The first opening is "Stairway Generation" by Base Ball Bear and is replaced by "Light Infection" by Prague in episode 177. Seita doesn't eat lunch with classmates because he is embarrass by a feast in lunch box that Hinowa made every day. The final battle begins. Everyone is in the depths of despair. Tama is cleaning up the Snack Shop, when Otose joins her and notices that she looks like a Polygon figure. With his teacher taking care of him, Gintoki proceeds to fight Jiraia to show that he does not deserve to be teacher due to how he made Tsukuyo suffer. Episode 147. Mutsu and Gintoki go on the offensive to rescue Sakamoto. "Morning Answer") by Pengin, while in episode 164 it replaced with "Wow I Nee" (ウォーアイニー, Wō Ai Nī, lit. They end up changing their respective groups for the better, or worse? The episodes are available on Crunchyroll within hours of airing in Japan to paying members. "The Other Side Of The Other Side Of The Other Side Would Be The Other Side". Gintama has a total of 367 episodes. Then the three Yorozuya try removing it with a razor and accidentally cut off the Shogun's mage. Meanwhile Gintoki manages to survive the attack thanks to Zenzo, and he learns about Jiraia’s past. Stupid Me!!". Seita learns history from Tsukuyo. Now the two teams are entering the second contest of the final round, a Glamour Showdown. Gintama was an anime series that ran from 2006 to 2018. The episode begins with a short sequence about Kamui transferring into Yato High School and is told from Abuto's point of view. Then, he sees a Ninja license that Zenzou has, he wants to get it. Watch and download Gintama Season 4 English Dubbed and Subbed in HD on Anime Network! Lately the weather forecasts Ketsuno Ana is predicting are always wrong. The episodes from the fourth season of the Japanese anime television series Gintama are directed by Yoichi Fujita and animated by Sunrise. Kyubei sets off a chain of events where everyone swaps genders. A chance to return to normal is derailed when part of Gintoki's soul possesses a dead cat, turning it into a superhuman freak. Living in an alternate … In the end he successfully manages to get Otsu to go with him to a love hotel. Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura return as the fun … Before Jiraia dies, Tsukuyo holds him up showing that she can carry her burden. Tomodachi ga Kegashitara sugu ni Byōin e. Mikan wa Ikko Kusaru to Itsu no Ma ni ka Danbōru-jū no Mikan o Kusaraseru, Gaikokujin kara Mitara Kocchi mo Gaikokujin, Uchūjin kara Mitara Kocchi mo Uchūjin, Matsutake no Osuimonotte Are Honmono Yori Umai yo ne, Nameraka na Porigon wa Hito no Kokoro mo Nameraka ni Suru, Mitame de wa Naku Nakami to Ittemo Gendo ga Aru, Umi ni Mukatte Bakayarō toka Iu Hito tte Mada Iru no Darō ka, Hito wa Tojikomerareru to Jibun no Naka no Tobira ga Hiraku, Kumo no ito wa ichido karamaru to nakanaka torenai, Kokyou to oppai wa tooku ni arite omou mono. When Yamazaki finally notices that Taka-chin is injured, Gintoki takes him to a hospital and Shinpachi runs ahead of him. Meanwhile Kagura takes on Kamui. The Joi Elite Four come together once again at last, with explosive results. Shinpachi's attack drains Hijikata's life points slowly, when suddenly the otaku Toshi takes control of Hijikata's body and attacks with a card called Dizon, which both Toshi's and Shinpachi's life points drop to zero. Tama believes that the Leukocyte King is unable to attack her due to her appearance, Gintoki then sends a flying kick into her face, Which shocks Kagura, Shinpachi and the Leukocyte King.