“Marjorie Carr’s opposition to it was utterly fantastic,” wrote Nathaniel Reed, one of Florida’s most lauded conservation leaders, in his book of essays, “Travels on the Green Highway.” “She really believed. His devotion to it was unmistakable during a boating tour this summer. Cannon Springs has spent a half-century entombed by a government blunder of a dam and reservoir on the Ocklawaha River. Having paddled three sections of the Ocklawaha and read Ditch of Dreams, this paddle is a must – thanks for the guidance and information. A free-flowing Ocklawaha River would reconnect Florida’s iconic Silver Springs to the Atlantic Ocean, providing habitat and restoring migration for American eel, American shad, channel catfish, striped bass, Atlantic sturgeon and endangered shortnose sturgeon to their primary spawning habitat. This ever so popular tour of the Silver Springs Cruise and River Tour is about 3 […] It’s main source is Lake Griffin, part of the Harris chain of lakes in Lake County, Florida. Cannon Springs has spent a half-century entombed by a government blunder of a dam and reservoir on the Ocklawaha River. Fish, manatees and turtles appeared to hover in the air. Only then is Cannon Springs liberated, as are 19 other nearby springs, and only for a few weeks. Such poor judgement or perhaps a lack of awareness in destroying such an ecosystem. We then paddled on the boating channel, still heading East until we reached the main river. Ocklawaha Canoe Outpost & Resort, Fort Mc Coy: See 46 traveler reviews, 13 candid photos, and great deals for Ocklawaha Canoe Outpost & Resort, ranked #1 … Silver Springs to be restored needs to be restored the avenue for this fish and manatees needs to be restored. We did notice several spots of activity along the river as we paddled toward Catfish Spring, which is marked with a crab crap float. Your email address will not be published. This draw down occurs every few years—to prevent fish kills and reduce the… … Thank you for sharing this insight on a unique part of Florida. Kenwood Park has a nice launch when there is not a drawdown. But anglers’ opposition to dam removal has been potent. Carr, director of an entomology lab at the University of Florida, is the granddaughter of Marjorie Carr. Submerging into Cannon’s chilly spring water with hoots and groans was an act of protest against an environmental crime committed by the federal government and abetted still today by state authorities. The Ocklawaha River, which borders the Ocala National Forest on the west and north, is the largest tributary of the St. Johns River. “They treat it as their own fishbowl,” said Jennifer Carr, 33, of the dam’s supporters. It’ll be down until into March. As long as we were at the river we finished up our paddle near the reservoir, drove South to Payne’s Landing. There is no better canoeing in Florida this year than on the Ocklawaha River. Lawton Chiles was authorizing steps for river restoration. As mentioned above we headed east in the boating channel and entered the Ocklawaha channel 1.37 miles from the launch. When trying to locate the springs, we used the far southern shore is a guide. These boats were small and narrow in order to navigate the many twisting turns. Breaching Rodman dam will reveal 20 lost springs of the Ocklawaha River. Abutting most of the dam and reservoir is Putnam County, which has a declining population of about 75,000 and some of the worst poverty levels in the state. That is right there on the menu of things that have to be done to restore Silver Springs is to remove that dam. Fed by springs, the Ocklawaha’s current was invisible. Kingfishers whizzed by and wood storks stalked the river’s shallows. Your email address will not be published. Paddling among the hundreds of dead Cypress stumps leaves one in such awe of what this must of looked like before the destruction. Bright Angel Spring and Bamboo Spring eluded us despite out paddle path going right over Bamboo Spring. Removing the dam to permanently uncover the lost springs and 7,500 acres of forested wetlands is one of Florida’s earliest, formally dedicated environmental quests that has a battle cry: “Free the Ocklawaha.”, “It’s shorthand for allowing the Ocklawaha to function as a natural river,” said Richard Hamann, a longtime advocate for the river’s restoration and a former director and professor at the Center for Governmental Responsibility at the University of Florida College of Law. Rodman Reservoir is currently in a drawdown, where the water level goes from an average of 18′ – 20′ down to approximately 11′. See stories by Kevin Spear - Orlando Sentinel, A Look Back At Tampa’s Super Bowl History As It Prepares To Host LV, A Brief Taste of Spring Temperatures Expected this Week, House Poised To Transmit Article Of Impeachment Against Trump To Senate, Biden To Implement Travel Restrictions To Combat New Coronavirus Variants. Check out past paddles here and follow Florida Paddle Notes on Facebook ! Ocklawaha River is a river in Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenways State Recreation and Conservation Area, Silver Springs State Park, Ocala National Forest, Atlantic Coastal Plain, FL. With its black water and bristle of tree skeletons, the lake is isolated, treacherous and not a place for casual boaters. The job wasn’t yet half done. Support WUSF now by giving monthly, or make a one-time donation online at WUSF.org/ways-to-support. A more detailed look into today’s paddle follows below…James. The 74-mile-long (119 km) [1] Ocklawaha River flows north from central Florida until it joins the St. Johns River near Palatka. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. Any form of copyright infringement or theft of content from floridapaddlenotes.com is subject to DMCA takedown notice and or legal action. 152nd Place Fort McCoy, FL 32134. The Ocklawaha dam has no intended purpose – including for flood control, navigation, power generation or water supply – though by default it supports a relatively small fishing economy for the struggling Putnam County. 1955 Daytona Beach News Journal – “Norma Clifton of Daytona Beach was over at the junction of the two rivers Friday and reported seeing large catches of … WUSF and Health News Florida are answering your questions. The dam controversy is local, intimate and infused with class struggle: urban vs. rural, hunting vs. bird-watching, and Trump vs. Biden. The carnage inspired the “Micanopy housewife,” environmental scientist Marjorie Harris Carr, to found the Florida Defenders of the Environment group. In 1971, President Richard Nixon halted the canal as needless for shipping and ruinous for Florida’s environment. The ongoing, ecological price of not removing the dam has been high, said Lisa Rinaman, leader of the St. Johns Riverkeeper group. Marjorie Harris Carr, past president of Florida Defenders of the Environment played a key role in fighting against the continuing of The Florida Barge Canal and its effect passing through the Ocklawaha River.

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