In wrapping the saga of the Ghost Crew, Star Wars Rebels left fans with a few unanswered questions. [1], Following the evacuation of Raada, Ahsoka smuggled herself aboard the Tantive IV in order to arrange a meeting with Organa. The two engaged in combat once again and the temple locked down with a burst of energy, allowing Kanan and Ezra to escape. The crew ignored Ahsoka's warning and set out on a mission to rescue their captive leader.[6]. Ahsoka warned him that if he were to do so, Ezra and the others would die. But it was the introduction of Ahsoka Tano and her one-time Jedi master, Darth Vader, that were the real sparks behind the first half of this season. The most recent episode, Chapter 13, was a thrilling moment for Star Wars fans, and while obviously that was about the beloved character who was in the show (Ahsoka Tano), it was also in part because of a beloved character who didn’t appear – but whose name was mentioned. Hesitant, she revealed she saw him once more when he was sent to rescue Palpatine, but did not know what happened to him as the Jedi Purge unfolded. The rebels soon learned that Kanan was being held on the Sovereign, the personal Star Destroyer of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, in orbit of Mustafar. By Renaldo Matadeen Mar 08, 2018. She had her victories, her failures, and her losses yet strove through them all, as she felt it was her duty as a Jedi to help restore peace and prosperity to the Republic. ‘The Clone Wars’ hero Ahsoka Tano appears in ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’ Here are the episodes. Lashing out with her lightsaber, she howled in agony as she finally accepted her master became Darth Vader. However, I do know what scenes you are talking about. Season 2, Episode 1 & 2 Ahsoka Tano makes her first appearance in Star Wars Rebels in the show's first season finale, "Fire Across the Galaxy," but it's little more than a cameo. Under the code name "Fulcrum," Ahsoka facilitated the flow of intelligence and communications between the rebel cells across the galaxy. Ahsoka and Kanan decided to pursue the Inquisitor, as Ezra tried to look for a way back up. Still tortured by guilt, Ahsoka offered Vader compassion, refusing to leave him behind again, only to be rebuffed. However, her appearance is very brief at the end of the episode. After his friend Fives died trying to convince him that there are control chip… Ahsoka and Kanan Jarrus capture the Eighth Brother. However, as Vader struck what would have been a killing blow, a portal suddenly appeared from behind Ahsoka and a figure grabbed her by the shoulder, pulling her into a mysterious dimension. Ahsoka also felt pity and compassion for the Sixth Brother despite slaying him in combat. There is a Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie. 6 Utah ties headed back to a Super Bowl with Kansas City Chiefs. Fortunately, this scheme was thwarted, and Ahsoka began her life as a Jedi. As a veteran of the Clone Wars, Ahsoka is an experienced leader, having once been a commander of the 501st, and led many clone troopers in battle. Unable to use the help of her former masters, Ahsoka was given the possession of her old lightsabers, and the command of an army of Clone Troopers led by Captain Rex. Of course, as a fan of Star Wars Rebels, I can’t help but wonder how the events of the film will tie into the animated show (if at all).Cameos are unlikely, especially since we don’t know how future seasons of Rebels will pan out, but it certainly couldn’t hurt to name-drop at least one of the Ghost crew members or include some sort of visual nod to the series. However, Vader had planted a tracking device on that shuttle which allowed him to track down the Rebel Fleet. Her original name was however used in the book. This thread is archived. Ahsoka possessed a strong connection to the Force even while she was a Padawan, able to wield Force powers such as Telekinesis, utilize the Force Jump, Force Push, and possessed a strong Force Sense (which led to her discovering her former master had become a Sith Lord). While inside the temple, she was haunted by a phantom of her master, who angrily scolded Ahsoka for leaving him to a fate worse than death. 11 months ago. As a result, Maul escaped once again, but Ahsoka and Rex were able to escape as well, after faking their own deaths. Tano recently appeared in the fifth episode of the second season of “The Mandalorian,” working with the Mandalorian to bring down the city of Calodan on the planet Corvus. In the Star Wars Rebels season 1 finale, the Inquisitor was destroyed and Fulcrum was revealed to be Ahsoka Tano. Here’s a breakdown, which comes courtesy of the Star Wars Rebels fandom page. So there does appear to be some concerted effort to align the TV series with the film. The Ghost crew returned to Lothal but stumbled into a trap set by Ahsoka's former master and friend, Darth Vader. She was confronted by the spirit of Anakin, who expressed anger at her departure, calling her selfish and accusing her of abandoning him. Johnston. 7 7. comments. Ahsoka asked then if she would die, but Bendu acted as if she was affirming it, and so replied that he did not know that before telling her goodbye. Start your day with the top stories you missed while you were sleeping. Before she could capture them, however, she was surrounded by Imperial reinforcements. Vader paused for a moment upon hearing this, but then coldly responded that she would die and reactivated his weapon. Ahsoka warning Ezra Bridger not to touch a pillar. Introduced as the Jedi Padawan of Anakin Skywalker, who later becomes Sith Lord Darth Vader, she is a protagonist of the 2008 animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the subsequent television series.Ahsoka reappears in Star Wars Rebels, where she uses the codename Fulcrum, and as a voiceover cameo in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Kanan however, reassured him that the mission's outcome had not been his fault.[16][17]. Ahsoka Tano is back! As the two fought, Maul taunting her for her self-imposed exile from the Jedi Order, Ahsoka lured Maul into a plaza where her comrades trapped him in a Ray Shield. That being said, there's a big chance that this is the episode where Ahsoka Tano and other Clone Wars characters might appear. She then plunged her lightsabers into the floor near her feet, destabilizing the floor beneath herself and Vader. She escapes in the end, heading off into parts unknown. After she was acquitted, the real attacker having been exposed, she was invited back into the Order. Maketh Tua, a defector of the Galactic Empire, asks the Rebellion for their help. However, when Ahsoka was framed for murder and treason, she was horrified when the Jedi Order coldly cast her out and all but condemned her to a Republic trial and came very close to being sentenced to death. BYU has a trio of representatives with the Chiefs, while Utah State, Utah and Layton High also have guys seeking another ring with Kansas City. They made their way to the temple, where they encountered the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother. As she fled, Ahsoka turned and saw Yoda on Dagobah, who waved at her. Ahsoka comes face to face with Darth Vader. The series’ final arc featured Ahsoka Tano leading the Siege of Mandalore, a battle between the Darth Maul’s Mandalorian army and the Republic. Blue eyes, orange skin, white facial markings, blue and white montrals and lekku, Caring, kind, calm, serious, intelligent, good-natured. The Utah Jazz have made no secret about their intent to take more 3-pointers this season and to have a faster paced offense with shots coming early and pushing the ball in transition. Additionally, "Fulcrum" used scrambled audio in transmissions to disguise her voice. Kanan revealed that they had communicated with Yoda in the Lothal Jedi Temple, and chose to return there in the Phantom. By Eric Goldman. Could this $27 device save people from COVID-19. As a teenager meeting her master for the first time, Tano was very snippy which earned her the nickname Snips from her master. ‘Mandalorian’ star Pedro Pascal said the new season will jump timelines. The novel explains what happened to Ahsoka after the end of the Clone Wars, and before she re-appeared as the mysterious Rebel operative "Fulcrum" in Star Wars Rebels. Ahsoka asked Maul what "game he was playing," to which he responded, "the end game". Star Wars Rebels season 2 premiered with a one-hour episode on 20 June which featured Darth Vader taking on the ghost crew. At the time of the series, she is in her early 30s. But it’s only partially why “Twilight of the Apprentice” is the best episode of Star Wars Rebels. Does anyone know in which episode of rebels Ahsoka appears in? They would later reunite during the events of Star Wars Rebels, whose finale confirmed that both Ahsoka and Rex managed to survive past the events of Return of the Jedi. The Holocron Heist Arc. The latest episode of The Mandalorian, fittingly titled The Jedi, finally granted the wish that fans have been calling for for years - the live-action debut of fan-favourite Ahsoka Tano. ‘The Clone Wars’ hero Ahsoka Tano appears in ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’ Here are the episodes By Herb Scribner @HerbScribner May 4, 2020, 7:00pm MDT After several minutes of intense swordplay, Vader blasted Ahsoka off of a ledge with the Force, and went to claim the temple's Sith holocron from Ezra. [15], Following the mission, Ezra blamed himself for the disaster, believing that Ahsoka had been killed by Vader. She managed to catch up to him at the summit of the temple as he used the Force to pull Ezra, Kanan, and the holocron to himself. Since first appearing on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano has become a fan favorite, and her very own series was announced during Disney Investor Day 2020. 0. Maul then said that the four had little time, as Vader himself was probably on his way to Malachor. Despite everything Barriss had done, Ahsoka still had some affection for her former friend, and later expressed her belief that while she was wrong about most things, she did have a point about the Jedi and the Republic, and that if had they truly listened to her, they might have been able to stop Darth Sidious before it was too late. The two then faked their deaths to escape the newly formed Empire. During their conversation, Bendu mentioned Ahsoka's upcoming confrontation with her former master. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. One of these cells was the crew of the Ghost, which operated on and around the Outer Rim world of Lothal. Anakin and Ahsoka headed into a battle on Cato Neimoidia in “Sabotage” (from Season Five of The Clone Wars), and even before Anakin found himself in trouble, the battle was intriguing because it showed how much their working relationship had developed.They knew what the other was doing with little communication or instruction; they were in sync. Perhaps the best clue at this stage is that Dave Filoni, who helped create Ahsoka and served as showrunner on both The Clone Wars and Rebels, has written The Mandalorian season 2, episode 5, and it's highly likely that's the episode he also directed this season. Before they landed on the planet, Chopper picked up a ship on the planet, but couldn't recognize what type it was. Rebels left Thrawn and Ezra's fate up in the air after the latter called a group of Purrgil (whale-like creatures that travel in space) to attack the former's Star Destroyer, the Chimaera, and used them to pull the ship into hyperspace with Ezra and Thrawn still on it. However, the portal about Kanan turned out to be a trick by Palpatine, who attempted to manipulate Ezra into letting the Emperor travel into the world. Ahsoka, however, managed to survive her fall and rushed to re-engage Vader. That is where you will find the "before" Star Wars the Clone Wars T.V. After accepting the fate of Kanan, the two decided to head out of the dimension. Maul was able to kill the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother with ease, while Kanan indirectly finished off the Eighth Brother. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ahsoka watching an hologram of Anakin Skywalker. However, because of the damage that had been done to his mask, his voice was no longer that of Vader, but a combination of Vader's mechanical baritone and Anakin's unfiltered voice. Episode 9 clears things up, although Dave Filoni raises more questions. She appears in “Star Wars: Rebels” at multiple points, becoming a main character in season 2 and playing a massive role in the finale. series. Share Share Tweet Email. With much difficulty, the Ghost crew escaped Lothal in a shuttle. She wished the Force to be with Ezra and headed down into a dark tunnel. Ahsoka Tano, the main character of a majority of Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, as well as a recurring character in Star Wars Rebels, may … The Inquisitors arrived, but the visions in the temple took the shape of the Jedi Temple Guard and distracted them, allowing Ahsoka and the Jedi to escape. In the final days of th… Before Maul could deliver the killing blow, however, Ahsoka intervened. Kanan told him to trace it as someone was clearly after the same thing the three were after as well. Once on the surface, they landed on a site with strange looking obelisks. You can’t keep a persistent Sith down. Ahsoka telling Kanan Jarrus to trust her "friend". Meanwhile, Kanan and his fellow rebels traced the second set of coordinates to a flat in Hammertown, a settlement on Takobo. Remarking on his skills, he asked her what happened to him. Unbeknownst to Kanan and Ezra, however, the duel between Ahsoka and Vader had had a very different outcome from the one in which they believed. On closer inspection, they realized the place was a battlefield with some figures turned into stone. Traveling to Garel, she related her discovery to Kanan. Ahsoka made her way to the top of the temple where she found Vader about to execute Ezra. To ensure the secrecy and security of Tano's identity, Hera Syndulla was the only member of the Ghost crew who made contact. Despite Vader's cruelty and relentlessness, Ahsoka bravely continued the fight. Nonetheless, Sabine felt untrusted and wanted to know why the rebel missions were becoming so dangerous, but Hera assured her that the less she knew, the safer she would be if captured by the Empire. Ahsoka and Ezra helped each other to evade the Emperor's attacks and were separated in the process, but promised to meet each other once again in the future. Ezra then followed Ahsoka back to Chopper Base where they prepared to take off to Malachor.[14]. Kanan recalled that he had not sensed a presence as evil as Vader since the Clone Wars. After the end of the war, Ahsoka would eventually join forces with Bail Organa and found the Rebel network, learning to act with great discretion, taking up the codename "Fulcrum" to contact various Rebel cells and assign them missions or targets of interest. The group slowly made their way to the top of the temple, but on their way, they met the Inquisitors again. One mission that Hera, along with Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren, went on was an attack on an Imperial convoy. And with Filoni previously hinting that there could be more exploration with the Star Wars: Rebels characters then we can be confident he has the influence to plant those seeds within season two. Star Wars Rebels will be set 14 years after the events of Revenge of the Sith and thus 5 years before the Battle of Yavin. [2], Sometime later, the rebels rescued Tseebo, a Rodian in the Imperial Information Office whose AJ^6 Cyborg Construct headpiece contained vital Imperial information, including a five-year plan for the entire Outer Rim. We've been hoping for this one for a while. However, before long, Ahsoka arrived and engaged the two Inquisitors in a lightsaber duel. Episodes: Storm Over Ryloth; Ahsoka’s first foray into a command position, this episode really stresses the unique teaching style and Master/Padawan relationship that exists between Anakin and Ahsoka. Comment. Later in the Clone Wars, Ahsoka was framed for a bombing on the Jedi Temple by fellow Jedi and friend, Barriss Offee. Star Wars Rebels Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The two fought briefly, but Ahsoka realized time was running short and left Maul with Kanan, who managed to throw Maul off the Temple.[15]. Warning: This interview contains spoilers about the series finale of Star Wars: Clone Wars “Victory and Death" on Disney+. After a lengthy battle against Maul's forces, she eventually ended up engaging the former Sith in a lightsaber duel. Episode 18 — “Shroud of Darkness” Episode 20 — “The Mystery of Chopper Base” Episodes 21 and 22 — “Twilight of the Apprentice” “Rebels” season 3: Episodes 1 and 2 — “Steps Into Shadow” (mention only) Episode 3 — “The Holocrons of Fate” (indirect mention) Episode 4 — “The Antilles Extraction” (mention only) Season 2 (mostly Ahsoka's appearances): The Siege of Lothal (Ahsoka's appearances are brief, but meaningful) The Lost Commanders (brief appearance only) The Future of the Force (Ahsoka is absolutely badass) The intelligence that Fulcrum provided was correct about the route and timing of the convoy, but underestimated the Imperial defenses. Ezra concluded that if he could save Ahsoka, he could also save his master. Here’s what we know so far, Florida is building a new road to Disney World, Former BYU animation students now with Pixar discuss the innovations behind Disney’s ‘Soul’, In new ‘Star Wars’ comic, Darth Vader is fighting a squid-like creature. The trio encountering the Eighth Brother. ‘The Mandalorian’ will jump timelines in Season 3, Pedro Pascal says. hide. Ahsoka is overwhelmed by the presence of Darth Vader. Smiling back, she turned and continued on her way back to the Phantom. Ahsoka — a character created for “Clone Wars” — was the apprentice of Anakin Skywalker before he became Darth Vader. Ahsoka and Kanan Jarrus working with Maul to fight the Inquisitors. Unfortunately, Ahsoka does not participate in the rest of the Ryloth story arc. [3] After fleeing Lothal, the Ghost rendezvoused with Ahsoka's Alderaan Cruiser. A listing from the Writers Guild of America revealed that Star Wars: The Clone Wars creator Dave Filoni has written the fifth episode of the sophomore season of The Mandalorian. Star Wars Rebels: Ahsoka Tano Still Set to Appear Again. Star Wars Rebels season 2 premiered with a one-hour episode on 20 June which featured Darth Vader taking on the ghost crew. Ahsoka Tano was discovered by the Jedi Order at the age of three by Jedi Master Plo Koon and taken to the Jedi Temple to be trained. Ahsoka speaks with Ezra Bridger about the Force before heading off on their mission to Malachor. Sixteen years after her departure, her strength and skill had grown to the point where she was able to outfight two elite Inquisitors single-handed, surviving unscathed. Ahsoka managed to escape Takobo with Kanan and his rebels, who fled aboard the Phantom. Back on the surface, Chopper had discovered the Inquisitor's TIE Advanced v1, while Ahsoka and Kanan pursued the Inquisitor. Ahsoka urged Hera to take her crew into hiding to avoid further jeopardizing their mission. While monitoring transmissions from Mustafar, Ahsoka discovered that the Empire's Inquisitors had a secondary mission which involved kidnapping Force-sensitive children. Archived. After some discussion, Ahsoka convinced Organa to let her run his intelligence networks. Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka will visit Malachor, and there, Ezra will encounter Darth Maul. During her years as a Padawan and a Commander, she progressed on and off the battlefield, her skills as a Jedi growing, along with herself as a person. Ironically, Ahsoka's departure from the Jedi Order led to her growth in the Force and in combat. After a lot of rumours and speculation the most recent episode of The Mandalorian finally confirmed what fans have long been hoping: The Clone Wars star Ahsoka … The two fought in many battles together, and later with his apprentice: Ahsoka Tano, whom Rex fought alongside until the Siege of Mandalore. Star Wars Rebels' season 2 trailer, which was revealed at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, teases a lot of the adventure that lays ahead for the Rebels' team. It's also plausible that Boba Fett's armor will appear before he does, since it's turned up in canon already without him wearing it - and may be in the possession of Cobb Vanth, a character Timothy Olyphant is expected to be playing in season 2. Kanan had noticed that the Inquisitor was surprised to meet the Jedi here, which could mean that the Inquisitor was searching for something on Malachor, further backing up his theory that the Inquisitor was after something other than the Jedi. When Ezra asked Ahsoka about the identity of the Sith Lord, Ahsoka feigned ignorance of his identity. The Inquisitor revealed that he was hunting "a shadow". Ahsoka reunites with Ezra Bridger after two years. During the Siege of Lothal, Ahsoka along with Hera, Kanan and the Phoenix Commander Jun Sato sanctioned a mission to rescue Minister Maketh Tua, who wanted to defect from the Empire. At the Inquisitor's TIE, Chopper managed to hijack the ship and use it against the Inquisitor, helping Ahsoka and Kanan capture him. When the rebels were safe and away from Mustafar, Ahsoka revealed her identity and told them that they were part of a wider rebel movement.[7]. After escaping Vader, Ahsoka questioned Kanan and Ezra about their earlier confrontation with Vader on Lothal. She quickly encountered an elderly woman named Darja, who revealed that the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother had abducted her grandchild, Alora. This distracted Ahsoka and Kanan, which allowed the Inquisitor to secretly call for backup. After a lot of rumours and speculation the most recent episode of The Mandalorian finally confirmed what fans have long been hoping: The Clone Wars star Ahsoka … She’s not the focus of the episode by any means, but her appearances bookend it nicely. The latest episode of The Mandalorian, fittingly titled The Jedi, finally granted the wish that fans have been calling for for years - the live-action debut of fan-favourite Ahsoka Tano. Kanan and Ezra raised the temple from the ground, discovering a new door below the one they had entered before. Lucasfilm. A new Deseret News/Hinckley Institute of Politics poll found 64% of Republicans in the state disapprove of Sen. Mitt Romney’s job performance, including half who strongly disapprove. Where does Ahsoka Tano go after Order 66? Ahsoka's intelligence was generally accurate, but sometimes only partially so. Shortly before establishing a Siege of Mandalore, Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi were called back to Coruscant to save Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, who had been abducted by General Grievous. [1], While Anakin and Obi-Wan set out to rescue Palpatine, Ahsoka, with Rex at her side, led the siege of Mandalore. She learned and served under him throughout the Clone Wars, forming a close bond with him. Ezra also found an old Crossguard Lightsaber. The crew set out to rescue him and succeeded, but were overwhelmed by Imperial forces. Ahsoka surviving the end of The Clone Wars leads to the obvious question of whether or not she should appear on the new show, Star Wars: Rebels. Ahsoka Tano was discovered by the Jedi Order at the age of three by Jedi Master Plo Koon and taken to the Jedi Temple to be trained.

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