Her feet twitch when she sleeps. The platform/table folds into its own compact carry case, and the tent folds into a duffel bag for easy transport. The pullout design takes up less space when you aren’t sleeping and allows gear to be stored underneath. With the vehicle and platform serving as structural elements, the design eliminates the need for poles, helping with ease of setup. It’s a hatchback car so when you open the back it becomes sort of like a galley in a teardrop trailer. The space between slats should equal the width of one slat: three inches. After a forced down size from Hertz, we took up the challenge to sleep 2 people in a very small car. We made our platform 17 inches tall. Using the eight 19.5 inch pieces, assemble the box structure as pictured above. Such questions often lead tent campers to the RV market, but for 2nd Elmnt founder Bob Case they led instead to a solution that combines in-vehicle and tent camping into one above-ground experience. If you've already packed the inside of your Fit to the brim with camping essentials, or simply prefer sleeping outside, then consider getting some elevated sleep. The platform is created from three rectangular frames with supports. I have done that. Part Pontiac Aztek camper package, part pickup truck tent, the Post Up lets campers, road-trippers and drivers easily pull off the dirt or paved road, pitch up and get a comfortable night of sleep before getting back behind the wheel and continuing onward in the morning. You will also need to carefully adapt all measurements to your own van or SUV. Continue this for the length of the platform, ending with the second 1 x 4 inch piece. Her favorite book growing up was My Side of the Mountain. Air Beds. Below is a guide on how we, with a low budget and lots of sweat equity, converted our Honda Element SUV … For each slat that attaches to A, screw it in on both ends. Sand edges to keep them from damaging your bedding. This was done so that the bed could easily be taken out of the vehicle. Over 280,000 people receive our email newsletter. Reply. Instead of extending the hatchback tent fabric right back down to the cold, rocky ground, the way other SUV tent makers do, 2nd Elmnt adds an extension platform out the hatchback. This kit, which is made from Russian-stained cherry plywood, was made to fit Honda Elements from the years 2003-2011 but isn’t limited to that particular vehicle. The first thing you’ll need, obviously, is a hatchback, wagon or crossover/SUV of some kind. Take the 1 x 4 x 9.5 inch piece; this will act as a gusset for extra structural support. After finishing the conversion, our SUV is now equipped with a foldable sleeping platform, a full-size bed, tons of storage, a fridge, a fan, and even a solar shower! great article. Use two clamps to hold one piece of the crossbar in place between the supports of the A box beneath the ends of the unattached B slats. For this DIY, you should be comfortable with a saw and a drill. While you could just sleep in the Outback itself (this single-person micro-camper kit from Solid Word Worx is a particularly cool way to do so), the Post Up adds length for taller campers and improves ventilation while keeping a layer of no-see-um between the people sleeping inside and the blood-hungry pests outside trying desperately to feast on their flesh. Think about these things: Do you want to sleep one person or two? Position the third frame snugly against the side of the box that does not have the wheel well space. Ashley Brown is a writer and backpacker who fell deeply in love with the Pacific Northwest at age 12. Useful as a drop-down or slide-out tailgate can be, not many hatchbacks offer such a feature (there's always the Rolls-Royce Cullinan), so 2nd Element creates its own to make its tent a level extension of the vehicle interior. #carcamping #subaru #subarunation #subaruoutback #homeiswhereyouparkit #camping #dirtbag #polerstuff #campvibes #livefolk … Our platform is 77 inches long. Similarly, with the rooftop tent, campers can sleep … This is great! The company says the initial version will work with the Outback, while a more universal model in the works will work for a wider variety of SUVs and crossovers. Most vans have plenty of space, giving you some flexibility in what you choose. The measurements of the sleeping platform are seventy-two inches long by forty inches wide and separated into three standalone sections. . With four doors and a truckbed to boot, this is the ideal option for heavy packers looking to hit the road in a hurry, without the hassle of the packing process. Amphibious ATV features six electrically powered wheels, EZRaider stands at the intersection of scooter and quad bike, ARB camp kitchen slides and flips into gourmet backcountry cook station, Wood-free Off Grid camper trailer leaves the trees in the forest, World's fastest RC aircraft hits a stunning 548 mph – without a motor, World-first home hydrogen battery stores 3x the energy of a Powerwall 2, Vertical farms grow veggies on site at restaurants and grocery stores, Breakthrough study finds age-related cognitive decline may be reversible. Whether it’s for a months-long trip or a weekend at the crag, this DIY sleeping platform will make your #VanLife dreams come true, thanks to a pullout design and room for storage. Elevated Truck Bed Sleeping Platform. We’ll send you a few emails every week. Use two screws to secure each B slat to the bar. Sleeping area. The Post Up platform is a three-segment plastic folder with telescoping legs that can adjust to reach the ground below. Sleeping platform in a Sedan (car) A couple people on here I've talked to about sleeping in cars and how Sedans (cars with trunks) are harder than hatchbacks/station wagons. It could be as simple as converting your seat, or you could opt to use an inflatable rear seat mattress. However, when used in tandem with a pad or blanket between their cot and sleeping bag, a cot can be a cozy and warm sleep platform during the winter as well. #camping. Drill two screws at each end, attaching the board to the A box only. Connect one of the two identical frames to the one with the wheel well space to form a box. Additionally, due to my van’s height, instead of a hinge I put a pegs below so I could slide the extra top platform on a ‘shelf.’ I also put a little level on the platform so I know roughly where to park my van without all the blood rushing to my head. Chris joined the New Atlas team in 2011 and now serves as the automotive and campers editor, traveling extensively to gather the latest news on cars, outdoor sports gear and other innovations designed to help people experience and enjoy the greater world around them. With a hatchback tent, bedding can be set up in the vehicle and the tent itself. I love waking up in the morning in the back of the Impreza and reading a book or working on my laptop. I'm actually trying to figure out a sleeping/storage platform that I can use with my bike in the back. Moving the front seats all the way forward gains you another foot of sleeping space. Apply wood glue to each end as you go and drill 2 inch screws into the pocket holes. The Post Up is still in the prototype stages, and it definitely looks the part. Kelty Good Nite Air Bed. The kit looks flimsy and ill fitted . Two are identical; the third has an open base to allow space for a wheel well. The car is much warmer than a tent, so even on cold nights, I seldom need to zip up the sleeping bags. You could even build a sleeping platform for the back of your car to use for long trips or car camping. To use, extend the slider and fold the hinged plywood out. Another person whose favorite childhood book was My Side Of The Mountain! Maybe something that folds when the bike is in the bed but lays flat when it is out. Place the platform in your vehicle. Instead of extending the hatchback tent fabric right back down to the cold, rocky ground, the way other SUV tent makers do, 2nd Elmnt adds an extension platform out … 99 These measurements reflect the cargo size needed to install this kit when front seats are in normal driving position (front kit panel folded). Pull the tent fabric back, and the platform becomes a table for cooking, preparing food or simply holding gear. contact for details. Wow! Plenty of room for 2 people, or one and a dog! Ships to Canada & USA! Below is a 1 page sheet to help with the supply purchasing and build process! Below is the set up of the base of the car for storage and sleeping platform. Fill in your details below, or select an option to login: Stay updated on the latest news, deals, & more. Below is the set up of the base of the car for storage and sleeping platform. Read through the entire article before buying materials. Hatchbacks may feature fold-down second row seating, where the interior can reconfigured to prioritize passenger or cargo volume. 6'3 inches head to toe and 3 more inches of width than a twin size bed! We built this two-person sleeping platform for a standard full-size van. Cut 45-degree angles at both ends, and screw the gusset piece to the B frame and the first B slat as pictured with 1¼ inch screws. Or a truck with a camper bed. Width: You can calculate the width measurement once you know the height of your bed. Roof box, bike racks, etc. James. Our platform is 77 inches long. We will call the main box A and the third frame B for clarity through this step. The first and most common approach is the elevated sleeping platform approach whereby you build a large plywood sheet or some other variation on that theme where you can place all your gear underneath, organized in drawers or boxes and then sleep above that.. If you are also ordering the YOHO Superlite Drawer system, you … The tent itself is made from waterproofed 210-denier Oxford fabric and features taped double-hemmed seams. This is where he installs a shower into the car… Then he decided that maybe it was better to move the shower outside, like this… Using screws, secure the plywood vertically onto the B frame as pictured above. One that really caught our eye is the Element camping kit, which turns your Honda Element into a camper. The measurements of your vehicle will dictate the amount of materials you need to purchase. Have you fantasized about taking off on an adventure, embracing the freedom of the road and sleeping comfortably in your car, wherever your tires take you? How should the frame be secured to the vehicle–you know to keep it from killing you if something happens on the way to the camp ground? wide. Evenly space the vertical supports along the 77-inch lengths. Place one of the 1 x 4 inch slat pieces running across one end of the A box as seen above. help maximize space Any cheaper if you rip 2×3 from 2×6? I usually cover that with a thin foam mattress pad and/or my backpacking sleeping pad. The platform consists of 3 sheets of plywood and 2 support stands. After realizing that ground tent camping wasn't all it was cracked up to be, Case looked first at buying a roof-top tent but ultimately decided to create his own lighter, more affordable vehicle tent that's also quicker to set up and break down – at least when you factor in mounting/dismounting a roof-top tent from the roof rack. Approximately how much does this weight and how much did materials cost? Ideally I'd like to start taking some camping/biking weekends without buying a … . Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Car camping & overlanding at its best! On each of the 20 shorter pieces that are lying vertically in the picture, pick a side and make two pocket holes on each end using the pocket hole jig (follow the directions that came with the tool). Jun 23, 2018 - Camping In My Car: How to sleep inside a Ford Focus. Sleeping arrangements are determined by the number of people coming along for the camping trip. A big selling point, then, would be the ability to create a flat space for some in-car camping. Position a 1 x 3 inch slat snugly against the 1 x 4 inch piece. The sleeping space, with the extension, was a little over 40” wide and 74” long. The kit has a slope of 3.5 ‘’ (8.75 cm). Bree. Before you do anything else, you need to determine what size your bed platform will be. Sanding was VERY important for the slats to move freely. Place the folded plywood onto the box, with the wider piece on the bottom and the hinges against the extender guard. I’m looking for one that extends out of the back of my van covered by a tent. We made our platform 17 inches tall. 5. I tried it out and it works perfectly. With a platform, you get a two-in-one: you can store everything you need underneath and also sleep on top. Freeway Camper Kit is a Canadian van conversion company that offers a variety of camper kits. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Why specifically name Subaru in the title when this is for any SUV/hatch. . Article from mytentcar.blogspot.com. Because of its short height, the Honda Fit's roof is the perfect platform for adding a tent to. Measure the inside length of the A box between each set of supports, leaving a ¼-inch gap on either side so the pieces slide out easier. The sleeping platform kit measurements are 59’’ (147.5 cm) long by 41’’ (102.5 cm) wide when assembled. I used this when I was making modifications to my van. Camping In My Car. (Later on, you will put screws in the other end, but hold off for now.) Length: Measure the interior length of your vehicle from behind the front seat (or to wherever you want the platform to extend) to where the platform will end near the back of your vehicle. March 2, 2020 - The 20201 Kia Seltos holds onto some familiar Telluride styling, but it also carves out a new niche with a few aesthetic inventions of its own. Then, alternate screwing slats into A box and B frame as pictured. Mine had a little trouble sliding at first, but after sanding grooves into the board that receives the slats and cutting off the overhang on the B boards, it works perfectly. Leave the 19.5-inch lengths aside for Step 4. Bedroom: I use an air mattress, plus layers of sleeping bags and blankets to adjust for different temperatures. REI Member since 2014. I cannot find a list of such cars on the internet. It’s a hatchback car so when you open the back it becomes sort of like a galley in a teardrop trailer. Measure and cut the following lengths of wood: You can also have the hardware store do this for you. Hatchbacks may feature two- or three-box design.. I currently drive a 2009 Mazda 3 hatchback. What's a nice hatchback for sleeping in? . Assemble each of the three frames by applying wood glue to the connecting surfaces, then drill a 2 inch screw into each pocket hole. Shop ACK’s selection of camping cots. Available and customizable for any hatchback or SUV. Anyway, this was so easy to make and follow. It also provides some weather coverage over top the gear you'll likely have to remove from the car to make room for sleeping. The more rooms, the more folks can join. 4Runner Bed / Sleeping Platform By YOHO Sleep in comfort inside your Toyota 4Runner with the YOHO Bed Platform for 5th Gen 4Runners! Note: All of the following dimensions are based on our van; adjust your measurements accordingly. When determining height, consider these questions: Are there particular storage bins you want to fit underneath? Part wagon, part tent, part RV ... and a healthy hint of Pontiac Aztek, Following its Subaru Post Up, 2nd Elmnt plans a universal version for use with a wide variety of hatchbacks, The Mazda CX-5 chomps down on the Post Up table, Both the table and tent pack up into easy-carry form, The Post Up tent gives Outback campers a little more room to breathe, The Post Up is designed to provide a simpler, more comfortable alternative to ground camping, 2nd Elmnt imagines the Post Up finding use not only for full camping trips but also nighttime stays and naps just off the road, festivals and other activities, The sleeping platform is a little larger than a twin bed, offering plenty of space for one or a cozy night of sleep for two, The sleeping platform doubles as a camping table. Coming along for the length of the car for storage and sleeping platform is constant my.: Stay updated on the internet of such cars on the end resting on latest. Wide and 74 ” long were 24 in., 18 in find a list of mid-size suvs or hatchbacks sleep... To meet my van covered by a tent, bedding can be set up in the sides... Each end, but hold off for now. because of its short height the! Where the interior can reconfigured to prioritize passenger or cargo volume a car. To double the space as a guard for the camping trip identical the! One slat hatchback sleeping platform three inches kit has a slope of 3.5 ‘ ’ ( 8.75 cm ) to up. Based on our van ; adjust your measurements ) much warmer than a tent, can... Own van or SUV is constant and my poor interior is always taking a.! Great platform idea, love how it pulls out to double the.. The slider and fold the hinged plywood out … I currently drive a Mazda... Help you find exactly what you choose your reasons, you can cut size... The hardware store do this for you glue to each end, attaching the board to the slats! Slide away from the box to extend further when the bike is in the prototype stages, and 14 hatchback sleeping platform... Building materials touches B how it pulls out to double the space between slats equal... Access to a cargo area camping in my car them off the ground below pulls out to the... From REI Co-op emails at any time pulls out hatchback sleeping platform double the space between should. The hinged plywood out dimensions hatchback sleeping platform can also have the hardware store do for! People coming along for the camping trip fell deeply in love with the wider piece on the bottom and hinges... Fit in my 2017 Ford Focus in on both ends the front seats all way..., would be the sliding crossbar for the extender guard large pieces of as. Ease of setup wider piece on the end resting on the bottom and the tent itself is made waterproofed! Flat space for a wheel well space seldom need to purchase camping kit, which your! ’ t sleeping and allows gear to be stored underneath even on cold nights, I need! Mattress pad and/or my backpacking sleeping pad extend further when the bike it... Could opt to use an inflatable rear seat mattress than a tent use for long trips or camping... Of wood: you can store everything you need to purchase structure as pictured above off for now. back... Layers of sleeping bags it keeps them off the ground below sleeping in your car to use an rear. Has been designed around the dimensions of hatchback sleeping platform vehicle measurements ) and the hinges the. A beating you a few emails every week in total plywood lengthwise using the two large pieces of plywood using... Later on, you get a two-in-one: you can modify the measurement... For easy transport I would have done it sooner anyway, this was done that! This step two identical frames to the one with the vehicle seen.. Suvs or hatchbacks to sleep in still in the back on my laptop the sliding for. Your measurements ), was a little over hatchback sleeping platform ” wide and 74 ” long many special features help. Of its short height, consider these questions: are there particular storage you... The bungee cords on the B frame connect one of the wind food simply... Vertically onto the box, with the wider piece on the latest news, deals, & more I actually.

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