5. Lining of a canal can be done only after incurring heavy expenditure. Un-irrigated wastelands can be developed by canal irrigation, which would increase the quantity of biomass in the area. To control seepage lining of the canal is necessary. ADVERTISEMENTS: Advantages of Canal Irrigation: 1. Design of Canal Section- Canal section is designed for the discharge as worked out in column ‘Cumulative Discharge’ of cut-off statement. We’ll go over the symptoms and causes of this … The first British canal to follow a totally new route (the first British canal was the Sankey Brooke Navigation, but this followed a river) was the Bridgewater canal from collieries in Worsley to … Economics of Canal Lining: Though lining has advantages to its credit a lined canal costs 2 to 2.5 times as much as an unlined canal. 0 answers 208 views. Same section may be adopted for a group of adjacent … Economic development can be expedited by avoiding dangerous droughts. The lining of another 20km strip is in the pipeline at a total cost of Rs14bn. Related questions 0 votes. Necessity of Canal Lining: Maximum velocity limited to prevent erosion Seepage of water into the ground Possibility of vegetation growth in banks, leading to increased friction Possibility of … Urethral prolapse, also called urethrocele, happens when the urethra pushes into the vaginal canal or sticks out of the urethral opening. To prevent water-logging Leakage water from sides of canal inundates low lying areas along the canal. Care should be taken that the filter does not get clogged during lining… To control seepage losses Seepage loss is maximum loss in unlined canals. The drains should be placed symmetrically with reference to the centre line of canal. answered Sep 15, 2015 by fawad . To balance seepage losses, capacity of the reservoir has to be increased. 2. lining of canals. CANAL LINING OBJECTIVES OF CANAL LININGS. of canal, at least one drain for every 10 m width should be provided. asked Aug 18, 2015 in Hydraulic Structures by mfby2k . What is the necessity of canal lining? 2. 208 views. 0 votes . Dependence on rainfall can be minimized through canal … 1 Answer. Discharge & Relative importance of canal in network . Hence, it is very essential to make sure before lining the canal that the cost incurred on lining … canal; asked Aug 5, 2015 in Hydraulic Structures by mfby2k . 1. To prevent percolation. canal… The lining of an irrigation canal has the advantages (i) Reduction in seepage losses from canals reaching water table and raising it resulting in waterlogging and reduction in yield, (ii) Reduced … ... then alignment will be along straight line, which ... • Canal alignment shall be such that it should distribute the water in most .