3. Puppy, Vol. Seeing how freaked out Kat gets by a huge stray dog, Coop adopts it as his pet and bodyguard, but the dog is a lot more responsibility then he thought, especially after Coop's plan backfires, as Kat retrains it to destroy the house. Dire Education: Millie takes Kat … Kid vs. Kat - Season 1 Ending Credits/Outro.Note: All rights for Season 1 and Season 2 episodes and shorts go to Rob Boutilier. Kat's memory eraser leads to Coop forgetting Kat is an evil alien, but Dad accidentally gets Coop's lost memories and suddenly knows the terrible truth. Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. 10. Episodes Related Details. Coop's life turns upside down when his sister adopts a stray cat, Kat. Coop must find a way to prove to the world the cat's evil nature and save the world. But it's Kat who takes the pain./Grass: Coop tries to make some money gardening for Old Lady Munson, but it's jungle warfare when Kat and Coop battle in the tall grass. More purchase options. Kid Vs. Kat season 1 episode guide on TV.com. Search and De-toy: Coop's new helicopter is confiscated by Old Lady Munson, prompting Dad to flash back to his childhood run-ins with her. When Kat soups up the Swap Shop's UFO float for the town parade, Coop thinks he's plotting an attack. 1. Next / Coop's and Dennis' fathers encourage them to revive a neighborhood tradition, the 'round the block golf challenge. Rate. Kid vs. Kat, Season 1 2009 Viewers Also Bought See All. And their claws are out for Coop!/The Allergy: Coop tricks Dad into thinking he's allergic to Kat in the hopes he'll send Kat away. It's time for the annual Bootsville Days festival celebrating the town's founding. Now, he's making … The series was created and co-directed by Rob Boutilier, developed and produced at Studio B Productions, in association with YTV and Jetix Europe for its first season and Disney XD Europe for its second season. Coop battles Kat on the most dangerous sledding hill in town. Nip/Duck: A trip to the vet yields x-rays that prove Kat is no ordinary feline. | Full season and episodes - free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and TV television shows The only issue is that it only happens when no one is around to see it. But Coop has to do to some serious pruning to do when the plants grow a mind of heir own! Rate. 10 2016 T.U.F.F. 5. Finale Date Kat turns out to be a big help in putting together Coop's new Mechanizor Warrior model robot until Coop realizes Kat has programmed it to destroy Coop, but Kat will also be destroyed. Flu the Coop: Coop is stuck at home with the cold and flu, leaving him at the mercy of Kat until he discovers Kat's extreme alien reaction to cold germs. The following is a list of episodes for the YTVanimated series, Kid vs. Katthat … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kid vs. Kat. Can Coop retrieve both their precious toys and right a decades old wrong? This creature of insane malevolence is hell-bent on destroying Burt'sson. Feedback. / After Kat's latest tantrum almost destroys the house, Dad starts his own extreme renovation. IMDb 6.0 2009 TV-Y7. Dial B-Coop and Millie must put up with Old Lady Munson as an emergency babysitter. Season 1; Season 2; Be the first to review this item IMDb ... Buy Season 1 HD £14.49. Season 1. Get Help. A trip to the museum reveals surprising things about Kat's ancestors. Crouching: Dennis shares his uncle's martial arts wisdom (learned from movies) to help Coop defend himself from Kat. / When Old Lady Munson shows an unusual interest in Coop and Dennis' favorite show, they become equally obsessed with finding out why she likes it. Class Act: Coop uses magic equipment from the House of Swap to put on a how and disappears Kat for good. Smart, observant, and all-around-nice-kid Coop Burtonburger, has a pretty decent set up at home, until his little sister, Millie Burtonburger, brings home a box of pure evil from space - a tiny hairless Kat. Fort: Coop and Dennis build the world's greatest Fort complete with anti-Kat defenses. 6.2 (23) 0. Rate. Hypno Kat: Coop hypnotizes with an ugly cat toy. Add to Watchlist. But a different side of Coop takes over when Kat re-edits the tape. Coop is in a real Battle of the Bugs. Kid vs. Kat Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. But in order to get to the test he must survive Kat's deadly obstacle course./I'm Okay: A self-help tape transforms Coop's attitude and makes him practically impossible for Kat to annoy. 0. Watch all 26 Kid Vs. Kat episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. / Dad comes to school to shadow the kids on Parents' Day. Kat discovers the wilds are a little too wild for him when he manages to annoy and enrage every single creature in the woods. Family: Coop must stay on his toes to protect the family from Kat when they're accidentally locked inside the Swap Shop/Campers: A simple camping is turned upside for Coop and Dennis when their Dads get competitive. These are my episode ideas for Season 3 of the series. Kids' Ages: Fiona (11) Coop (11) #2 and Millie (10) 301 - Katopia / A Bumblebee or Something Coop and the gang crash land onto a dreamworld-like planet, and awaken a terrible beast in the volcano/Kat plots to hack into all of the Earth's electronics. Share. Life goes from mild to wild when a 10-year-old’s bratty sister brings home a stray cat who is really a mean little space alien in disguise! 4 2014 Yin Yang Yo!, Season 2 … Slammer: When the kids on the street are caught by the police causing mayhem, they all have very different ideas about what happened/Vanishes: A cat burglar stalks the neighborhood and Coop is on his tail, er... trail. The complete guide by MSN. / When a contest for pets is announced in Bootsville, Coop subscribes Kat because the winner wins a trip around the world. View All Photos (3) Tv Season Info. And Kat is more than happy to help prove it!/Trick or Threat: Halloween takes a turn for the weird when Coop and Dennis must fight off a potential invasion of Kats! Coop "borrows" one of Kat's weird machines for a school science project with electrifying results.