Motivating Mondays
Time Saving Tuesdays
One Pot Wednesdays
Thrifty Thursdays
Five Ingredient Fridays
Dinner Party Saturdays
Family Supper Sundays

Dinner Tonight

Each day of the week presents its own sets of challenges, and the right recipe is one that works at the right time. I know what a busy life feels like, and I know you do too! Sometimes cooking can feel like the last thing you’ve got time for, however a delicious home-cooked meal is always worth the effort! Whether you’re working late, having friends over, or saving your pennies for the weekend, Dinner Tonight has the formula for tasty, fresh, and fuss-free dinners from Monday through Sunday. 

Motivating Mondays: Healthy meals that start the week off right. I’m a huge believer in the idea that when you start the week off right, you’re more likely to end it better as well.

Time-Saving Tuesdays: Quick and easy recipes for simple meals. After all, this is the day when our week seems to kick into high gear.

One-Pot Wednesdays: Flavourful dishes with minimal cleanup. It’s hump day so I vote for no mess, no fuss and more time for putting my feet up!

Thrifty Thursdays: Tasty meals on a budget. Ahh I can almost taste the weekend! Be thrifty today so you can really indulge over the weekend.
Five-Ingredient Fridays: Fun, fast recipes to kick off the weekend. Whether friends are stopping over for a bite or you’re settling in for movie night with the kids, Friday dinners should be a breeze to whip up.
Dinner Party Saturdays: Extraordinary dishes to share with friends and family. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or catching up around the table with your favourite people, Saturday night is made for entertaining
Family Supper Sundays: Comforting, slow-simmering food for relaxing around the table. It’s all about family today and a slow-cooked homemade meal brings everybody running to the table. 
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