Years of working closely with Leia Organa Solo forged a close friendship as well. The group explained that they were traders from Corellia, who were delivering a cargo of luxury clothing when they were pursued into the Unknown Regions by pirates, and thanked Mitth'raw'nuruodo for rescuing them. Working with Cygnus Spaceworks, Thrawn began secretly developing the Missile Boat as a countermeasure to the TIE Defender. At the time, Ackbar and Wedge Antilles were conducting war games near Nal Hutta as a show of force while Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo investigated rumors of the development of a Hutt superweapon. Thrawn launched the Vanguard's TIE bombers to assist the battle against Zaarin's forces but, when the Emperor was safely aboard the Mescue, the Glory fled to hyperspace with the Vanguard in pursuit. [35], Along with the focus on augmenting the Empire's personnel, Thrawn ordered the construction of new weapons and ships. While Leia was working to persuade Ackbar to reclaim his post as Supreme Commander, rogue Imperial Admiral Daala attacked Mon Calamari with her Imperial Star Destroyers. As the New Republic fleet began to gain a foothold in the Colonies region, the main objective of the New Republic finally seemed within reach. An explosive charge within the armor soon ensured that the Imperials would not notice the missing trooper. When news of Ackbar's return was broadcast to the entire Defense Force with the simple message "ACKBAR IS BACK", the elation that many members of the military felt was so great that actual celebrations broke out on various New Republic fleet units. Thanks largely to the efforts of the Rogues, Borleias was eventually taken. Aboard Outbound Flight, Thrawn was met by C'baoth and his former Padawan Lorana Jinzler. Admiral Ackbar was created for Richard Marquand's 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi as a leading member of the Rebel Alliance,[7] but made his first appearance in Archie Goodwin's comic strip Revenge of the Jedi, published in the Los Angeles Times Syndicate from November 1982 to January 1983. Since the ships were unfamiliar to the Chiss, he also took Car'das in the hopes that the Human could identify them. Unwilling to trust the assignment to anybody else, Thrawn decided to infiltrate Thyne's fortress in person, disguised in the Mandalorian armor of the bounty hunter Jodo Kast. [5], Though the practice of military officers becoming merit adoptives in the Ruling Families, and taking on the colors of their adoptive family, was common, they usually ceased belonging to the family upon leaving the military. One of the realities of being the Supreme Commander of the New Republic military was regular interaction with politicians. Chiss Ascendancy[5]Eighth Ruling Family[5]Picket Force Two[5]Galactic Empire[1]Imperial Navy[1]Imperial Intelligence[3]Order of the Canted Circle[6]Empire of the Hand[7]Task Force Admonitor[8]Household Phalanx[7]Thrawn's Confederation[2]Thrawn's Fleet[9] He had devised a plan to use the Trade Federation forces against the Vagaari and to deal with Outbound Flight at the same time, but would only implement it if Stratis told him the full story of their mission. Ignoring the ruined fighter, Thrawn again removed the pilot's comlink, replacing it with the one from the first crash to make the pilot look untouched, before again ransacking the pilot's survival pack. Despite the growing stresses placed on Ackbar as the Supreme Commander of the New Republic military, he continued to lead major engagements personally. [9], Thrawn's target would be Zekka Thyne, the vigo in charge of Black Sun's operation on Corellia. [36], The main subdivision of the Alliance Fleet for both raids and fleet maneuvers under Ackbar's reorganization became the battle line, a group of two or more cruisers with a subordinate close support line of escorts and a picket line of starfighters. [51], Thrawn in his private command room aboard the Chimaera, Following the auction, both Banai and the Rebels fled into the surrounding desert. Knowing that the Imperials would notice the missing comlink, Thrawn filled the suit with grass and fermented pyussh berries. The Judicator's raid went as planned and the Empire relieved Calrissian of fifty-one mole miners from Nomad City. After making his way back to the Admonitor, six hours later than intended but having completed his objectives, Thrawn was visited by Darth Vader. During the Imperial occupation of the planet Bespin, the Zann Consortium raided the planet and stole large quantities of tibanna gas. [12] Despite outnumbering the invaders, the battle had been extremely costly for the Chiss, and Ar'alani had come to investigate whether the Trade Federation forces belonged to the same group. [7] Not coincidentally, the destruction of Outbound Flight had killed eighteen of the Jedi Order's most prominent Knights and Masters, furthering the Sith Lord's plans for the extermination of the Order. Thrawn suspected that, despite his claims, Creysis was not the true Ebruchi leader as no genuine commander would have agreed to visit an unknown and potentially hostile ship. With their orders to examine Thrawn's encampment still standing, the Imperials had loaded the structure into their ship for further study and the nearly empty power generator casing made an ideal hiding place for Thrawn on the journey to the Strikefast. Still, Ackbar did have a family, which included two nieces: future Jedi Master Cilghal and Jesmin Ackbar, a fighter pilot. [9], With typically precise timing, Thrawn brought the Imperial fleet into the system moments after the TIE fighters and mole miners launched from the freighter. Believing this information could change the tide of the war in the Rebellion's favor, Ackbar eagerly contacted Admiral Garm Bel Iblis, who sent an aide of his named Jeremes Kelton to pick up the data. He and his brother, Mitth'ras'safis, were born as commoners but, after joining the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force, Mitth'raw'nuruodo was taken as a merit adoptive in the Eighth Ruling Family of Chiss society. When Ackbar was alerted to intentions of the Sacorrian Triad and the full extent of the First Corellian Insurrection in 18 ABY, he immediately began assembling a fleet of warships to challenge the Triad, stop the Starbuster Plot, and restore order to the Corellian system. Knowing that he was defeated, the Aristocra departed. Species To confirm his story, he contacted Darth Sidious by hologram, explaining the situation and introducing Thrawn to the Sith Lord. These trees were part of a sophisticated spying device left over from Palpatine's time that relied on the unique pressure-sensitive properties of ch'hala trees to collect sound, and Thrawn would go on to use it to gain valuable intelligence from the New Republic in his coming campaigns. [5], Thrawn later returned to the Vagaari ship, taking the Humans with him. [77] In 2010, Sideshow Collectibles released a 12" figure of Thrawn in his white uniform with his insignia but no epaulettes, a blaster pistol, a ysalamir, and interchangeable grip-hands/fists. Though Sh'shak admitted the weapon was his, and that he had been practicing with it in the garden around the time of the murder, he denied killing Lieutenant Wolver. Thrawn also relied on Imperial Intelligence or later on, Delta Source. 1 Description 2 Cast 3 Crew 4 Characters 4.1 DLC Characters 5 Levels 5.1 DLC Levels 6 Achievements/Trophies 7 Vehicles 8 Notes 9 Gallery 9.1 Promotional Images 9.2 Screenshots 10 Videos 11 References David Acord - Chopper Bernet - JB Blanc - David Boat - Cherise Boothe - John Boyega - … [5], Leaving the Keeper to guard the Darkvenge, Thrawn took the Springhawk back to Crustai to meet the returning Admiral Ar'alani. [11] Those who were unable to accept Thrawn's leadership were quickly dismissed—when Delak Krennel disobeyed Thrawn to carry out a ruthless strike on an enemy, Thrawn had Krennel sent back to the Core Worlds to be punished by Palpatine. C'baoth insisted on being taken to Jomark to wait for Skywalker, to which Thrawn agreed. Thrawn also made it clear to Ferrier that the cost of another failure would be severe. Consolidating its holdings, the New Republic expanded through diplomacy, buying time as new warships like the MC80B Star Cruiser came off the lines at Mon Calamari and found their way into the fleet. During the stressful times surrounding the Black Fleet Crisis, Ackbar served as a close friend and father figure to Leia; the relationship was so close that Ackbar was one of a handful of people who had a private key to the Solo residence in the Imperial Palace. Thrawn took control of the Empire as its leadership fragmented. Ackbar ordered a barrage of concentrated fire on the experimental Imperial warship EX-F. Igniting its volatile antimatter reservoir, the subsequent explosion vaporized six nearby Star Destroyers. However, the deadly Krytos virus was also killing numerous nonhumans on Coruscant, placing additional pressure on the court to convict Celchu in order to prove that the New Republic was not biased towards Humans. At the same time, Leia realized that Ackbar's niece, Cilghal, was Force-sensitive and a natural healer. His forces established check points and TIE fighter patrols in an effort to retrieve the painting and take the Rebels into custody. Esva's fleet vastly outnumbered Thrawn's task force and the senior captain needed at least six more Star Destroyers to combat the Firekilns Esva used as the capital ships of his navy. Then Ackbar, the Jedi, and the remainder of their troops made way to caves on the sea floor. While the Whirlwind stayed at a safe distance, using its gravity well projector to keep the enemy from escaping, Thrawn sent a single starfighter to probe the enemy lines, observing the control signals sent to the enemy starfighters as they responded. Thrawn told Car'das to steal the shuttle holding the battle droids and to contact the Vagaari to offer them a deal—the battle droids and Thrawn's location, in exchange for their freedom and some treasure to take back to the Republic. [29], Thrawn's plan was for a task force led by the Interdictor Whirlwind to move against Zaarin's forces after they engaged the convoy and prevent the renegade's escape. Thrawn had Rukh promptly execute the responsible crewman, Cris Pieterson, for his inability to adapt to the situation and unwillingness to admit his error, then had his ensign, Colclazure, find him a replacement officer. When Esva called his remaining backup to Poln system, Thrawn also brought out his reinforcements: Darth Vader and Death Squadron, which was spearheaded by nothing less than the Super Star Destroyer Executor. Buckeye proceeded to the Pakuuni system and quickly destroyed the pirate base. [14], Gial Ackbar alongside Jedi Generals Kit Fisto and Anakin Skywalker. A grand memorial service was held on both the newly reclaimed Coruscant and his homeworld, attended by countless Mon Calamari and numerous dignitaries from across the Galactic Alliance. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. He also warned Thrawn to be aware of the Jedi's ability to use the Force against him, though he informed the commander that a high loss of life would dull their senses. Still determined to deal with Karrde, Thrawn offered a bounty of 20,000 credits for the smuggler. The Chimaera arrived at Honoghr shortly before Khabarakh, the only surviving member of the failed Kashyyyk mission. The Republic began to search for the clones' origin but the Empire planted clues to lead them to Poderis. Though Thrawn was beginning to grow suspicious of Hoole and the children, and planned to take them back to the Vengeance for a background check afterwards, he did agree to examine the area where Sh'shak had been practicing. With C'baoth dead, his grip on Thrawn was released. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, The Essential Guide to Warfare–class. [33], Until a permanent base could be established, Ackbar secretly joined Mon Mothma and Leia Organa on Dantooine to reestablish a temporary presence in the formerly abandoned Rebel base. He returned in 8 ABY to take control of the remaining Imperial forces and crush the New Republic, the successor state to the Alliance. During the five day journey he had the Chimaera's engineers develop portable frames to support and nourish the harvested ysalamiri. However, Fey'lya inserted a controversial piece of his own into the plan. He was soon given a report of a Vagaari attack in progress and needed to distract Ar'alani while he investigated. The room itself contained everything the clone would need to survive upon emerging, while it used the provided consoles to catch up on galactic events. Homeworld [32] Thrawn's forces also operated to a lesser degree in Wild Space but were overstretched and, despite his best efforts, the area remained largely untamed, with outlying worlds often left to defend themselves against those who still defied the Empire. In it, O'Pali agreed with all of Thrawn's career, the moves he made and the motives he possessed. The droids reacted to the incoming missiles, shooting them down only to be disabled by the shock nets. This allowed enough time for the corvettes to land, become camouflaged, and undergo secret repairs. The Emperor wanted retribution against Zaarin and commanded Thrawn to track him down and destroy his forces. The investigation soon brought Thrawn into conflict with Vroon, the garden's caretaker, who was concerned about the damage being caused to the garden as the Imperials conducted their search. [5], The Empire frequently used Nebulon-B escort frigates to defend its supply convoys–a tactic that threatened to cripple the Alliance by degrading its ability to raid Imperial ships for supplies–and Ackbar decided that the Alliance's options were to dispatch its few capital ships or to design a new starfighter for the specific purpose of combat with Nebulon-B's. The two developed a close friendship, both enjoying each other's company when time permitted. [30], Skywalker's involvement in Karrde's rescue made it seem likely that Karrde would now supply the location of the Katana fleet to the New Republic. Thrawn, however, had allowed for this. [11], Haverel voiced his concerns to Niriz and suggested that they relieve Thrawn of command. After the Pellaeon–Gavrisom Treaty, Ackbar retired to a quiet life of writing his memoirs and advising. Parck realized that the intruder was responsible for the events on the planet and, together with Barris, went to confront the alien. Thrawn was aware that Palpatine had left a guardian to watch over the storehouse and, working under the assumption that the guardian would be a Dark Jedi, intended to use the ysalamiri to provide protection. Ackbar made use of his refined version of the Kenobi Offensive, which further aided the Alliance to victory. Thrawn's plan worked and Skywalker's X-wing was caught in the Interdictor's gravity well. He also arranged for sensor-stealthed shuttles to monitor the proceedings. [5], Around this time, Thrawn approached Car'das to assist in his plan. Help us, Truitt, Brian (September 8, 2011). Thrawn had a large holographic collection of art, although he also possessed a few real artifacts, including Killik Twilight, a set of Mandalorian armor which he wore on his mission to Corellia, and, according to rumor, General Grievous's mask. The situation was now clear. An example was when Thrawn attempted to make a super commando as a next generation of a soldier. After barricading the door and windows, they began their search but were unable to find anything that might help. However, Zaarin again discovered Thrawn's plan and sent a strike force to attack the Whirlwind. Furthermore, the unsuccessful Nami attack did leave the Red Claw damaged and stranded in the system pending hyperdrive repairs and, in a subsequent attack, Zaarin was able to capture the scientist. The Imperials currently on the planet did not have their faces obscured, so Thrawn needed to draw out more heavily armored troops. To this end, he had 22 midsize asteroids taken to Bilbringi and fitted with cloaking devices. During the Battle of Endor, later revealed to be a trap for him and the Alliance, he led Alliance naval forces against the Death Star II. [12], Thrawn appeared in the ambiguously canon article "'Statue' quo à Sluis Van" in the French roleplaying magazine Casus Belli 89 which describes Thrawn's brief visit to Sluis Van before his official return from the Unknown Regions. Still, the majority of the Core remained in Imperial hands until the main fleets of the New Republic had a secure line of supply along the Perlemian. As a result, Thrawn had had a transponder hidden in the sculpture presented to Creysis. [22], Sometime before the Battle of Yavin, Thrawn would spearhead a major campaign against the Kaleesh species. [27], A breakthrough in the case came the next day with the discovery of a vibropike hidden in the bushes. It was not to be, however, as Parck had suspected that somebody may have infiltrated the Imperial transport and had kept the hangar under surveillance. However, with the cloning operation firmly under way, the Empire still required ships and Thrawn authorized Pellaeon to contact fifteen underworld groups for assistance in acquiring them, offering a bounty of twenty percent above market value for any armed ships over 100 thousand tons. However his age and condition were still factors he had to deal with. With a second attack wave approaching the base, Thrawn still needed to buy time for his forces, so he transferred to the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Maru Ki and moved to To-phalion Base to personally lead the counterattack. Finding the base abandoned, the Imperials suspected an imminent Rebel attack and, sure enough, Rebel forces soon arrived. Gender Only Moff Vilim Disra actively opposed peace, forming a triumvirate with a con artist called Flim and the clone of Major Grodin Tierce in a bid to prevent it. He would die of old age in 29 ABY and be remembered as a great military leader. [51], Armed with the identities of the Rebels, Thrawn's forces resumed their search and eventually tracked them to a Sand People encampment where Banai was being held captive by the nomadic natives. After activating the communications array, Ackbar's operative was ambushed by an Imperial captain named Halron Yehr and six shadow assault stormtroopers. Ackbar's position made him an ideal spy,[16] with his circumstances occasionally allowing him to examine secret documents, and he sought to learn everything he could about Imperial strategy and tactics. During his time at the base, Captain Ackbar oversaw plans to safely land a few damaged Corellian corvettes. Tarkin gloated that Tels had betrayed the Mon Calamari once again, offering Ackbar to Tarkin in return for more freedoms for the Quarren people; Tarkin noted he had no intention of honoring the agreement. With reinforcements unable to arrive in time, Thrawn was forced to make the most of what was available. The Nami were using TIE Defenders in the attack, which was being observed by the Alliance, indicating that not only had they managed to begin production of the fighters, but were negotiating to supply them to the Rebels. When she did not give him access to the inn's day records, he grabbed her proboscis in frustration. [2], For his part, Thrawn was intrigued by the idea of working for Palpatine, but knew that he could not honorably accept the offer and turn his back on the Expansionary Defense Force and his people. Thrawn moved his forces towards Outbound Flight and initiated a surgical strike at their weapons and shield generators. Since he had noticed that the Humans struggled to pronounce his name, he would also teach them the easier Minnisiat and suggested that they call him by his core name, Thrawn. Zaarin, however, was alerted to the deception and only committed five corvettes to the attack. As a result, the captain was finally told the true nature of their mission. After the meeting with Vader, Thrawn and Car'das shadowed the Star Destroyer Chimaera, on board which Esva had taken residence under the false name of "Lord Odo", to the Unknown Regions. [67], Occasionally, Thrawn's Grand Admiral uniform is depicted without the gold epaulets, such as in the The Last Command comic series,[68] Reflections II,[69] The Essential Guide to Characters,[70] The New Essential Guide to Characters,[1] Imperial Entanglements[71] or The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide. While his reading of Doriana suggested that the other would not do so, he carried a small deflector shield generator from one of the droidekas to protect him from Kav. [27] To this end, Ackbar attempted to enlist the aid of the insectoid Verpine, who were renowned shipbuilders from the Roche system. Thrawn's hunch proved correct when a probe detected not only Skywalker's T-65 X-wing starfighter departing on a course for Jomark, but also the departure of the Millennium Falcon and Calrissian's Personal Luxury Yacht 3000, the Lady Luck, bound for Kashyyyk. [7], However, the Grand Admiral was not completely isolated from the Empire and remained in contact with Isard, who rose to fill the power vacuum left by Palpatine's death, though he had little trust for the woman and arranged for many officers he trusted, such as Baron Soontir Fel, to join him in the Unknown Regions. Though the commandos were again unsuccessful in kidnapping Organa Solo, they were able to achieve Thrawn's secondary objective of implicating Mara Jade, now on Coruscant, as an Imperial agent, discrediting her in the eyes of the New Republic and ensuring that she would not reveal the location of Wayland. He also chafed against Alliance High Command's practice of detaching subdivisions of the Fleet on an ad hoc basis and handing command of them to an Allied Command or Sector Force. The station sustained minor damage in the attack but repairs proceeded quickly and it was soon almost operational. Given a seat on the Inner Council, Ackbar was named Supreme Commander of the New Republic Defense Force, making him the highest officer in the Republic's military. 9 ABY (44:8:27),[2] Chimaera, over Bilbringi[3] She believed, that Ederlathh Pallopides, who was the Emperor's niece, to led the Empire as Empress. Thrawn spent two hours undergoing medical treatment before he summoned the Humans to see him and thanked them for their efforts. However, the opportunity to clone C'baoth was soon lost, as Leia Organa had believed Mara Jade was innocent in the Imperial attack and had helped to free her. [29], Though Zaarin eluded the Vanguard, Thrawn, having transferred his flag to the the Victory-class Star Destroyer Sceltor, put the ship on red alert. Vroon, however, refused to let them harm the beetles and, when Thrawn attempted to arrest him, ran into the forest. [42] When Mon Mothma retired from political service, Leia Organa Solo was chosen to be her successor. After the Horns escaped and told the others to flee the fortress, they made their way to Thyne's office, having now realized that "Kast" was working against Thyne. The battle saw promotions for Evir Derricote, Soontir Fel and Turr Phennir, but Thrawn, the architect of the victory, went uncredited. The modified TIE was soon surrounded and caught by grappling lines while the remaining two, acting on Thrawn's orders, returned to the Admonitor without engaging. Ferasi attempted unsuccessfully to patch the hole, before lying across him to prevent the air escaping. A mustached man to his left resembles Gilad Pellaeon, likely as a tribute to Zahn's novels. [9], Before Thrawn returned to the Unknown Regions, he assisted Darth Vader in his campaign against Prince Xizor and Black Sun. A crossdresser, usually a fictional character in an anime, who dresses up in the opposite gender's clothing to trick people into thinking that they're the opposite gender. The attacks also forced the remaining prototypes to be moved once more, this time to cargo ferry group Mssan. Upon learning that Imperial Captain Dolman's shuttle had crashed on Naboo, Thrawn promised to send help immediately and tasked an experienced spacer with escorting the captain back to the safety of the Emperor's Retreat. After a probe of Borleias by Warlord Zsinj, pressure was placed on Ackbar to find a way to quickly take Coruscant in order to cement the New Republic's gains. "Admiral Ackbar stars in animated 'Star Wars'.". Sending two freighters in advance, each towing two cloaked Dreadnaughts, Thrawn was able to infiltrate the Dreadnaughts under the shield. The Star Destroyers began launching the cloaked asteroids, launching all 22, interspersed with dry firings to create the illusion of considerably more launches. Gial Ackbar alongside Jedi Generals Kit Fisto and Anakin Skywalker. The Admiral Ackbar, one of a new generation of Victory-class Star Destroyers crucial in the Swarm War, was named in Ackbar's honor. [13], During his time on the Vengeance, Thrawn continued to pursue his interest in art. Born Eventually, the medical team revealed the likely cause of death—several large wounds on the body, most likely caused by a vibropike and enlarged after death by the beetles. [16] Admiral Ackbar gave Dodonna a squadron of the new B-wing fighters, with which Dodonna orchestrated a disastrous raid on the Imperial communications station in Fara's Belt. Additionally, increasing suspicion and criticism was heaped on him by Borsk Fey'lya as the Bothan tried to discredit him. [45] The character was named by George Lucas during production after seeing the mask in the creature shop. While he spoke to the Humans, Thrawn was visited by his brother, who had remained at Crustai. Throughout his time in exile, Thrawn sought a way to return to his people and defend them from the many dangers he perceived in the galaxy, not least of which was the burgeoning threat of the Far Outsiders. He therefore gave the Red Claw instructions to capture and Nami ships and take the pirate leader into custody. Thrawn ordered a search of the ship and, when one of the search teams was killed by a lightsaber, concluded that Skywalker was assisting in the rescue. Any New Republic defenses that scanned the ship on its way in to Sluis Van would see only an empty freighter, allowing it to deliver its true contents, the stolen mole miners and forty escorting TIE fighters, to the heart of the shipyards. However, Thrawn's goal had always been to protect the galaxy from the dangers it faced. A battle in the Ulkantha asteroids tipped Death Squadron off to a Rebel-affiliated Sakiyan smuggling ring operating out of the Syvris shadowport. In his absence, Corran suggested that they find out what was in the sleight boxes. He, therefore decided to make his promotion to Grand Admiral official, with Thrawn formally taking Zaarin's place among the twelve. This massive, sudden loss sapped the morale of the Imperial forces. [9], Part of Thrawn's plan for Sluis Van involved stealing a number of plasma-jet mole miners from Lando Calrissian's mining operation on Nkllon. The Mon Calamari failed to recover the ship, but after Skywalker and Solo reported that the Imperials were approaching them from across the lake, Ackbar devised a new plan; theorizing that the noises produced by heavy machinery triggered aggressive behavior in the worms, he sent his Mon Calamari into the lake again in preparation for the coming Imperial attack. As a result, the warship chosen as the flagship of the admiral tended to see much action. [7], Thrawn shown a keen interest in cloning science. The traditionalists in the Alliance hailed Ackbar's reorganization of the fleet into a single armada powerful enough to challenge any battle squadron of the Imperial Navy,[36] but Ackbar looked at the fleet beyond its tactical role: his strategic thinking was cautious, conservative, and perfectly suited for the Alliance's guerrilla operations. Thrawn suspected that the Fifth Family were attempting to take control of the remains of the Vagaari fleet and was concerned that they may also seize Outbound Flight. The battle against Thrawn was a costly one for the New Republic, weakening their forces and nearly bringing them to the brink of defeat.

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