Quite the contrary, this area of major study is one of great applicability across a number of job fields. While it is doable, it gets trying at times. Why Did I decide to become an Actuary after qualifying as an Engineer? Learn more about the journey toward becoming an accountant… I’ll just put the name of the CT papers and you would be able to relate what motive each paper serves, other papers you could check on http://www.actuariesindia.org. Thanks Sumit for sharing so much. IAI adopts the same study material as IFoA (UK), except for practical papers. Those hours need to be in business and accounting courses. Yes – someone else got the credit for my work. The day I got a job with an IT company, I realized that I never wanted to be a regular software engineer. The understanding of UK market made it easier for me to pass the IFoA exams especially the SA. To clarify, I got an offer from the IT firm when I had finished my 3rd year of engineering. I studied accounting in college, obtained my CPA license, and moved to Denver, CO to become an accountant. Nobody explicitly told me I couldn’t do it, but not many were encouraging either. (In India, one can switch from the Science stream to Commerce or Arts). The question is: can one still become an accountant without an accounting degree? He told me again that why a CA and an Engineer would be a great combination! In the initial years, I struggled a lot and failed many times. My parents always supported our decisions and were happy that my brother was pursuing his passion Law, however, I always knew my dad wanted at least one of us to become a Chartered Accountant. And I really interested in the subjects of engineering. (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) and a. I loved Math and realized I wanted to do something which dealt with hardcore numbers. You can follow me on LinkedIn at – Sujay Ajgaonkar. … ), making him feel that maybe I would pursue CA after engineering and I left it at that! Copyright © 2021 The Financestory Story - Empowering Stories All Rights Reserved. In my coaching class, there were students much younger than me studying for the same exam who helped me a ton. You can choose to specialize in a particular field of accounting, including managerial accounting, financial accounting, or tax accounting. But there are certain steps that are hard to bypass. But they are completely different careers. Click here to join our channel and get updates with latest stories of finance professionals. Click one of our member below to chat on. So I would like to know, is my plan sensible enough? In the process, one has already lost over 2 months. Guide me with some advices sir. Engineer to Actuary…is it a smart choice? In my mind, students typically make two mistakes – Firstly, taking longer to clear exams and secondly, not balancing exams with skills. This article is absolutely brilliant and a brilliant motivator. But any reason why you want to do CA? He is also a trained Hindustani Classical singer. However, that very same week my elder brother (who was pursuing CA and Law) decided to take a break from CA and pursue LLM (Masters in Law) from abroad. Since I was pursuing CA from ICAI after my engineering, I could opt for the direct route. hi, i just gave my 12th board exams in the commerce stream with maths. On choosing the institute – I would say the choice depends on the market one intends to work in or is currently working in. If you are a graduate or post graduate in any stream other than commerce, the … The modus operandi for preparation was simple – Study daily, Practice a lot of questions and Revise everything that you studied. IAI conducts its exams 2 times in a year somewhere in March and Sept while IFoA (UK) also conducts the exams in April and end of Sept, so the dates never clash. Now though I was pursuing my engineering, my dad casually mentioned to me that an Engineer and a Chartered Accountant would be a great combination. And Was It Worth It? Or Do you have any questions for me? Having said that I must add that there are quite a few people who do CTs towards the end. Again I worked hard for this but lost out on aggregate. In addition to having a knack for numbers and figures, an accountant must attain technical skills and the ability to synthesize and analyze data. There are four different careers for an aspiring accountant to choose from. There is no reason apart from lack of awareness­­ about the profession that students first do graduation and then pursue actuarial … Do you intend pursuing CA or CPA after your engineering? In engineering college (Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology), I was very active in all college activities like college festivals, college committees, etc. While most of my peers appeared for the same exam, say CT4 from both the Institutes (as mentioned above both IAI and IFoA (UK) has the exact same papers), I would appear for different exams. Are you an engineer wanting to pursue CA? In fact, I opted for Science after class 10 because I could have my options open if I changed my mind in the future. When I told my Dad that I wanted to pursue CA, he was really happy and encouraged me. I also made it a point to cross that 40 marks in the subjects I dreaded (you need a min of 40/100 to clear individual subjects). There's public accounting, government accounting, private management accounting and internal and external auditing. This is quite common to get an offer a year before the scheduled joining date. Being a science, struggled with the IPCC curriculum. You can become a chartered accountant by taking a degree, followed by professional qualifications. This can be done by students who have passed 10th standard. Engineering can be chosen by science students whereas chartered accountancy is an interesting field too to opt for your future. And it assured that I never went below the 40 marks in any subject be it IPCC or CA Final. However, CA3, the communications exams delayed my qualification by a year. With that in mind, I gave it my all. Thank you. All of the Institutes are regulated by the body. In fact: In today’s article, we have Sumit Ramani sharing with us – Why he decided to become an Actuary from engineering? Accounting: Skills and Aptitudes Becoming an Accountant: Education is Key Becoming an Accountant: 7 Potential Roles Becoming an Accountant: The Places You Can Go Accounting Salaries and Job Growth Next Steps. With that kind of schedule, one could do 2 CTs in one sitting. I also appreciate that you wish to know more before taking the plunge, which is a good approach. I got to know about Actuary as a profession a few years after I had graduated as an Engineer. The … I was thinking of an career in actuarial science. Presently he is a consulting Actuary at Actuaria Consultants, Chief Actuary at FidentiaX and an InsurTech Enthusiast. For those who are seeking the fastest path to a CA / CPA qualification, the quickest route is to pursue the same after class 12. Pick a Specialty. For those who are seeking the fastest path to a CA / CPA qualification, the quickest route is to pursue the same after class 12. And that’s exactly what I did and focussed on my end goal and my dad’s dream. The practical knowledge which I got while doing my articles helped me so much in understanding exam concepts. I always thought of starting my own business at some point in life and if I do, I think I would be in a better place to do business, understanding most aspects of Engineering and Finance. I am computer engineer passed out 2018,pursing mba in correspondence, i wanted to do CA as its my dads dream, will i be able to complete in 3.5 year and am working for corporate as customer service associate. A few days later, I decided to tell my dad that CA would be too much for me and I would not want to invest a min of 3 years (in CA you could never tell, it could be more) to pursue CA after studying for four years to be an engineer. Post or pre classes I used to go study with them at their house or at the library. Implementing accounting automation can allow accountants to streamline their workflows and become more effective. When I was just about to start studying during my preparation leave, all I thought looking at the size of my books was – ‘Come what may, I will do all in my means to make sure I do NOT have to go through these books again’. I had to start studying all over again for another 3-4 years (and that is if I cleared in one shot, else even more). Otherwise, most exams are fairly independent and one can take CTs or STs and CAs in any order i.e.

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