Natural Minimalist Shoes Review. #4 Nyah , May 6, 2011 It looks nice enough for a day around town, yet is burly enough to log a lot of miles running on- and off-road. I've been wearing Softstar Runamoc Moccasins as my primary shoes for about five years now. The company made shoes with a soft structure for kids, to allow for more natural foot development and growth. When he's not chasing his three kids around, you'll find him trying to understand systems, risk, and human behavior. Soft Star Shoes Review. The Rogue features an 8mm version of our Vibram Geo sole. Even utilizing leather in many of their styles (Note: they have Vegan options), Soft Stars are usually very lightweight. At Softstar you can find classic shoe styles that will appeal to a mainstream audience, as well as some of the absolute widest and most foot-friendly shoes out there. Xero Shoes sent me a pair of their new Denver boot to test and review. 3. I took a different approach to reviewing the SoftStar RunAmoc Dash 5mm Trail shoe. By J Washburn August 16, 2016 1 Comment. You're advertising your "review" of the SoftStar Dash, when you don't have any first-hand experience with the shoe. This is a review page for SoftStar Shoes Summary Handmade shoes made in Oregon state, from untanned leather with options for both vibram and leather soles. © 2021 Softstar Shoes. or extremist views. You may request specific colors, but we reserve the right to change them. Here is why. So she writes: “They’re a really soft and comfortable minimalist shoe. We promise we'll try to match your color requests when possible. The SoftStar DASH RunAmoc is an excellent minimalist running and casual shoe that takes home a Top Pick Award for its brilliant simplicity. The shoes that she wore are the Laguna Sandal Tidals ($30 from Soft Star Shoes) As you might imagine, the quality of these shoes is simply great. Wearing a pair of Soft Stars is … First take a spin around the Softstar Primal Runamoc through these photos: Here's what Softstar has to say about the Primal RunAmoc: With our groundbreaking Primal shoe, we’re busting boundaries and embracing the natural physiology of the human foot like never before. The handcrafted boot Voyager 5-Button Boot available in brown colour and Hawthorne Chukka are most appropriate for autumn days. No, I didn’t pay for mine, (thank you Soft Star), but I’ll be buying some for my kids. From the streets to the trails, work meetings to the Leadville 100, these super soft, ridiculously flexible minimal shoes let you move lightly, strongly, and responsively through your daily journeys, no matter where they may … It’s a slip-on, Vibram-soled, leather-upper and sheepskin insoled shoe that’s as crazy comfortable as it is healthy for your feet and your posture. And I would have agreed with her, as even if my inner-gear fetishist is always happy to have more running stuff I do ascribe… The thin, zero drop sole, soft uppers, and extra wide toe box ensure ease of toe splay and allow you to lift your toes easily as well. — but the shoes (and slippers) they make are fantastically comfortable. “Finally, a shoe you can slip on, lace-up…and forget about! More posts in the next few weeks including a very exciting book giveaway next week from an amazing woman (hint: she brings a lot of joy to living with less). We only offer our handmade shoes for reviews, not the third-party products we also sell such as Padraig Slippers, Tabor Desert Moccasins or Correct Toes. We don't want this to come as a surprise. High quality leather and workmanship in a simple, natural stance running shoes made of all natural materials. I use them for everything, going to town, visiting friends, hiking, backpacking, trail running, approach shoes while climbing, canoe trips, etc. There’s no toe rubbage, they’re extremely lightweight, and the leather is soft. Soft Star Moc3 RunAmoc Review. Your leather is soft your soles are flat and my foot is relaxed!!! Disclaimer: I was sent this pair of shoes to review, but the opinions expressed here are my own. What I found—and…, SoftStar Shoes expands upon their PRIMAL line with a new Chukka Lifestyle Shoe. Are you interested in reviewing a pair of Softstar shoes for your blog or Youtube channel? All Rights Reserved. Softstar Shoes kindly sent me a pair of shoes for an honest review, and had no input in said review. This fall they are playing to their serious foot fans with a new addition to their primal line – The Primal Merry Jane. I have purchased over 8 pair of 'minimalist' shoes in the past 3 years...none of them felt like walking barefoot to me......until now. Full-grain aged leather for a “rustic look”. The upper interior is lined with our unique Breathe-O-Prene, a medical-grade material that is similar to neoprene but with improved ventilation and breathability. I’ve been in the book writing trenches for a few months and – hurrah! If we find a blog we like, we will often send a free pair of shoes in exchange for a review. All of our shoes are designed to be minimalist and allow feet to move as close to barefoot as possible (no arch support, no cushioned heel, etc.). If I like a shoe, I write about it. Specialties: Soft Star Shoes handcrafts minimalist shoes for babies, children, adults and runners. Styles of shoes range from moccasins to boots to Mary Janes, sandals, shoes appropriate for work, and running shoes. Brand: Soft Star Name: DASH RunAmoc Color Options: Standard black/silver or design your own & the choices are endless! Read on after the jump! Glad I found them. These are my own honest opinions. As you may know with most Sock Doc shoe reviews – I really don’t have a whole lot to say. This review is for my new Dash RunAmoc’s, this is the fourth pair of SoftStar Shoes I have. A paragraph telling us why you think your blog is a good match for a review of our shoes. ", "My entire experience with Softstar has been nothing short of an amazing experience from beginning to end. ", "I've never had shoes that have fit as well as these or received as many compliments… I wish I had found them sooner! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We don't want this to come as a surprise. Bedrock Sandals has released a new line of adventure sandals with a brand-new strap system aimed for tackling rugged terrain and protecting your feet from any obstacle you may encounter. Shoe style you are interested in reviewing. I’m thrilled that Softstar have made this a reality, and jumped at the chance to try a pair. Justin Owings is a deadlifting dad based in Atlanta where he works for MURAL in marketing. Steve Ankney August 29, 2013 General, ... There’s also something magical about the materials they use, and the overall experience you have when running in Soft Star’s shoes. A: The Runamoc Dash. The shoes are neutral from heel to toe, allowing prop… Switched from minimalist to 100-percent-BF in Sept 2009. All of our shoes are designed to be minimalist and allow feet to move as close to barefoot as possible (no arch support, no cushioned heel, etc.). With the option of a narrow width and slightly thicker sole, these shoes … Simple, it's baked into the design: 1. Why are Soft Stars so (generally) comfortable? Soft Star Shoes is a family business focused on making quality handcrafted minimalist shoes and accessories. Our shoes are designed to allow natural foot function and are handmade in our Corvallis workshop using natural US-sourced leather.… Carets returns with a new Wingtip based on the FER with a classy and intricate design, brogue details, and some smart upgrades from last year’s FER! My son has been in Softstars since he was born and at 15 months old now he is running around all the time, and these are the only shoes he will wear. ", "There are no other shoes like Softstar - strong, comfortable, pretty - the best choice of minimal shoes one can get. Many of the shoes have sheepskin liners on the insoles. Click through to read my review of the Soft Star…. When I imagine what walking on clouds would feel like, I think of walking on a soft, supple, and texture. Gear Review: Soft-star Runamoc Moccasins 2017-09-20. Thank you for making our lives easier and wonderful!". If not, your bare feet have been missing out! Note: if you arrived at this page looking to leave a review for a product we sell then you must do that within our individual product pages. Soft Star Hawthorne Chukka Boots Review — $190. 2 reviews for Softstar, 5.0 stars: “I have never had any problems when ordering any merchandise from Softstar. It also has an aesthetic that can be paired with a lot of different styles, a pretty important consideration. I believe in wearing barefoot / minimalist footwear in all situations, especially when running. There a also vegan leather options. The shoes have sizable toe boxes! Will continue to use them in the future.”, “It has very eye-catching contrast stitching and specific weak points feature crisscrossing patterns for extra durability.” In expanding their lineup, they achieved their best leisure design to date! Read on for the full review! Soft Star Shoes is a perennial favorite of — not only are they family-owned outfit that manufacturers by hand all their products in their workshop in Corvallis, Oregon (read about it!) Softstar shoes are handmade shoes from Oregon, USA. If I don’t then you just won’t see it on this site. Soft Star Shoes recently released a new casual “barefoot shoe” for men called the Rogue. Just go buy a pair of Soft Star RunAmoc – you’ll be happy you did. Learn more. Got wide feet? The rugged look is on trend and the toe box will satisfy even the pickiest of barefoot shoe wearers. The footbed is made with genuine sheepskin innersoles to keep feet warm and dry. Softstar describe the new Primal Merry Jane as ‘equal parts comfortable, classy, and delightfully foot-friendly’. First impressions. Weight— 7.6 oz (mens size 9… Excellent Durable shoe. [email protected](541) 753-5845Customer service is available9am–4pm (PT), Monday–Friday. The soft leather is comfortable with or without socks, and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment in them. Read on for my full review! . They have three barefoot options available for you. For this Soft Star Shoes review, I have been wearing the Adult Solstice Sandal in Turquoise. Have you ever owned a pair of sheepskin-lined shoes? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Learn more about our shipping options or return policy. We expect honest feedback from bloggers who want to review our shoes, not a paid endorsement. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We tried getting him some other shoes and he just tries to get them off when we put them on him. Join thousands of happy customers who have learned how good Softstars feel on their feet! The shoes are neutral from heel to toe, allowing proper biomechanics and posture. Return any brand new shoe for any reason for a full refund, even if you customize with your own special colors! Carets sent over a pair of these FALCON Wingtips to review. I almost got the Youth Vegan Rambler – Cocoa / Red for my son but I couldn’t resist the Youth Merry Jane Casual – Shiny Violet / Dark Purple for my daughter. Our Oregon showroomis closed to the publicdue to COVID-19. Click through to see my thoughts on the Bedrock Cairn Adventure Sandal! "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Thank you Soft Star Shoes for providing me with a product to review, free of charge, and for sponsoring this giveaway. We expect honest feedback from bloggers who want to review our shoes, not a paid endorsement. Will not buy any other feet no longer hurt at all. In short, it’s a barefoot shoe for everyday wear that’s worth some serious consideration. This lightweight sole is very pliable to allow barefoot-style movement and groundfeel with improved durability and traction. With the widest toebox of any leisure boot, the Sawyer aims to be the most splay-happy casual shoe for urban adventures. Softstar’s handmade minimal shoes feature premium leather, wide toe boxes, flexible materials, and zero-drop soles for the ultimate in natural foot health. This minimal footwear design is the perfect marriage of modern innovation with a pre-shoe-era mindset when our feet could wildly roam the Earth, unencumbered. Softstar will not pay a blogger to review our products. ... Tim and Jeanie Oliver founded Soft Star 30 years ago. If you asked partner a few months ago, I had more than enough running shoes: the Altra Instincts, the Inov8 155s, Vibram Bikalas, and my Invisible Shoes. Soft Star Ballerine Flat Shoe Review Soft Star continues to supply Sock Doc and Family with some awesome footwear and this time they sent my wife a pair of their Soft Star Ballerine Flats. ", "This shoe is exactly what you would hope it to be. They are not as well suited to rougher terrain, however, as the wider toe box can make for less precise foot placement and so… The toebox on these is the widest I’ve tried to date, and a great shape too. This fashionable women's minimalist sandal is made from natural leather with a flexible Vibram synthetic rubber outsole. We often have many unique custom shoes in our workshop and we prefer to send free review shoes we already have in stock instead of making a new pair. Xero Shoes entered 2020 with a slew of brand-new models for every day, casual wear. Soft Star Shoes Mary Jane Review: First I had to pick one kids shoe for the review and that is hard work when you have two kids and tons of cute shoes to choose from. Weight: 5.6 oz to 8.7 oz depending on type of sole & shoe size Drop: 0 mm ball to heel Other: Choice of 5 mm-thick trail sole or 2 mm-thick street sole (both Vibram); leather vamp (animal-free options also available); handmade in Oregon using 100% made-in … Before you submit a request for a review, please take the following points into consideration: If you feel your blog readers would enjoy our shoes, then feel free to send a review request via email to [email protected] and include the following information: 2. Typically children’s shoes aren’t made with the highest quality materials because kids outgrow and beat up shoes so fast that the cost/benefit ratio just isn’t there for neither manufacturers making the shoes nor parents buying the shoes. Breathe-O-Prene keeps the shoe fitting snugly around your foot for a secure and cozy fit. No problem! We will not approve reviews for websites that contain adult content (pornographic, encouraging violence, etc.) – just sent back my final review of the galleys to my editor. Every Softstar shoe is designed and handcrafted at our workshop in Philomath, Oregon. Founded in 1985 as a boutique shoe company, selling to catalogs and local fairs, they’ve maintained their core values through the years; making quality footwear from ethically sourced materials. A quick initial review of the SoftStar Shoes Hawthorne Chukkas. I'm currently wearing my 4'th or 5'th pair (I lost count). Review: Softstar Primal RunAmoc barefoot shoes for adults and kids If you find that even the widest barefoot shoes just aren’t quite roomy enough, try Softstar Primal RunAmocs. We frequently seek out bloggers to post honest reviews of our shoes and help spread the word about our workshop. Softstar will not pay a blogger to review our products. The SoftStar PRIMAL RunAmocis an excellent casual, walking, and light urban running shoe for the barefoot enthusiast.

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