Significant mentions of brush aside:. Another word for brush aside/brush off. He said the trial was full of irregularities as the appellant was not given legal representation. 2. Aside definition: If you move something aside , you move it to one side of you. Brush definition is - brushwood. 27 sentence examples: 1. How to use brush in a sentence. 3. He looked human, aside from … He brushed away my views on politi brush aside something/someone definition: to refuse to give importance to an opinion or request, or to someone who expresses one: . Daria Litvinova. Aside-from sentence examples. Associated Press. Nuraddeen Sagir, the state chief judge, who presided over the case, delivered judgement on Thursday. 3. (open, save, copy) The Kremlin on Tuesday brushed aside calls from the West to release opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was arrested upon his return to Russia from Germany following treatment for poisoning with a nerve agent. She brushed away her tears. 3. The Kano State High Court (Appeal Division) has set aside the death sentence passed on Kano singer, Aminu Yahaya Sharif, for blasphemy. Noun (1) Middle English brusch, from an Anglo-French form akin to Old French broce brushwood, Medieval Latin brusca. 3. 2. Moscow called his case “an absolutely internal matter.” Navalny blames his poisoning on President Vladimir Putin's government, which has … Noun (2) Middle English brusshe, from an Anglo-French form akin to Middle French broisse. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Noun (3) 4. You make no deals with anyone aside from our private deals. 5. The Japanese for brush aside is 押し退ける. It stands atop knobby tyres and its tall, brutish fenders could brush aside boulders. Kremlin brushes aside Western calls to release Navalny. The room was empty aside from the table. ... Officials are seeking to send Navalny to prison to serve the 3 1/2-year suspended sentence. They brushed away every difficulty and pushed on fiercely. Learn more. Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API Blog Privacy Copyright © 2021 Datamuse Find more Japanese words at! He brushed away the tears with his sleeve. History and Etymology for brush. Find more ways to say brush aside/brush off, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the … 2. Brushing away her tears, she promised to return. He wasn't certain how to prove to them he was their leader, aside from doing his job. 4.

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