It is always a good idea to revisit these Tips, Rules and Guidelines. Smart Auction Buyers know that to be successful at cleaning out a unit, you need be in the Right Frame of Mind, have Tools of the Trade, create a Strategy Plan and Organize the Clean Out. If you have a lot of valuable items, it might make sense to rent the storage unit for an additional month while you sell off some items. How to Pick the Best Storage Unit Size for Your Needs, How Does Self Storage Work? Good luck! Assess your storage unit and make a list of the types of items to be sorted Make different piles according to your needs. Create an open space inside or outside the unit. Step One: Tools Of The Trade In order to clean out a storage unit properly, you should create a “Clean Out Tool Kit.” To lessen the chances of being overwhelmed, it’s essential to prepare yourself for what’s to come. Facility dumpsters or trash cans may not be used. Having gloves is also a good idea, and also do some cleaning before you pack and clear out the storage unit. If you’re cleaning out your storage unit for good, consider relocating storage boxes to a garage or basement. When the organizing stage is complete, it’s time to remove everything. You could sell the entire unit through an auction company, or you could sell each item individually. Remove the lock – The lock on your self-storage space belongs to you so be sure to take it with you so you can use it again. When to Clear Out a Storage Unit. This step applies whether you inherited a storage space, got it at auction, or had it sitting for months. Tap “Clear Storage” or “Clear Cache.” Be aware that selecting “Clear Storage” will reset the app, signing you out, and clearing all data. is an effective way to sort through and clean out items on a grand scale. It is a tried and true strategy for clearing out closets, it will most definitely help you clear out your indoor storage unit. January 12, 2021 January 3, 2019. Get everything you need in advance. Popular online venues include Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. It is important to remove everything from the unit, or you will likely be charged a hefty cleaning fee by the storage facility. Learn more tips on how to use the four-box declutter method, The biggest storage unit clean-out mistake is not getting the job done in the scheduled time frame. Skip this step if the boxes are already labeled. LoadUp will clean out your storage unit when it’s convenient for you, no matter the condition or location. Lauren Thomann has written about self storage and moving since 2015, making her our storage expert. If you have a storage unit and have items you are no longer using and want to clear it out and save some money (the average storage bill is about $2,500 a year! Someone who cleans out areas for a living will keep you on task and help you from getting distracted. This will make the process easier and stress free. The unit should be left in the exact same condition that you found it. As I sorted each box, I kept a critical eye and thought about the last time I used or even saw the item. Take an inventory of storage unit contents. Now It is time to talk about the least fun aspect of storage, or life generally if we are being perfectly honest. Best Price Guaranteed. We’ll show you an effective method for how to clean out a storage unit, when to consider donating or selling items, and how to get rid of whatever is leftover. If you won the unit at auction, you might have to do this process quickly and in less detail. Someone who cleans out areas for a living will keep you on task and help you from getting distracted. With our “one-of-a-kind” nationwide network of local Loaders, we’re able to offer a faster, more affordable service. Find creative ways to get rid of storage unit stuff. Hire a junk removal company if necessary. Stand Up Guys will come out and completely clean out your storage unit for you, and clear your mind of the nuisance, and for a great price to boot. 3. Some common sorting methods people use when cleaning out storage units include making a donation, junk, and “keep” pile. Trying to clean out your storage unit in one day is hard and stressful. The path to a tidier storage unit is to head to your self storage rental and begin to sort through the items inside. If you followed the steps above, you should have the storage unit organized into four sections (toss, keep, store, sell/donate). These would be things like baby pictures and favorite toys things that cannot be replaced. Since we do a lot of storage unit clean out service jobs all over the state, there are many suggestions to offer but we’ve boiled all the information down into a short field guide. Update: This post originally published on July 21, 2017. Your local Life Storage facility will have information about storage unit clean-out services on hand. What you’ve likely discovered is storage units are supposed to be short-term solutions. Because you have the only key, if you leave your lock on, the space is still occupied by you even if you know there is nothing inside. Enlist help from friends and plan a day to declutter. , which will include anything that is broken beyond repair. And it is a lot cheaper than to throw items away and then rebuy them later, so you’re getting the most for your money. Open as many boxes as you can and take a quick inventory of the contents. Start planning your clean out strategy before you win an auction. The first thing you should do is scan the unit and take an immediate inventory of what’s inside. If there isn’t any room inside the unit, you can set up a temporary pop-up canopy and process items outside the space. You can schedule your storage unit cleanout in advance or on-demand. This step applies whether you inherited a storage space, got it at auction, or had it sitting for months. You will save valuable time an money if you get everything you need before you start. Unless you plan on having your storage unit featured on an episode of Storage Wars, why not save yourself some money and let the Geniuses clean out your old storage unit? *head shakes with disgust* I justified it just like it's so easy to do with so many other things. Ask for help in advance and be sure to have all the support you need, meaning both emotional support (if you’re cleaning out a loved one’s unit) and some extra muscle. The premise behind this technique is using four empty boxes for sorting — a keep, toss, donate/sell, and store box. Latest Posts. The cleaning deposit does NOT allow a bidder to leave items behind in the unit, please make sure you clean it out completely and the Cleaning Deposit will be refunded.

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