In fact, club industry data shows that dues revenue makes up roughly 80% of the money clubs use to support operations regardless of size or geographic location. On a scale of 110, how satisfied are you with the variety and quality of products in the pro shop? The KPIs for each type of course are different. On a scale of 110, how would you rate the variety and schedule of dining specials? 2020-04-01. What types of events would you like to see less of? GGA Partners will use the information provided on this form to send you whitepapers, industry research, and regular editions of GGA Partners newsletters. A final count of 80 surveys was received, yielding a response rate of nearly 8.3 . Each individual workshop day will run, PNW PGA StayInvolved Education Series Women professionals, join us for a 60-minute video conference. Please rate your level of service from our PGA golf staff. RSM US LLP is a limited liability partnership and the U.S. member firm of RSM International, a global network of independent audit, tax and consulting firms. Full Member Equivalent Count (total dues revenue divided by full member dues rate) was at the fourth percentile nationally, meaning the normalized number of members at the club was less than 96 out of 100 clubs in the country. This led to a needfor a cocktail program and a head chef with a strong culinary background. Takeout food has become increasingly popular. Keep Your Eye on the Horizon. By clicking any of the above links, you will be leaving Toast's website. The answer to this question depends on the country club and its location. Was the rate of play maintained at a good pace? We also factored in our direct experience in compensation from the last twelve months of . As the market for golf continues to evolve, a focus on maximizing gross margin from non-golf related revenues will also become more important. Simply tracking your results compared to budget is not good enough. Our mission is to serve the PGA Professionals in the Northwest and grow the game of golf. Do you know any members of [INSERT CLUB NAME HERE]? Biennial financial survey analyzes areas critical to the management and success of golf and country clubs, with sections covered in the report including overall income and expenses, membership, food and beverage operations, general and administrative functions, recreation and athletic activities, golf pro shop and course operations, course . (Please indicate your handicap and tees played). Carolina Country Club was established in 1910 and has remained at its original location since inception. But clubhouse dining services are actually a great place to grow revenue. Please Check the event(s) you could see yourself participating in for the upcoming year. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Club Food and Beverage: A Cautionary Tale, Club Finance 101: The Significance of Depreciation. Another way to raise profits in any business is to cut back on the cost of labor. The distinctive challenge for club managers is meeting the needs of one customer/owner at the expense of another customer/owner. Base Salary. First, members will be more likely to respond right away if they have a deadline. club permit are subject to the mixed beverage taxes. The format of the member survey is almost as important as the wording of the questions. Austin, TX 78712 (University of Texas area) 2324 San Jacinto/24th. Those results were attributable, at least in part, to extremely low labor costs in that department. Please rate your experience with our bag storage service. Take some time and take a small sample or group of members and ask them to complete the survey. This brings us to the award-winning Square POS, which provides point-of-sale solutions to a broad range of sectors, having some very handy capabilities for country clubs as a result. This is no small feat, especially considering the unique challenges private club F&B outlets face compared to traditional restaurants. Click here to view a sample Club Benchmarking report. This information is then used to adjust operations on a timely basis or adjust marketing and communications to patrons in order to enhance utilization of the facility. : tees, bunkers, fairways, etc. Food & Beverage Survey 2021. Beyond the course itself, members need to feel satisfied with the facilities, the clubhouse, and the service. And though this hospitality sector is unique, common financial goals of increased sales and revenue growth are necessary benchmarks for Food and Beverage Directors to hit. The term "food service adequate for its members and their guests" shall mean that . Data-driven iterations of review and refinement are critical. When coming to Oxmoor for a round of golf would you rather? This all culminates into an intense interest in the information surrounding what people eat and drink. Per week? Clubs either have a monthly, quarterly, or yearly minimum ranging anywhere . After a lawsuit almost a decade ago, the club was still struggling to regain its financial footing under the weight of considerable debt. As you will see in the detail below, the data clearly showed that through creativity and cost control the GM was actually patching up weak dues revenue with significant profit in F&B. While the private club industry does not have published statistics, a general rule is that 40-75% is . difficult? . It is very tired, too small and requires substantial physical improvement, and it has been a long time since we undertook a major re-decorating project. Are they In most cases, each country club department has its own P&L, staff, and vendors, making private club accounting super complex. The restaurant manager. The most important are KPIs that allow for timely revenue enhancement and service improvements that improve patron/member enjoyment. To develop a survey that generates useful and actionable results, consider the following seven steps: This may be the most important step of them all. Not only will you gauge how effective your online engagement tactics are for existing members, but will also help you determine whether your online presence is appealing to potential future members. Largely due to initiation fees and monthly dues, most private clubs are able to offer pricing of products at a better value as well as unique strategies for controlling their food costs. . Marie Verschuuren, 63, and her . How often do you dine at the clubhouse? c. A licensed club may obtain a mixed beverage club events license for on-premises sale and consumption by members KPIs can also become a motivating influence for staff and management. 90%. This article was penned by Derek Johnston for NGCOA Golf Business Canada. Your staff should use specific tools and tactics to create an efficient, effective experience both on and off the course for every member and guest. A survey of existing members was conducted which showed that 50 percent of members lived on the property, 50 percent snow-skied, 78 percent played golf, and 80 percent walked or jogged at least three . By following these steps, a survey can be developed and executed that will generate a strong return rate and the desired data. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. On a scale of 110, how satisfied were you with the cleanliness of the locker rooms? Available Cash/KPI Report Findings:As the clubs management team suspected, the Available Cash & Key Performance Indicator report showed the clubs Net Available Cash was near break-even and at the 47thpercentile nationally. $69k. Private clubs have already seen dining rooms become more informal. Product variance is still an issue. However, Marc Ruemmler, the Beverage Manager at Westmoor Club, observes that members still have a lot of control over the menu. In the modern world, business leaders are often called upon to face down dragons and navigate through unfamiliar territory in the process of executing a critical initiative or bold strategic plan. Public and semi-private golf course operations have a singular focus maximizing the yield on a finite inventory of available tee times. Did you experience a satisfactory pace of play on the course? The Pacific Northwest PGA Section is a 501(c)(6) non-profit association founded in 1922. However, Marc still found a need to price aggressively against other restaurants on the island. Do you have a preferred seating area, and if so, were you seated there? On a scale of 110, how would you rate your experience overall? But there are other ways. Most clubs have a tendency to react to yesterday's problem or the loudest voice in the room, but top clubs keep their focus on the 10-year horizon. David Martin, a long-time Canadian club manager, was responsible for bringing the system into the Summit. This sounds simple, but many clubs fail to include practice testing into their schedule. Dont accept "because I just know" from fellow board members. Using SMS, email, or on-site mobile applications, you can develop a simple (or advanced) satisfaction survey to assess your members club experience. How many rounds did your guests play at Oxmoor Country Club in the past 12 months? Also, the questions should specifically address the survey objective, but you may want to identify demographic questions that will be needed to segment the results and them more actionable. The Club is open year round and offers multiple dining venues including casual, formal and alfresco to its 800 member families. Private Club Food and Beverage Operations . Club economics have started to stabilize. Lets say I have a Cabernet that I know 10 members are going to drink. When youre conducting a member assessment, be sure to include questions around their online experience with your private club. The best way to determine whether or not your staff is succeeding in doing so is by going straight to the source and asking your members directly either immediately after dining or in your regularly scheduled member assessment. Dahlia worked in restaurant kitchens for six years before changing careers. Food/Beverage service Food/Beverage service N/A . Would you like to see additional shoe room or locker services services? If not please indicate why. Being sat at a table because someone knows its your favorite table, getting your favorite drink, and getting your food specially made the way you like it, all without asking. Country Club Public Restaurant4 Difference Food 40% 30% 10% Beverage 33% 19% 14% Labor . This cautionary tale begins in the boardroom of a long-established country club that has been part of its local community for nearly one hundred . 617-803-0676 METRICS AT A GLANCE: Finance and Operations Financial Tennis/Racquet Guest Fee Revenue Tennis/Racquet Pro Shop and Lesson Revenue Fitness Fee RevenueMembers & Guests Personal Training and All Other Fitness Revenue Swimming Guest Fees Revenue Youth Program Revenue This typically requires the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that enable meaningful comparison from business to business and across markets. Utilization of tee times by membership category. Generally, food and beverage cost of sales as a percentage of food and beverage revenue average between 26% and 36%, while merchandise cost of sales as a percentage of merchandise revenue average between 65% and 75%, depending on the mix of hard and soft goods sold. Where possible, grids and tables and matrices should be incorporated with radio buttons or check boxes aligned rather than multiple choice questioning. For example, a 10-year member may have a very different experience from a first-year member. Beverage programs are high profit centers for independent restaurants. From a management perspective, KPIs and utilization statistics can be used to align labour costs with activity. $2k - $9k. L.E.K. And raising wine sales by $3,000 a month at Troon Golfs The Clubs at St. James Plantation. That gets lost a lot of times at bigger clubs. In medieval times, elaborate drawings of fierce dragons were used to mark the boundary between the known world and whatever certain danger might lurk beyond. If you were Superintendent for a day, what would be one thing you would Its the only way youre going to succeed. Including increasing beverage sales between30-40% at Congressional Country Club. No card Information needed! Terra S. H. Waldron, CCM, CCE . The use of KPIs and benchmarks need to be part of the toolkit for management and the owner. We still have to be able to adjust for things like that, Tim tells us. Was the locker room properly stocked with towels, toiletries, and other shower supplies? (5= Excellent; 4= Above Average; 3= Average/Good; 2= Below Average; 1= Poor . An example of important revenue KPIs for a private club are shown below: Similar to public golf courses, cost of sales as a percentage of revenues are some of the more readily available metrics. Cost of goods and services in club restaurants is generally subsidized by these dues and fees. 9. The dashboards are produced on a periodic basis, either daily, weekly or monthly depending on the audience. Overall, how satisfied are you with your member experience at Oxmoor Country Club? Have these members make comments on the survey about words or concepts that were unclear. By dividing all positive responses by the total number of responses and multiplying by 100, you get a tangible C SAT metric that will help you evaluate staff, training, process and procedure, rates, cleanliness, the caliber of your . Left to their own devices after that first session, it is very . F&B profitability was at the 95thpercentile. Since this layout takes up less space, it will appear to be less time-consuming for the respondent. To ensure accurate and actionable response data, bias needs to be omitted wherever possible. Now she produces Toast's podcast, The Garnish. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking a link in the footer of any email you receive from us, or by contacting us at However, in a club environment, certainly one with a large membership and/or a multi-million dollar food and beverage operation, an $80,000 loss may be perfectly acceptable. Members don't dine as much as they tend to "eat and run". In North America, the pandemic awoke a sleeping giant. Expense metrics which go beyond simple dollars and cents, are generally harder to come by due to the wide variety of operating models, departmental structures, and local market conditions for labour and other products and services. Rounds per membership, typically ranges from 35 to 48. Is the respondent supposed to address the course condition, design or the service? Revenue per membership by department, source and membership type. Responsible for banquet sales and the overall supervision of the FOH service team (food & beverage), snack bar and . On a scale of 110, how satisfied are you with our online reservation booking system? The company is a leader in consulting services that have their basis in functionality . In an effort to clearly identify the clubs strengths and opportunities for improvement, the clubs GM became a Club Benchmarking subscriber. Data-Driven Results:This is not a typical CB case study. Just because we can run 40% margins, it doesnt mean we can let go of control levels in our beverage program. The pie chart illustrating the clubs proportionate sources of cash revealed several anomalies, most notably the fact that the proportion of cash coming from membership dues was 25 percentage points below national norms (53 percent versus 78 percent as a national norm) and that F&B net was contributing a significant proportion (17 percent) to Available Cash with the national norm being aconsumptionof 3 percent of Available Cash. At the Westmoor Club in Nantucket, MA, we saw a greater emphasis on actively competing with nearby restaurants. The only rule should be that every question should address the objective. Podcasts. In addition, most people do not want to belong to a club that appears run down; as such, an important KPI is expected capital maintenance costs and the funding of those costs through entrance and capital maintenance fees. Another common mistake, and the one that is most difficult to identify, is bias. As a private club, you must provide regular food service adequate for your members and guests. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(2477848, '3165ba74-c5e3-498a-b651-7700fb6a7612', {"useNewLoader":"true","region":"na1"}); Topics: Secondly, providing a date will minimize the time period over which the responses will be received. Did any particular holes stand out as under-maintained? Labour and Other Expenses The average Country Club Manager salary is $86,102 as of February 27, 2023, but the salary range typically falls between $78,115 and $100,424. Public and semi-private facilities employ an average of 52 employees, with significant variances in the mix of staff (permanent, seasonal, full-time, and part-time) by region and type of facility you are encouraged to consult the report for a detailed breakdown of compensation by key position. Evaluate food quality: This survey template enables you to measure the food quality and gather insights into factors that affect the perception of food quality the most. Average tournament patron rates, typically ranging from 80% to 90% of the peak guest rate. Defining what is important needs to be a first step for each operator. You may think it a radical thought, but [], More and more, private clubs are looking to corporations for policies and best practices in governance. Generally this should be done in their own home to simulate as close as possible the survey experience of the larger membership. Upon inspection, less tactful ordering processes and loose vendor relationships normally leave a lot of money on the table. Join us to discuss challenges and opportunities, Entry form: available January 25 @ 9:00 AM Deadline for exempt teams: February 8 Entry deadline: February 15 Team entry fee: $440 / $480 with skins (professionals) Tee times & results: not yet available Course, Farmers/Jared Bouchey Agency Hole-In-One Challenge, @ The Las Vegas CC, Anthem CC, TPC Las Vegas, PNW PGA Senior Players Championship Entries Available, 2023 Yamaha Player Development Grants & Youth Player Development Grants, Provide definitions where there is any room for interpretation. Private Country Club Consulting & Strategic Planning. On a scale of 110, how would you rate the cleanliness of the dining area? Food cost percentage is calculated by taking the cost of ingredients and inventory in a given time . Were staff dressed properly in uniform attire? As clubs shift away from many of the formalities of club life relaxing dress codes, changing cell phone and mobile device policies theyre also establishing new features that add value for long standing members and attract potential members. While we've mentioned the 10 most important questions to ask in a survey, we advise you not to ask them all at once. Members expect a quality dining experience with exceptionally personalized servicefar more than the average dining experience in an off-site restaurant. Where your clientele pool is limited like it is at a private club, their happiness and satisfaction when visiting your club for a meal or a drink is all-important. Club Business Model, At a private club, our [food and beverage] buying is dictated by our members, says Tim Gallant, the Senior Food and Beverage Manager of the prestigiousOak Hill Country Club in Rochester, NY. Latest News, Business Planning, Insight, Operations, Private Clubs, Strategic Planning, Strategy, Success, Benchmarking & Best Practice, Best Practice, Asset Management, Fund & Asset Managers, Semi-Private, Public & Resort Properties, SI Insights, SI Resources, Financing, Market Analysis, Operational Analysis, Member & Customer Surveys, Membership, SI Best Practices. BevSpot investigated and came up with some interesting insights about country club bar programs. . A club is evaluating its food and beverage operation. BevSpot offers full product education and account setup for all customers! As an example, the city can't interrupt a private club party as long as the party is organized for a legitimate reason ( New Year's Eve party) and the occasion does not cause a breach of the peace (the music is too loud). The following question would be an example: Last year, the food and beverage operation lost $80,000. As weve seen in the past, the place for change and better service is at the dinner table. The first item is setting expectations. The average response rate for mailed customer surveys by private industry is approximately 20%. (1=poor, 10 = excellent), Please rate the quality of the food. Founded in 1901, the Club is known for its excellent dining programs, events and services. We'll advise you on sales tax, gratuities, rental units and other financial areas impacting your tax position. Normal restaurants and bars will try and accommodate dietary restrictions or make slight adjustments to a meal in order to appease an individual guest. The instructor makes a couple changes to their stance and grip. Results indicate that . $39k - $69k. There are several places available for additional comments. Were cleaning stations appropriately distributed throughout the course and well-maintained? F&B Report Findings The CB benchmark data clearly showed the clubs F&B operation was performing well beyond national norms from a financial perspective. The respondents may experience fatigue after offering opinions across a variety of topics and not bother to provide answers to questions they perceive as less relevant. However, since F&B also receives revenue, Finance Committees, Board Members, and/or Controllers often view it as a profit center, thereby making decisions about the department thinking it IS a profit center to the club, when in fact, it is a . It is desired to learn why a member would choose a restaurant versus dining at the club. For example, if a club is realizing an unsustainable operating loss, club management may decide to solicit input of the membership to determine why members are not using certain billable amenities (such as catering, dining room, private functions, tennis, fitness, golf, and entertaining outside guests, etc.) This will allow you to maintain more comprehensive member data to better identify areas of strength and opportunity. PKF published the first edition of Clubs in Town &Country in 1955, a landmark study at the . Do you consider this to be acceptable? For example, if the food and beverage operation is identified as the main source of losses, a highly specific survey focused on the level of importance and the level of satisfaction that members have with specific areas within the food and beverage operation could then be created. The membership in country clubs stayed relatively consistent during 2019, increasing by 0.4%. Our survey of overall club membership for country clubs continues to show a stagnant membership base. Essentially, from a financial perspective, this clubs F&B department was operating as efficiently as possible. Some food for thought: At a time when customers expect a complete experience, your golf course restaurant is a key revenue driver and an essential component of customer loyalty. Consider instead this structure: Please indicate how important each of the following items is when selecting a restaurant: Most surveys include questions that ask for basic demographic and/or club usage information. On a scale of 110, how would you rate your golf experience overall? Include a personalized cover letter that includes information regarding the survey objectives, how the information will be used, a few words about the importance of the members input, and contact information if the member has any questions. 1. food and beverage service manager He is the head of the department and also he is responsible for it. The . Private golf clubs need more than an exceptional golf coursethey need to create exceptional golf experiences. Please take a few minutes to let us know your opinions and suggestions on our Food & Beverage Service. Have you worked with an event planner before? . With its success, the Bonita Bay Club has been raising its initiation fee regularly. Visit for more information regarding RSM US LLP and RSM International. Retail, food and beverage, and appointment scheduling functions are all covered by Square, all with high-quality hardware options and a reputation for excellent . Food and Beverage, "Market conditions can have a big impact on food costs, depending on . (1 = poor, 10= excellent). The past few years have marked a rebounding period for clubs across the country. Did the showers provide an adequate amount and degree of hot water? Even private clubs are not immune to the multi-tasking culture of today's . Any restaurant manager can tell you that a good beverage program is a crucial profit center. As the industry enters a transformative period, its important to take a moment and understand where changes can be made and where clubs can better serve their members. This news comes at the expense of members. The food and beverage department presents huge opportunity for cost containment in most clubs we consult with. On a scale of 110, how would you rate your pro shop experience overall? 372 W Ontario St Cleanliness of the club: Over all experience with management staff: Dealings with the business office: Booking reservations: Non-Golf Related Member Events Programs: Overall Food & Beverage Experience: Food & Beverage Service: Food & Beverage Hours: Locker Room Amenities: Pool Facilities: Tennis Facilities: Fitness Facilities The member firms of RSM International collaborate to provide services to global clients, but are separate and distinct legal entities that cannot obligate each other. Perspectives and best practices for private clubs, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information (California). This virtual happy hour is an informal get-together of women leaders in our Section. . Maintain the membership at the level necessary to eliminate outside sources of revenue. Wean off revenue driven activities like Marriott guest golf and outside banquets. Beyond revenue, rounds played, and average revenue per round, critical indicators required to understand performance include: These indicators allow operators to quickly understand if their pricing model is effective, or if it needs to be adjusted to drive utilization and yield simultaneously higher. Most owners and operators want to be as efficient as possible without lowering their expected standard of excellence. Of all the club committees, none is more important that the nominating committee and none is less important than the executive committee. The Summit Golf and Country Club in Richmond Hill, Ontario is believed to be one of the first in Canada to adopt a fully automated . These questions help you and your clients set up expectations and get a feel for where you're both coming from. With trends in club dining changing, it shouldnt create a period of unrest, but rather a time to explore new opportunities for member happiness and revenue growth. Was this the first event youve attended at [INSERT CLUB NAME HERE]? Too many clubs find themselves stuck in the F&B Trap which we define as rigid adherence to the belief that a club should make a profit in F&B (or "lose less money") and that a club is healthier if it makes a profit in F&B than if it shows a deficit in F&B. Do you find our course yardage system meets your standards and if not what changes would you like to see made? Is pork included? Member-facing technology is one of the most impactful private club trends in the industry today. From an expense perspective, most private clubs have excellent controls in place to keep expenses in line with the approved budget. This can result in misleading results and lower response rates. Other helpful metrics include utilization and yield statistics measured on a per round basis for other ancillary revenue sources such as carts, driving range, food and beverage, and merchandise. However, developing a survey that actually generates usable and actionable data is more difficult than it might appear. The NGCOA Canada is helping to lead the charge through its various benchmarking and performance tracking initiatives, including the Revenue Tracker and Rounds Played & Weather Reports, which provide comparisons of an individual courses results to their competitive set, provincial and national averages along with Performance Intelligence which provides course specific benchmarks and feedback. No matter how carefully the questions are worded to eliminate ambiguity, bias, and simplicity, no matter how clear the instructions, chances are that someone will misunderstand items in the survey. Would you recommend Oxmoor Country Club to a friend looking at membership?