creator fund,and they paid the content creators on,there a certain amount of money based on,how many views they get,now you do have to apply and you do have,to qualify,to get in but i just made a video on,everything i did to get approved for,that,so watch that if you want to join the,creator fund here i just want to show,you exactly the analytics,of the million views in a couple of days,and then exactly how much they paid for,those views,that match up with those days and with,tick-tock you could use the tick-tock,app here for all of that,and you could use also and,log in,and see some of your analytics on there,so i got 3.8 million views since,i actually joined about seven eight days,ago but a lot of those views were before,i joined the creator fund but here on,the tick tock app basically,if you have a creator account and you,join the fun you,you get this thing called the creator,tools if you jump in here,they have the creator fund over here but,i'll show you the analytics here,so you can see how it matches up with,the video views here so,if you go to this page what i got paid,for was,875 000 views here and 136 here,and 107 so about 1.2 million views,if you add all these up now the problem,is,you do already have to get to a hundred,thousand so the couple bigger viral,videos before that million views like,these two million views,so almost the 2.9 million views before,that didn't get monetized because it,takes a few,days to apply and then to get in after,you go viral for the first time,so let me show you what that adds up to,here under the creator fun tab so today,you can see i got a dollar,so let's look at the dashboard here so,the day,i got accepted for about 200 000 views,i got six dollars and then the day after,that,this is about 875 000 views,about 23. and then the day after that,three dollars so i didn't go viral after,this video i did go viral,multiple times previous to this video,though but i was not,in the tick tock creator fun at that,time so so far,this is about five days worth of revenue,about,36 but i did come up with a pretty good,strategy for going viral so i was able,to do it three times in seven days,but it doesn't happen every single time,and i did make a video on exactly,how i structured my video to go viral,but the real power of tick tock is not,how much they pay you for the creator,fund,it's the ability to go viral get a lot,of viewers and then get people to other,platforms or products or services,so for example what i ended up doing is,i put my youtube,channel here to try to get people to go,to youtube that didn't work so well,though because here's the problem if you,click on this,it opens a browser here so it's really,hard here to subscribe,what you want to do is actually link up,here i did it with instagram where it,takes you directly to instagram,i was able to get a couple of hundred,followers using this method,so i recommend you could link instagram,and youtube here but you could link your,website here so if you have a product or,a service,that's a good place again you need the,creator fund to add that but i want to,make a follow-up video in a few days to,show you a bunch of other ways to make,money on tick tock because the,the fact of the matter is it's so much,easier to go viral on tick-tock than any,other platform,so you could utilize that virality and,not just rely on the creator fund,because as you saw it's not very much,money so it doesn't make sense for,creators to rely on it,but you could rely on that attention and,get people to youtube and other,platforms,that'll follow up in the next upcoming,video and i'm also making a video,comparing one million views on tic tac,to 1 million views on youtube i want to,show you exactly how much i get paid for,both,so you could kind of get a comparison,it's really mind-blowing i'll post that,below as soon as it's released,i hope you found this useful please give,it a thumbs up i'll see you next time, After seeing the sixth section, I believe you have a general understanding of how would they know tiktok, Continue the next seventh section about how would they know tiktok, so what is tick tock and how do you use,it well in this video i'm going to tell,you everything you need to know it's,coming up,hey everyone steve here from learn,online video helping you master the art,of online video production and today,we're talking all about the app tick,tock now tik tok launched in 2016,and in 2018 the application gained,popularity and became the most,downloaded app in the usa hey look,before you cross the street tik tok is,one of the most popular social media,apps on the planet allowing users to,upload 15 second videos that they can,share with the world trends include lip,syncing to an archive of popular songs,dancing and collaborations allowing the,user to duet with someone by replying to,their video so look how does it work,well it's really simple you just,download the app like what you would any,other platform and then create an,account you'll have to come up with some,kind of username no different to,facebook instagram or anything like that,now once you're logged in you can,instantly start watching everybody's,videos and there are so so many videos,on tiktok this is one of the most random,apps i've ever been on you open up the,app on your phone and then it will take,you to a 15 second video and that 15,second video will just loop if you swipe,up it will take you to the next one so,on and so on and so on and it's a bit of,a lotto when it comes to what you'll,land on when you swipe up because it,really could be anything now the more,time you spend on the app the more you,will tap into the algorithm so it will,start to show you videos that are,related to stuff that you've liked and,engaged with but apart from that it,really is just a,smorgasbord of weird,creative amazing bizarre videos i've,ever come across okay now let's talk,trends so look there are definitely,trends on tick tock and just to name a,few there is the adele trend,there's another one where you use a,finger gun,now lip syncing is a huge part of tiktok,it's what a lot of people use it for,whether that's lip syncing to a song or,lip syncing to a quote from a film,and there are also some really creative,people on there there are artists there,are people that dance it's just a really,random app full of really random things,so as a consumer there's plenty of,content for you to sit there and watch,but as a creator what can we do what,kind of videos can we upload to tik tok,now they make it incredibly easy to,shoot edit and upload a video all within,that app there's a huge archive of music,to choose from and there are different,video effects you can add to your,footage but what's it like to use this,app as a video creator well i thought,i'd find out now once i set up an,account i thought i'd upload my first,video now i put no thought into this,just to be really clear i literally,uploaded the first video that i found on,my phone you definitely shouldn't be,here,health and safety regulations,and within a week that video had over 50,000 views which was just,insane to me just as an example let's,compare tick tock to youtube okay i,upload a 15 second video on my phone and,it gets 50 000 views look at the views,on this video as an experiment okay but,it's nowhere near 50 000 views right,getting that amount of views is actually,really difficult i mean i've set up a,light i've set up a camera on a tripod,i've got a microphone i'm going to have,to edit this footage and not load it but,with tick tock i upload a video 15,seconds long which is just hanging,around on my phone and i get 50 000,views so with the first video getting so,many views i thought i'd experiment and,upload some more so in the last week,i've uploaded six videos and as you can,see they've had varying degrees of,success so my first video as i mentioned,did pretty well it got 59 000 views i,then uploaded two more videos videos,that you would have seen on this channel,before i used these as facebook profile,videos they didn't do very well one only,got 567 views the other one got 147 i,then uploaded another video that also,did terribly 128 views i then uploaded,another one that did pretty well that,got over 8 000 views but then i created,a video specifically for tick tock the,rest of these videos were just videos,that i had sat on my phone and that,video i used one of the trending,hashtags it was the finger gun and that,got over 23 000 views by being on tick,tock for just one week i managed to get,over 93 000 views which is just mental,so look i've got to say i'm really,impressed with tic toc i guess to sum it,up you could say minimal effort maximum,results if you're looking to get eyes on,your content and to grow a following,quickly then honestly tiktok could be,one of the easiest and quickest ways to,do that so look i hope this video has,helped if it has let me know by hitting,the old thumbs up button and if you'd,like to see more content just like this,you can subscribe by clicking the icon,below if you'd like to watch another,video you can do that by clicking over,ther, Congratulation!