Frame Accessories. and I forgot to add I used 6061 aluminum pipe and fittings from ebay 6 bucks a pop. They have not returned my multiple calls or answered any e-mail. The Gunnison series has all the same components used for custom Down River frames, but without the customized production time associated with our made-to-order frames. … Canoes let you go places a raft won't go and vice versa. Down River Equipment is best known for fabricating quality frames that are 100% made in Colorado. Because we customize every order to you specifically, we like to take your order the old fashioned ways – over the phone or in person. Firearms. Related Pages. First, is teach somebody else to row.That will get you off the hook until they get tired of it. You can measure your cooler and or dry box to determine where the cross bars need to be located. I'm am going to replicate this project but I have a question. Hard to lose oar if oar stirrup is used. Compare x. NRS Frame Adjustable Cooler Mounts. Compare x. NRS Frame U-Shaped Thigh Bar. I can't even cancell the order (if they received it) to replace it with NRS fittings. These pictures show a NRS foot bar being used with this frame. on Introduction, 7 years ago Calculate the center-to-center measurement by taking the width (outer dimension) of your raft and subtracting the diameter of one tube. Reply HK VP9 - Frame Parts. We recommend the paper prints are placed under glass for their protection. You now have your fittings and pipe and you are ready to get started. Select options; DRE Box (up to 16″x38″x13″ deep) $ 572.95. Search: (0) You have no items in your shopping cart. STARTING AT $26.95 View Details. They are easy, if noisy. Third, is to row with those 3-bladed oars, put out by Evinrude, Mercury, Suzuki and Honda. Molding Black Plastic Lower Bumper CRV Parts Direct 2 U SKU # 1318. 5 years ago The completed weight is only a few pounds more than a comparable aluminum frame on the market. Frames: $600 to $2,800. All DRE whitewater frames are constructed with swaged joints and Speed-Rail fittings for the best combination of strength, adjustability, and breakdown for any sort of travel. I believe I'll stick with NRS after this. Compare x. NRS Utility Mount for the ClampIT. You will have two rails ($8.75 each) which rest on the lateral tubes of your raft. In stock on January 24, 2021. *Shown with additional options such as a stripping basket, cooler, drop bags, oars and oar locks. An ideal day frame designed for rafts up to 13′. Feathering blade is not possible. 2020 4CRS Holiday Sale Starts November 9th, Demo SUP, Rec Kayak, Raft & Gear Sale – Sept 23rd, Demo Whitewater Kayak & Inflatable Kayak Sale – Sept 2nd. Sell now - Have one to sell? Home; Makers; Products; News; About; Contact; Down River Equipment Down River Gunnison 2-Bay Raft Frame LD Raft Frames at Down River Equipment - Down River Equipment Down River Gunnison 2-Bay Raft Frame LD Raft Frames at Down River Equipment. Also my Lowes has has more selection in terms of length. $84.95. Filter — Brands. Now you need to decide what type of oar mount sytem you want to go with. If you want your frame really solid so it can't be taken apart go to Lowe's and buy Plumbing Contact Adhesive Sealant which is a clear substance (looks like shoe goe). You can go with an oar lock or a pin and clip system. $17.99. on Introduction. Down River Frames: Custom raft and fishing frames, Gunnison Frames, DRE stitched goods, dry boxes, poly decks, seats, straps, pumps. NRS ClampIT Drink Holder NRS. Free shipping . Filter — Brands. Full Carbon UD Matt Matte 29er Mountain Bike MTB 29" Wheel BSA Frame 19" Rear axle 142mm x 12. Place this material around the outside edge of the T-clamp. AIRE Zipper Pulls; Buckles; Ethafoam; Foot Braces; Hypalon; Pressure Gauges; PVC; Tapes; Thwart; Repair Kits. Designed to accommodate up to 3 people, the San Juan can easily be broken down for transport or storage. Buy It Now. Image not available. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. I usually at this point crab the cooler or dry box and adjust the bars based on the actual fit of the cross bar. Gunnison Light Duty Frames are the lighter weight versions of our Extra Duty frames. LD model frames use 1.25" ID aluminum and will accommodate up to 13' boats. (Shown with optional oar locks) Oversized shipping charges apply. Home Depot's 16 gauge in our market is what we are recommending because the pipe doesn't compress down when the hex nut on the QuickFit clamp is tightened down. The Gunnison Series Raft Frames from Down River Equipment are pre-made to fit a variety of different boats and uses. $44.95. New (Other) C $16.52. This option allows you to add fishing accessories, foot bars, and seat bars. X. on Step 6. $195 . The oar base and lock are not included. Find out … on Introduction, [NOT MAD CAPS] LIKE THE WHOLE IDEA. on Introduction. With a little hammering, these will fit flush inside the 1 5/8 pipe that you're using for frames, making a smooth join. Made by the Down River Equipment Co., Wheat Ridge, (888) 467-2144, Directed by Peter Godfrey. We are a seasonal business with the bulk of our business from April through August. Image not available. $84.95. Cons: Oars can be difficult to pull in when approaching obstacles. The top picture shows the pipe from Lowe's and the bottom pipe is from Home Depot. same diameter tube. We recommend cutting your cross bars the same length as NRS's frame options so if you want to add a foot or seat bar it's easy to … We forward row everything unless it’s small volume and super technical. Sell now - Have one to sell? See more of FRAME TALKS on Facebook. $17.99. Shop NRS for Fishing, Fishing Boats, Raft Fishing Frames & Parts. X. $26.95. 5 years ago. Shop Kitchen Shop Now. RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $249 PAIR THIS WITH ROCKY MOUNTAIN RAFT 14' CAT TUBES IN STOCK. Raft Frame Parts. Forgot account? The Down River Oar tower w/ bushing fits all 5/8in oar locks or pins. Tired of breaking rods, losing them to the river, and the constant struggle of where to store them? I'm in my 8th decade, been playing in the water all my life, and other than occasionally showing off, I haven't really learned this. Make sure you leave just enough room to get a strap between the cooler/dry box and the cross bar. 11937 W. I-70 Frontage Rd N. Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 Call Us: 303-467-9489 Toll Free: 1-888-467-2144 Fax: 303-940-8812 Fall/Winter Hours: M … It is compatible with parts from other frame manufacturers who use 1.25in aluminum pipe. Even bigger is that Lowes sells these 1.25" fittings now. Ron's Down River Report on Mountain Buzz; American Whitewater National River Database; Permit and River Information pages by Down River Equipment; CATEGORIES. Railroad Rail Lantern / Sign Stand Split With Axe. Living In a Van Down By The River Poster No Frame. I have a local shop that I can get it from although its more expensive I would like to save weight. Riverboat Works specializes in custom raft frames, rafting accesories, new & used rafts, catarafts and duckies. or Best Offer. $249.95–$259.95. I wanted my side rails to be longer than the 8 feet max pipe length available in Home Depot. $14.95. The Down River Fishing Rod Holder is your answer! Oar towers, seats, crossbars, oar locks, umbrella mounts and more. 8 months ago. The nice part about these frames is they are interchangeable with Northwest River Supplies ( aluminum frames and NRS's patented LoPro fittings (shown in picture). For flat length, measure longwise along the relatively flat surface of a tube or pontoon; this measurement will indicate how long your frame can be. Says Svoboda; "The frames are the backbone of Down River's business and what draws people in the door." We categorize and price our frames less by boat size, but more by number of bays and features. The following items are needed for a complete raft frame: galvanized steel pipe, QuickFit clamps, oar mounts, oar locks, and oar lock springs. The pipe we use is 1.25” (1 5/8” O.D.) Key, Hood Southco E3-5-15 CRV Parts Direct 2U SKU # 1158. There are two key frame measurements: center-to-center and flat length. Slide how many fittings you plan on using onto each rail. $149.95. Home / Gear / Boat Parts & Accessories / Frames / Down River Chama LD 2-Bay Raft Frame. Lay the rail on a flat surface and estimate where you'll want your fittings and then tighten the hex screw. If you want to add comfort add the NRS seat bar ($95) and seat. HeliPal is the largest rc helicopter online store. $159.95. Boat currently being used to guide the Gunnison River until September. We recommend cutting your cross bars the same length as NRS's frame options so if you want to add a foot or seat bar it's easy to interchange. In stock. Steel Core Body Armor. Maybe you can get 1 5/8 pipe in longer lengths at a specialty store, but I found another solution: In the fencing aisle, they sell a sleeve that is meant to join two smaller top rails for fences. Boats ; Frames; Rigging; … Down River Gunnison LD frames. Our other helpful feature is our toll-free customer service hotline. 00. Home » Shop » HK VP - HK VP9 - HK VP9SK - HK VP40 » HK VP9, VP9 Tactical, VP9 OR » HK VP9 - Frame Parts » Page 2. In the first episode of Down River Frames, find out how Matt was given his first camera and how that led to photography becoming his career. on Vimeo Join Thanks! or. Frame Parts 87; Frame Accessories 32; Oar Locks & Stands 26; Seats 14; Filter by price. Down River Equipment is best known for fabricating quality frames that are 100% made in Colorado. The Down River Oar Tower w/ bushing is cast out of Aluminum and has a 12 degree angle in the head. From United States. Read More Shop Now. I just made myself a frame. I would be grateful for any input some people might have. suzuki. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Do you want a place for a cooler, dry box, drop bag, etc? One is small and durable and easier to stack mutiple frames on top of each other for traveling ($66). eBay Money Back Guarantee. 23 talking about this. Will the rower sit on the cooler or seat? Find 27 listings related to Downriver Collision Repair in Wyandotte on Introducing the strongest, sleekest and most efficient rod holder on the market. Picture Information. Designed to accommodate up to 3 people, the San Juan can easily be broken down for transport or storage. If you know the Part Numbers for the John Deere Gator/Utility Vehicles parts you seek, you can look it up in our Part Search Box. But every drowning is so simple, looking back. Compare x. NRS Raft Stern Frame Anchor System. You can save a lot of money and build a comparable frame with as many options as you desire! That's called forward rowing, or pushing... of course you can, but once you try pulling the oars you will see a huge difference in the amount of power you can apply. This information may be used for marketing purposes by Trek Bicycle, its subsidiaries, its affiliate Trek Travel LLC, and your local dealers. Only DRE frames utilize the cargo area in your cat or raft most efficiently - DRE seats are hinged and fold forward to access a cooler or drop bag underneath - DRE kick bars are designed to support your feet and a dry box or drop bag. Motorcycle Body & Frame Parts. ALL YOUR FAVORITE RIVER GEAR IN STOCK!