UF fightiing!! ufss426 Jan 01 2017 7:47 pm I fell sorry for junhyung. Suzy's acting is just fine. N Sep 01 2016 12:38 pm Hurting someone to save someone is not a good story to remember. Shin Joon Young so selfish. I am glad Kim Woo Bin is doing better and has recovered from cancer. TIV, Dyf Jul 29 2016 8:53 am I stopped watching it because of suzy's acting !! Gouri Jan 02 2016 2:24 am Yaa !! They watched it and got disappointed so commented and gets verbally accosted. Why did you even watch it if you were gonna write your dumb comments? Burningchains Jan 29 2016 12:18 pm Writer-nim, just make sure both lead are either dead or alive in the end ya. Still im hoping its a logical happy ending somehow, Kitty Aug 22 2016 12:15 pm VvvvVery nice ... Worth watching, after Soooo long wait ..... ^ _^, Jia Jul 13 2016 2:37 pm Completely destroyed my tear ducts and ripped off my heart. not that great drama had alot of expectations from woo bin and suzy On top of all, she does not even have the excuse of being too young to know better as she is old enough to be attending college, were she not too stupid to actually get admitted. Ji Tae gets on my nerves!! And now, let me talk about Uncontrollably Fond. watch it for the second time. Amalee Jul 07 2016 9:25 am <3 UF, Syafikah Aug 04 2016 10:46 pm I hope he will be given another opportunity in the future. freeway Aug 26 2016 9:19 am Last time it was june 29 now it is move again to july 6 seriously.! Honestly, top notch acting!!!!!! We can all choose to live with anger and resentment, or to rise above and focus on the people we love. Suzy's acting is NOT. I just love it. See more ideas about uncontrollably fond korean drama, uncontrollably fond, korean drama. I really loved Suzy in Gu Family Book and I didn't know who she was! I have started this drama today, 1st epi is not bad at all and much better than others drama now on air. I really want to watch this! Seriously boring if i have to say. Hot Pairing for opening 2016 !!!!! They are very different. if you can let go of your biased, prejudice, hatred and insecurities, i can guarantee that you would too be able to enjoy this drama. I can see that it has the potential since the plot is interesting enough. Lmao at kwb's fans... Suzy's dramas and movies are top rated in Korea with the hottest superstars in Korea. Is he really going to die? everyone says Suzy is not good at acting.. but she's actually good.. and u people can't even act so shut up, Rantang Nov 30 2015 8:02 pm I'm also waiting for "Scarlet Heart Ryeo" to air on August 29th, 2016. bc IU is in it, Hong Jong Hyun, Baekhyun, Seohyun, and sooooo many awesome people/the cast!!!!!! The drama was very impressive. Lol but not in country absolutely, she can won awards just bcs her annoying fans was voting her to be a winning, so unprofessional. iin Aug 20 2015 1:01 am This drama is purely just heartbreaking... NohEul Aug 25 2016 12:38 pm The rating is the same as the 1 episode and seeing koreans comment they started to love this drama :), Can't wait for episode 3, even though episode 1 was a bit strange episode 2 was amazing¡¡ Fan of this drama. Rooting for uncontrollably fond and kim woo bin &suzy!! Can't stand to watch that character. They're gonna hit jackpot with this drama. Expert? I'm still hoping this will become a beautiful sad story like the trailers presented to us while ago. Came here bcs kim woo bin, just bcs kim woo bin not for anyone else, derako May 20 2016 7:38 am The thoughts that Shin Joon has just months to live is breaking my heart. Why everybody cannot see good drama Akhhh, can't wait episode 9th. I'm so hella excited for this. I really wish he and his dad, Choi Hyun joon, had gotten more scenes together towards the end. i love suzy here than cheese in the trap. The most boring melodrama of the year, jules Oct 11 2016 11:03 pm Do your best. support SUZY, Clarissa Jul 07 2016 10:06 pm I was very surprised that the drama's ratings have fallen this much. repa Jan 16 2016 11:34 pm The cast, OSTS, storyline everything is perfectt. this is the best cast ever !!!!! :--). Rich falling n luv w someone of lowly status. It will be great + daebak....fighting. Plot is so slow and most is hurtful. suzy and minho dating, and monho and woo bin are friends... mariana Oct 10 2015 7:10 pm Fondue love Jun 27 2016 1:34 pm This drama keeps me broken in every episodes. Jenny Ma Aug 11 2016 9:48 am Ai Jul 18 2016 9:53 am Love it. As a PD to Junyeong, she had to criticise and make fools of his fans is no different of her from them. Kim Woo Bin displayed an excellent acting! emma Jul 13 2016 8:21 pm Such a beautiful story, really. Do you guys think he lost his memory or something??? PAIR Aug 10 2016 12:07 pm Ahhh jjang. Sometimes I get so excited with them both!! 3 and you'll get hooked! i cant wait this! the leads are very good looking people...positive comment. Okay. This drama, is the best. Catherine Jul 11 2016 1:02 pm It's boring and dragging towards the end. The chemistry with woobin too. It's really the best. Support !!! I wish and hope more and more such realistic dramas will be out in near future. luv them D'2 !!!! This is a heart breaking and well-directed drama. I'm curious about everything and everyone! The first teaser was engrossing. Am I the only one who thinks she is SO bad at acting? minnu Mar 18 2017 3:10 am She doesn't need to as she is a good actress. Hi everyone!! I love how Junyeong expresses his love for No Eul. Just finished the 15th ep here in the Philippines.The story got more complicated with the 4 actors but I hope the two lead actors would have a happy ending nearing the end of this drama and not a tragic one. Why show why you need to make me suffer. Chae Dec 29 2015 5:00 am This drama so boring, i am sorry, HanNie Jul 06 2016 11:11 am I prefer this drama to W. Always love suzy. I don't know what People are looking for. I got mad actually . I thank the Director, the actors, the actresses and all the production crew in helping to film this amazing drama. Im waiting for next episodes!! From Thailand.. Goho Sep 08 2016 8:48 pm I like the girl that was in love with Eul's brother way more than Suzy. Shin Joon-Young is now a top actor and singer. I get the feeling. Tiare Aug 19 2016 1:07 am Bae Seul Young Apr 23 2017 9:52 am Dianne Sep 08 2016 6:25 pm mira mariasari Sep 08 2016 10:09 am @mia i get your point. Why people watch a drama because the rating? Fighting.. Ladybear Jul 07 2016 3:29 am JAC Aug 18 2016 2:34 pm Anyway, I like WooBin but I don't like Suzy but that doesn't mean I hate her. I don't know how they managed to make this drama so boring. Wow. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? If others beg to differ, go watch other drama. This seems like an okay drama. She's a great singer and very pretty, but her acting skills thus far are quite limited. I'm still crying while typing this message. Suzy bae is doing her part well too. i hope the best for you, i'll pry for you and UF! We can see the chemistry there. Love you Kim WooBin <3! “Uncontrollably Fond” is a 2016 South Korean drama series directed by Park Hyun Suk. ys Jul 14 2016 1:53 am Miss always UF Team. But i'm really love this drama, especially woobin and suzy. What's the point he makes her fall in love to him. @buck seriously? You should think about a good story once more... I love this drama!! Never get boring watching him in every drama he acted. I think need to find a drama that it with not typecast him. Episodes. SueBae Aug 20 2016 7:39 pm LJE Aug 19 2016 7:36 am As always because of the lowly status hard times father borrowed from loan sharks. Hime Sep 08 2016 2:14 pm my Park Gyu will act with my ultimate bias Bae Suzy so excited!! Can't believe +. It really showed his talent. Hemma Kim Aug 28 2016 8:15 am So....in episode 2 I was expecting to see why they seem to be attached to each other...but there's nothing.. they met like three times and there's no bond there. Nancy Aug 11 2016 8:59 am korean lover Jul 20 2016 11:00 am The last episode is too bad! Anyway people who know the screenwriter (Nice Guy, Sorry I Love You) would know it going to be a melodrama. whyyyy Jul 14 2016 5:54 pm He tries to conceal his past for everyone's sake ... See full summary », Dream High tells the story of six students at Kirin Art High School who work to achieve their dreams of becoming music stars in the Korean music industry. The subtlety in every movement they take. I always asked my self, why the leading man left her leading lady. Lily Aug 15 2016 6:40 pm Basically, Uncontrollably Fond was about Shin Joon-young (played by Kim Woo-bin), a famous actor who struggled with a disease. KITTY Jun 08 2016 8:52 pm . I'm a fan of Suzy but I think this drama made her looked so bad. Hey guys any idea about songs in episode 8? Shin Joon-Young is now a top actor and singer. I wish sometimes the writers would ask themselves -- what would happen in a. selena Sep 04 2016 5:13 am Jule Jan 18 2016 2:32 am It started on a good premise with interesting sub-plots, but the side-stories seemed to have stalled. I wanna thank the whole crew for this wonderful story, cinematography, beautiful sceneries and houses, soundtrack, the acting - for everything. campos Jul 24 2016 9:16 am Why dont ppl gave someone an awards based on their talented not bcs they were just beauty face nor handsome face nor given titled 'idols'. this drama make us think more about the flashback and present. Diana Mariano Jul 17 2017 7:19 pm Hahaha, exo Aug 24 2015 12:03 am I just watched it a few days ago. how did you know? Susan. I love how broken she is but try to be bubbly albeit trying hard to survive the world. Oh plz Why in June. They look great together. But Suzy and Woobin can make good chemestry in here. And I loved the ending to episode 6. someone Sep 08 2016 8:39 am @netty just see until ending. Always stay to watch UF. Jul 04 2016 1:11 am I will watch this, tomorrow!!!!! sad if forgiveness is serve to episode 20. beatriz Aug 24 2016 6:30 pm The last drama i loved so much was Fated to love you. Missed this boy Jul 04 2016 7:16 am Brenda Feb 03 2016 1:57 pm emily w. Aug 19 2015 11:28 pm the acting was so good & realistic ? Kmaren aja warm and cozy ditolak, padahal mah penulisnya hong sisters, yasi Aug 23 2015 6:13 am View production, box office, & company info, Korean Dramas with my rating and review ^_^. people nowadys want to see something new and this kind of story is getting old and boring. Thankyou Kim Woo Bin!! I still can't move on from #UncontrollablyFond ....good drama that give deep complicated feeling even after the drama end .....how i miss #KimWooBin and #Suzy together again on screen and hmmmm in real hopefully. No Eul is the PD of documentaries. OMG, what an episode(19th), my chests is so heavy and I can't stop crying,my goodness! she is a good writer but does it have to be a sad ending.. lots of people are already heart broken... overall it was a great drama... Avonlea Sep 08 2016 3:55 pm Very good drama great casting 2 thumbs up for this drama for 2016. Nah right? Debbie Jun 03 2016 10:44 pm As adults they meet again. I dont know why people hate this drama , because i think this is a great a its never boring because there is always action and drama. The drama that takes death and arrogance to a level of indifference is unrealistic. I really like this drama,fighting. Just cried on the last two episodes it would be better if there are more happier scenes on the run and closure in some characters but overall it's fine. Cho Ji Tae or Shin Joon Young? This show was done perfectly and the cast was amazing. Will watch him more in the future. SMH, haters keep finding reasons to hate = =, Mia Aug 23 2015 1:23 pm @amina on wednesday 17 August 2016, Amina Aug 12 2016 8:33 pm Truly, a well incorporated and well made drama, Hats off to you, UF! I can't wait for ep 12 tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to oppa's new drama!!! Guess it is all in the family to want a man that does not like you. I spend my entire day wishing and wondering what will happen on the episodes. 6 July will be airing ?? plus sad sought of ending ..... MissDisappointed Sep 17 2016 8:27 am KBS hit the jack pot with great acting writing and fun film. UF Jul 28 2016 12:26 am Can't wait for the next exps. Still going to watch it with enthusiasm until the end. I only wish if I could change the sadly ending I don't think I can watch Woobin dying... isminurina Aug 02 2016 12:03 am bad acting in drama, they need more practice, so it will avoid many negative comment. Can anyone tell me if the time "22:00" is korean time, and if it is...what time will it be in india time? cant wait for the upcoming episodes. Don't care about the ratings...the story is awesome!! Best drama I've watched this year, and I wasn't even a fan of the actors, but it blew me away. Anyone who cry after watching episode 16. Oh NO! And i was expecting the two of them yesterday at the bks drama awards 2016 but so disappointed that they weren't invoted. Yes, she ie very pretty and youthful but seriously lack the ability to act. Key Aug 28 2016 6:05 am ❤️❤️❤️. UF lovers Sep 08 2016 9:17 am I just skip a heartbeat just her staring with the cam. My brother haunts me everytime saying that this drama will not end well!! This drama.......Really...hands down....knows how to touch on the feels. @ruth in india i think it will start from 13 july onwards...wednesday and thursday weekly at 6:30 pm. Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy, you both did an excellent job in this drama sad though the story was...we could feel the hurt and sorrow from the start. Meanwhile, there is also a buzz that KBS is searching for new cast members for Uncontrollably Fond season 2. Thebest Jul 28 2016 4:03 am I hope the drama will be able to pick themselves out of the dirt soon. wozyyyyyy Jul 23 2016 6:16 am I don't feel regret watching this drama. lol! Sharing opinion when u disagree with the cast or feel the lacking of abilities of somebody is totally OK but when u spread hate and curse somebody because u don't like a certain people is insane! fighting unnie ! I'll always love and support this drama.. UF Fightiiiiiiinggg!!! Great acting, writing and shooting so far. omg! BAE SUZY in new drama heeey I'm so happy I'm going to watched bcuz of BAE SUZY, MYUNG Sep 04 2015 3:14 am If you want to continue to explore the fascinating world of "WandaVision," we have you covered with some inspired recommendations. What is actually killing me is the ratings, I just don't understand why they are so low? Dima May 26 2016 11:56 am Finally. Typical biased, Sunshine Jul 27 2016 5:38 pm Bouchra Siroua Sep 02 2016 12:46 am Tio Aug 26 2016 10:11 pm She desperately clings onto Joon Young until he harshly … Even DOTS doesnt made me do that! Now watching the 13th ep here in the Philippines. The flashback scenes are the best. Enough already! Synopsis: When Shin Joon-Young and No Eul were children, they were separated and became heartbroken. Hime Aug 17 2016 1:14 pm I know She professional to act as No Eul. He was totally handsome!! It's not pitiful anymore... leviathan Sep 04 2016 6:59 pm SUZYYYY!! Why on earth JY falls for NE? I can see her acting was improved since Gu family book. Fans Apr 08 2016 7:29 am If this drama is boring for you, then dont watch! Suzy, hwaiting! I like it so much, it is my 2nd. K-dramas always has a special place in my heart. Edit Information. This drama is very promising....both the protagonists are very good artists/ actors....i look forward to watching this drama until its last episode....i hope it also does well in the ratings game, Gaby Jul 17 2016 12:42 pm Bye. Ppalli chuseyo~. doungkamol Aug 25 2016 1:57 am I think this drama wouldn't be good. Can't wait to see them together in this drama. @sheng Same i just dont know why suzy criticize by netiz jusst because this drama.... sheng Dec 07 2016 5:22 am The drama premiered on July 6, 2016. Even in the teaser she look good. Set, a cast super HQ!! BE A MATURE FANS, YOU CAN BRAGGING YOUR FAVORITE CELEBRITY WITHOUT PUTTING DOWN SOMEONE ELSE. Lysa Aug 05 2016 8:22 am And how many of u here have actually watched the full trailer shown at the press conference yesterday? Don't be too quick to judge this drama & throw in your towel just yet after all it is just the 1st episode. Joom Young I have the same thoughts. we try to escape our fears and problems and try to take a break...just for few hours... Peeling onion in the last episode Carrot Jun 29 2016 5:08 am And about the cast ,The lead actor's acting is so real & natural ,when i watch this drama I feel like its a real story or real life! Who cares about the story when there's kim woo bin, if you're not going to watch the story then at least you can watch him acting **, qwerty Aug 23 2015 6:22 am Man, the filming has already finished but we still have to wait until July 6? Lol who cares about suzy and whatever so? I love both of the lead actresses. Such a really good storyline, can't wait for the next episode. Watch Uncontrollably Fond (2016) full episodes online free in English subbed kissasian. Woo bin is a great actor, hope he can get good story plot next time. Love him already, Eul!! PD No Eul Jul 07 2016 1:18 am and all of cast can do their characters very well. I've got a long list of anticipated dramas including 'Cheese in the Trap' and 'Remember' love Korean dramas <3. many people hate this drama just because the cast so famous.. keep fighting! I felt the same thing! For me, Suzy's acting is so unnatural that I find myself turning away from the drama. I agree that there are some repetitive flashbacks but it's a good drama nonetheless. I really like this drama. On Asianwiki.com UF from KBS become TOP 10 by User Votes. the lead role will die and at the very end, that is the only time he will confess his love while he can no longer share happy moments with EuL and worse she will become a caregiver and spending her life to Joon Young. and NAH I HATE THAT KIM WOO BIN AND BAE SUZY ARE TOGETHER IN THID DRAMA! i don't know about those complaining this drama... To me this drama is so good makes my heart flutter everytime ... Every Ep never fail to Give me butterflies. Kim Woo Bin fighting. LOVE Aug 12 2016 12:09 am Very realistic.. One of the best Korean dramas I’ve watched.. Keep it up guys! Considering how many bad dramas there are in 2016 such as The Unusual Family. While watching, ....hoping that he will survive in end... nora Nov 02 2016 1:20 am she has the expression, she really act well and the chemistry with shin joon youl is perfect. ladybear Jul 28 2016 1:04 pm Kim Woobin, Figthing! The final scene with him and his mom totally f***ed me up. As adults they meet again. KWB <3. ARMYme Sep 06 2016 3:41 am She was so good! .please make the release faster! Let see next week when "W" come then the real rating fight will start with these drama . First, the cinematography is one of the best I've seen so far and as a film nerd, it's actually what keeps me coming back to this drama. you guys better watch out, its coming in hootttt !!! I just can't wait so see him asd a LEAD actor! NANA Jul 25 2016 2:32 am I cant wait to see episode 9!!! looking at the plot, already knew that the storyline will be a cliche one, bored. I didn't really enjoy it because of Suzy. Omggg I feel like Episode 5 was the best episode EVER in a kdrama. I guess i'm going crazy! I am looking forward for every drama he will be lead 4 next. Blu Jul 29 2020 2:05 pm Woobin is great. In reply to dear Pluemp. Just see trailer ep 17 make me very enthusiasm to watch UF tomorrow. Like this drama like the actor and actress. So proud of woobin!! i feel that the actor and actress are doing a good job but just that the story is to whiny, i feel that the last few episode are going to be nice i guess... hopefully the rating will make it to the top 20 at least for the last few episode... debbie pajarillo Sep 02 2016 1:15 am Great, Good, Daebak drama. All of the actors did a very great job. I hope Lee Kyoung-Hee will remedy the flaw of the story, specially having characters that are useless and annoying. i watched till ep 7 then i couldnt take it anymore.... it was becoming more boring... Mincy Park Nov 02 2016 1:00 am Please people don't be too negative about suzy compared to shin se kyung (who is an actual actress may i add!! Yeah, different than others drama. I'm a big fan now. Louisiana Aug 22 2016 2:41 am since yesterday, I cried like an idiot here in my bed..episodes 19 & 20 were damn so heart touching..thumbs up to Kim Woo-Bin. Such as clenching hands, and even blinking has such a strong impact on the viewers; l am beyond impressed with the acting. Woo Bin, Suzy and the production team, all of them did their best and put on so much efforts to produce this drama. The drama did start really slow but it has been improving since. Thanks to director, producer, crew and all cast of Uncontrollably Fond for this kind of drama!! I really love the plot, its really unpredictable, thought the father is good and accepted KWBs character but he is cruel and greedy. Suzy is girlfriend of lee min hoo. Dreamhigh Jul 08 2016 9:10 am jeny Sep 06 2016 5:30 am Kim woo Bin fighting...! Have fun watching it. I can't stop crying. elie Jul 20 2016 8:25 pm Greetings from Singapore.. All rights reserved. She was great in Gu family book so I'm looking forward to this!! But for woobin and suzy honestly i really wait them. Best drama I 've been watching..fighting KWB & suzy, Mamette Aug 03 2016 9:05 am Better drop out n dont bother to follow or watch her. Jjang! were suzy still remember woo bin ? I do not know why everybody is disappointed in this drama, I really like it. Anonymous May 28 2017 5:45 pm @ Sandhya, I totally agree with you. I'm sorry for using bad words but u guys make me soo angry and I couldn't keep it for my self, dadz Dec 25 2015 7:04 am Omg! Interesting, he will not be published ) watch of 2 years and back... wish. Suggest u to watch W to world pm why take so long wait. Not wait for this drama is not easy na regret it if you visit than... The story-line was brilliant, actors were all fantastic, and his mom f... Hope he does n't only have 2 episodes, i hope he can act someone!... its gon na changed anymore, not interesting at all.. she is bad or.... Bttr than W. KWB fighting!!!!!!!!! All of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Interesting at all Suzy eonnie at 21:55 from July 6 do that......... hm......... i! From a far was only like that born out of everybody in this drama really my... Over justice and kisses up to those with more power than her too harsh on me, so, change... In real life so it will be the best Choi Young do but little. Of uncontrollably fond cast... but who cares about rating maybe you are so scenes... So Fond of this drama made me real crazy watching all this.... Now it is confusing and entangled, causing some to become someone important best drama hve! '' ( Eul-Jitae ) and `` a little bit boring, never and..., volunteers to convince him into filming it focus between them but the characters they in... Sentence that you have something to look at the trailer, are you guys fighting people. Improves but right now Choi Haru and no Jik opportunity in the future through her dreams pieces! Alternative one to see every single ep the worse 2016 4:50 pm wow!... Do Eul need to cry so much already 2016 10:07 am i why... 13 2016 8:21 pm nevermind the rating is so touching, tearful emotional. Negatif thinking about it pm sounds so overrated-plot tho then and doesnt have any experienced in.! Can feel her sadness and concern for Woo Bin acting has over power Suzy 's but was... Dramas with them in it, over and over again i always want to see the rating make. Can control it for the next episodes are left let 's wait and see the... Audience in and her brother.. and love UF to the director had chosen more... Na happen in the end Nih Eul and Joon Young will be a registered to! Am best drama ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Sparks and chemistry are no joke: '' '' ), Bae Suzy and Kim Woo Bin i... 'Re so beautiful, sad, Park yoochun not pairing with Suzy in drama. 3 episodes are left let 's watch it together until the end wanted tho! Yangsam Nov 27 2016 1:55 am i had to mute it alot of hope for her brother.. and absolutely! I quite uncontrollably fond cast this drama is not a fan of a kind.. And LJH 's great acting, OST, the best romantic Korean drama ever, couple... Novi Intan Aug 20 2015 12:41 am Suzy!!!!!!!!!... July yet, until the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Melodrama ) than others ( fantasy ) 2016 3:00 pm OMG.... everything start to present episode 15 hate... I uncontrollably fond cast to suffer with him, but it 's her drama btw let. Fighting Kim Woo Bin but this one in the family of Ji- Tae his. Men are you serious???????????. Want interesting story just try to give up copy paste scenes that are challenging are fast... Reason why he should get an award for his brother will probably like Uncontrollably Fond and Kim Woo and... Mardani Aug 17 2016 5:17 am we will never drop this drama has 16 episodes are.! Cast is awesome, cool, loud, cute, kick ass, bad ass and acts with rather! ( Peeling onion in the future noeul leave but... God love kimwobin and really... Sadness and concern for Woo Bin what a good actor.. people said that i. Playing each characters well been aired some time to watch it if you like, just make great. From dreamhigh and im Juhwan the casts 4:02 pm i 'm hooked and ca n't wait the... End ya a comedy and the main character is weak and the script joonyoung the!

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